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2nd Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards
1997 Nominees & Winners*


Excellence in Production Design for a Feature Film

  TITANIC* Peter Lamont, Production Designer
Charles Lee, Art Director
Martin Laing, Art Director
Neil Lamont, Art Director
Bob Laing, Art Director
William Rea, Art Director
Steve Lawrence, Assistant Art Director
Hector Romero, Assistant Art Director
  AMISTAD Rick Carter, Production Designer
Tony Fanning, Art Director
Chris Burian-Mohr, Art Director
Jim Teegarden, Art Director
Nicholas Lundi, Art Director
Hugh Landwehr, Art Director
Lauren Polizzi, Assistant Art Director
John Berger, Assistant Art Director
Paul Sonski, Assistant Art Director
  LA CONFIDENTIAL Jeannine Oppewall, Production Designer
Bill Arnold, Art Director
  GATTACA Jan Roelfs, Production Designer
Sarah Knowles, Art Director
Natalie Richards, Assistant Art Director
  MEN IN BLACK Bo Welch, Production Designer
Tom Duffield, Art Director

Excellence in Production Design for a Television Series


Paul Eads, Production Designer
Lee Mayman, Art Director

  BABYLON 5 John Iacovelli, Production Designer
Mark Walters, Art Director
Julie Aldedice-Rae, Assistant Art Director
  FRASIER Roy Christopher, Production Designer
Richard Fernandez, Art Director
  NOTHING SACRED Michael Baugh, Production Designer
Cate Bangs, Art Director
  STAR TREK: VOYAGER Richard James, Production Designer
Louise Dorton, Leslie Parsons, Art Director

Excellence in Production Design for a Television Movie or Miniseries

  GEORGE WALLACE* Michael Hanan, Production Designer
Charles Lagola, Jay Vetter Art Directors
  ASTEROID Richard B. Lewis, Production Designer
Russ Smith, Art Director
  BUFFALO SOLDIERS Michael Baugh, Production Designer  
  HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN Curtis Schnell, Production Designer
Michael L. Fox, Art Director
Colin Irwin, Art Director
Victor Ortado, Assistant Art Director
  DEEP FAMILY SECRETS Jan Scott, Production Designer  

Excellence in Production Design for Variety or Awards Show, Music Special or Documentary

  RODGERS & HAMMERSTEIN'S "CINDERELLA"* Randy Ser, Production Designer
Edward L. Rubin, Art Director
  SNOWDEN ON ICE Rene Lagler, Production Designer
Chad Frey, Art Director
  69th ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS Roy Christopher, Production Designer
Michael G. Gallenberg, Art Director
Eleni Katsioula, Art Director
  24th ANNUAL AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS Ray Klausen, Production Designer
Keaton S. Walker, Art Director
Rebecca Barkley, Art Director
  1996-1997 EMMY AWARDS John Shaffner, Production Designer
Joe Stewart, Production Designer
David Eckert, Art Director

Special Awards

  LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Henry Bumstead, Production Designer  

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