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7th Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards

2002 Nominees & Winners*

Excellence in Production Design for a Period or Fantasy Film

  THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS* Grant Major, Production Designer
Dan Hennah, Art Director
Joe Bleakley, Art Director
Rob Otterside, Art Director
Phil Ivey, Art Director
Mark Robins, Art Director
Jules Cook, Assistant Art Director
Ross McGarva, Assistant Art Director
Jacqui Allen, Assistant Art Director
  CHICAGO John Myhre, Production Designer
Andrew Stearn, Art Director
Grant Van Der Slagt, Art Director
  GANGS OF NEW YORK Dante Ferretti, Production Designer
Stefano Ortolani, Art Director
Robert Guerra, Art Director
Alessandro Alberti, Art Director
Maria Teresa Barbasso, Art Director
Dimitri Capuani, Art Director
Nazzareno Piana, Art Director
  MINORITY REPORT Alex McDowell, Production Designer
Chris Gorak, Art Director
Leslie McDonald, Art Director
Ramsey Avery, Art Director
Seth Reed, Art Director
Harry Otto, Assistant Art Director
Jason Weil, Assistant Art Director
Jeff Mossa, Assistant Art Director
Gerald Sullivan, Assistant Art Director
  ROAD TO PERDITION Dennis Gassner, Production Designer
Richard Johnson, Art Director
Jann Engel, Assistant Art Director
Ted Haigh, Assistant Art Director
Thomas Minton, Assistant Art Director

Excellence in Production Design for a Contemporary Film

  CATCH ME IF YOU CAN* Jeannine Oppewall, Production Designer
Sarah Knowles, Art Director
Peter Rogness, Art Director
Michele LaLiberte, Art Director
John Warnke, Assistant Art Director
Miguel Lopez-Castillo, Assistant Art Director
  THE BOURNE IDENTITY Dan Weil, Production Designer
Yann Biquant, Art Director
Laurent Piron, Art Director
Bertrand Clerc-Roques, Art Director
  THE HOURS Maria Djurkovic, Production Designer
Mark Raggett, Art Director
Nick Palmer, Art Director
Judy Rhee, Art Director
Joanna Foley, Art Director
Stelios Polychronakis, Assistant Art Director
John Nyomarkay, Assistant Art Director
Richard Fojo, Assistant Art Director
  ONE HOUR PHOTO Tom Foden, Production Designer
Michael Manson, Art Director
  PANIC ROOM Arthur Max, Production Designer
Keith Neely, Art Director
James E. Tocci, Art Director

Excellence in Production Design in Television, Single Camera Series

  ALIAS "Cipher"* Scott Chambliss, Production Designer
Cecele De Stefano, Art Director
  AMERICAN DREAMS - Pilot Philip Toolin, Production Designer
Matthew Budgeon, Art Director
Laura Hopkins, Assistant Art Director
  CROSSING JORDAN "Upon the Wasted Building" Curtis Schnell, Production Designer
Daniel Vivanco, Art Director
Matthew Conrad, Assistant Art Director
  PUSH, NEVADA - Pilot Edward T. McAvoy, Production Designer
Alan Muraoka, Art Director
  THE SHIELD - Pilot James Newport, Production Designer
William J. Durrell, Jr., Art Director

Excellence in Production Design in Television, Multi-Camera Series

  TITUS "Into Thin Air"* Stephan Olson, Production Designer
William V. Ryder, Art Director
  8 SIMPLE RULES FOR DATING MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER "All I Want For Christmas" Jay Pelissier, Production Designer  
  BRAM AND ALICE - Pilot Roy Christopher, Production Designer
James O'Donnell, Art Director
Amy Skjonsby-Winslow, Art Director
  FRIENDS "The One Where Rachel Has the Baby" (Parts 1 & 2) John Shaffner, Production Designer
Joe Stewart, Production Designer
  LIFE WITH BONNIE "Money Plus Marlens Makes Four" Robert Strohmaier, Production Designer
Jim Yarmer, Assistant Art Director
Kathleen Widomski, Assistant Art Director

Excellence in Production Design in Television, Movie or Miniseries

  LIVE FROM BAGHDAD* Richard Hoover, Production Designer
Matthew Jacobs, Art Director
Karen Steward, Art Director
Jay Durrwachter, Assistant Art Director
  THE MARTIN AND LEWIS STORY Roy Forge Smith, Production Designer
Brendan Smith, Art Director
  MASTER SPY: THE ROBERT HANSSEN STORY Michael Baugh, Production Designer
Greg Chown, Art Director
David Chevalier, Assistant Art Director
  PATH TO WAR Waldemar Kalinowski, Production Designer
Scott Meehan, Art Director
  TAKEN Chris Gorak, Production Designer
Michael Norman Wong, Art Director

Excellence in Production Design for Variety or Awards Show, Music Special or Documentary

  OPENING CEREMONY SALT LAKE 2002 OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES* Jeremy Railton, Production Designer
Richard Schreiber, Art Director
  44th ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS Bob Keene, Production Designer
Brian Stonestreet, Art Director
Griff Lambert, Art Director
Scott Welborn, Art Director
  74th ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS J. Michael Riva, Production Designer
Greg Richman, Art Director
Tamlyn Wright, Art Director
  CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER PRESENTS Bruce Ryan, Production Designer
James Yarnell, Art Director
Jeremiah Gastinell, Assistant Art Director
  MAD TV (#718) John Sabato, Production Designer
D. Martyn Bookwalter, Art Director
Dan Morski, Assistant Art Director

Special Award

  LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Albert Brenner, Production Designer  

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