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5th Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards
2000 Nominees & Winners*


Excellence in Production Design for a Period or Fantasy Film

  GLADIATOR* Arthur Max, Production Designer
John King, Art Director
David Allday, Art Director
Benjamin Fernandez, Art Director
Clifford Robinson, Art Director
Peter Russell, Art Director
Keith Pain, Art Director
Adam O'Neill, Assistant Art Director
Jose Luis De Barco, Assistant Art Director
Carlos Bodelon, Assistant Art Director
  THE CELL Tom Foden, Production Designer
Geoff Hubbard, Art Director
Michael Manson, Art Director
Guy Dyas, Assistant Art Director
  CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON Tim Yip, Production Designer
Eddy Wong, Art Director
Yang Zhan Jia, Art Director
Yang Xing Zhan, Art Director
Wang Jian Quo, Art Director
Ziao Bin, Art Director
  THE PATRIOT Kirk M. Petruccelli, Production Designer
Barry Chusid, Art Director
Tom Reta, Assistant Art Director
Richard Mays, Assistant Art Director
  DR. SEUSS - HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS Michael Corenblith, Production Designer
Dan Webster, Art Director
Lauren Polizzi, Art Director

Excellence in Production Design for a Contemporary Film

  CHOCOLAT* David Gropman, Production Designer
John Frankish, Art Director
Lucy Richardson, Art Director
Louise Marazaroli, Assistant Art Director
  ALMOST FAMOUS Clay A. Griffith, Art Director
Clayton R. Hartley, Art Director
Virginia Randolph Weaver, Art Director
Eric Rosenberg, Assistant Art Director
  BILLY ELLIOT Maria Djurkovic, Production Designer
Adam O'Neill, Art Director
  THE PERFECT STORM William Sandell, Production Designer
Bruce Crone, Art Director
Chas Butcher, Art Director
Martha Johnston, Assistant Art Director
Kevin Ishioka, Assistant Art Director
David Sandefur, Assistant Art Director
  WONDER BOYS Jeannine Oppewall, Production Designer
Don Woodruff, Art Director
Gary Kosko, Assistant Art Director

Excellence in Production Design in Television, Single Camera Series

  THE X-FILES* Corey Kaplan, Production Designer
Phil Dagort, Art Director
Sandy Getzler, Art Director
Steve Miller, Assistant Art Director
  BOSTON PUBLIC, Episode 10/23/00 Paul Eads, Production Designer
Mindy Roffman, Art Director
  CITY OF ANGELS - Pilot Michael Baugh, Production Designer
Ken Creber, Art Director
  JUDGING AMY Michael Mayer, Production Designer
Scott Meehan, Art Director
  STAR TREK: VOYAGER Richard D. James, Production Designer
Louise Dorton, Art Director

Excellence in Production Design in Television, Multi-Camera Series

  BETTE - Pilot* Bernard Vyzga, Production Designer
Richard Rohrer, Assistant Art Director
  DADDIO Jay Pelissier, Production Designer  
  DAG Bernard Vyzga, Production Designer
Bryan Lane, Assistant Art Director
  MALCOLM AND EDDIE Jerry Dunn, Production Designer
Stephanie Marra Kracht, Assistant Art Director
  NIKKI - Pilot John Shaffner, Production Designer  

Excellence in Production Design in Television, Movie or Miniseries

  THE 70'S* John T. Walker, Production Designer
Ron Mason, Art Director
  AMERICAN TRAGEDY Michael Baugh, Production Designer
Jack G. Taylor, Art Director
  THE BEACH BOYS, AN AMERICAN FAMILY Stephen Hendrickson, Production Designer
Troy Sizemore, Art Director
Astra Burka, Art Director
  FOR THE LOVE OF COUNTRY: THE ARTURO SANDOVAL STORY Charles C. Bennett, Production Designer
Cecele De Stefano, Art Director
Nicholas Scott, Assistant Art Director

Excellence in Production Design for Variety or Awards Show, Music Special or Documentary

  72nd ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS* Bob Keene, Production Designer
Brian Stonestreet, Art Director
Griff Lambert, Art Director
Keaton Walker, Art Director
S. Scott Welborn, Assistant Art Director
James Nelson, Assistant Art Director
  49th MISS UNIVERSE PAGEANT Vicki Baral, Production Designer
Gerry Hariton, Production Designer
Mary Murdock, Assistant Art Director
Tom Frohling, Assistant Art Director
Costas Papageorgiou (Athens), Assistant Art Director
  52nd ANNUAL EMMY AWARDS John Shaffner, Production Designer
Joe Stewart, Production Designer
David Elkert, Art Director
Tina Miller, Assistant Art Director
  MAD TV - Episode 610 John Sabato, Production Designer
D. Martyn Bookwalter, Art Director
Cecele De Stefano, Art Director
  WHEEL OF FORTUNE IN NEW ORLEANS Richard Stiles, Production Designer
Renee Hoss Johnson, Art Director
Heather Rasnick, Assistant Art Director
Barry Williams, Assistant Art Director

Special Awards

  LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Jan Scott, Production Designer  

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