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8th Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards
2003 Nominees & Winners*

Excellence in Production Design for a Period or Fantasy Film

  THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING* Grant Major, Production Designer
Don Hennah, Art Director
Joe Bleakley, Art Director
Phil Ivey, Art Director
Simon Bright, Art Director
Jules Cook, Assistant Art Director
Jacqui Allen, Assistant Art Director
Ross McGarva, Assistant Art Director
  GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING Ben Van Os, Production Designer
Christina Schaffer, Art Director
  THE LAST SAMURAI Lilly Kilvert, Production Designer
Chris Burian-Mohr, Art Director
Jess Gonchor, Art Director
Kim Sinclair, Art Director
Tristan Bourne, Art Director
Martha Johnston, Assistant Art Director
Elizabeth Flaherty, Assistant Art Director
Harry Otto, Assistant Art Director
John Berger, Assistant Art Director
Derek R. Hill, Art Director
Donald B. Woodruff, Art Director
James E. Tocci, Art Director
William Skinner, Art Director
Robert Woodruff, Assistant Art Director
  SEABISCUIT Jeannine Oppewall, Production Designer
Andrew Neskoromny, Art Director
Suzan Wexler, Assistant Art Director

Excellence in Production Design for a Contemporary Film

  MYSTIC RIVER* Henry Bumstead, Production Designer
Jack G. Taylor, Jr., Art Director
  KILL BILL VOL. 1 David Wasco, Production Designer
Yohei Taneda, Production Designer
Daniel Bradford, Art Director
Cao Juiping, Art Director
Lui Lu Yo, Art Director
Hidefumi Hanatani, Art Director
Ryo Sugimoto, Assistant Art Director
Shinsuke Kojima, Assistant Art Director
Christopher Tandon, Assistant Art Director
  LOST IN TRANSLATION K.K. Barrett, Production Designer
Anne Ross, Production Designer
Mayumi Tomita, Art Director
Rika Nakanishi, Assistant Art Director
  SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE Jon Hutman, Production Designer
John Warnke, Art Director
Steven Graham, Art Director
Ashley Burnham, Assistant Art Director
Hinju Kim, Assistant Art Director
  UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN Stephen McCabe, Production Designer
Giovanni Giovagoni, Art Director
Gianfranco Fumagalli, Art Director
Egido Spugnini, Assistant Art Director

Excellence in Production Design in Television, Single Camera Series

  CARNIVALE - Pilot* Bernt Capra, Production Designer
Jeremy Cassells, Art Director
  24 Joseph Hodges, Production Designer  
  ALIAS Scott Chambliss, Production Designer
Cecele De Stefano, Art Director
  CSI Richard Berg, Production Designer
Tim Eckel, Art Director
Debra Wilbur, Assistant Art Director
  LAS VEGAS Peter Politanoff, Production Designer
Tomas Voth, Art Director

Excellence in Production Design in Television, Multi-Camera Series

  ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT* Dawn Snyder, Production Designer
Liz Lapp, Art Director
Luke Freeborn, Assistant Art Director
  COUPLING - Pilot Thomas E. Azzari, Production Designer
Richard Ramirez, Assistant Art Director
  KING OF QUEENS Scott Heineman, Production Designer
Mark L. Walters, Art Director
  LIFE WITH BONNIE "The Merry Ole Land of Oz" Robert Strohmaier, Production Designer  
  WILL & GRACE "Fanilow" Glenda Rovello, Production Designer  

Excellence in Production Design in Television, Movie or Miniseries

  ANGELS IN AMERICA* Stuart Wurtzel, Production Designer
John Kasarda, Art Director
Stefano Ortolani, Art Director
Hinju Kim, Assistant Art Director
David Stein, Assistant Art Director
Tom Warren, Assistant Art Director
  HELEN OF TROY James F. Allen, Production Designer
Miljen Kljakovic, Production Designer
William Brownell, Art Director
Masako Masuda, Art Director
Bane Babic, Art Director
Ino Bonello, Art Director
Adam O'Neal, Art Director
  HITLER: THE RISE OF EVIL Marek Dobrowolski, Production Designer
Martin Martinec, Art Director
Albrecht Konrad, Art Director
Ales Cepelka, Assistant Art Director
David Vondrasek, Assistant Art Director
Ruda Kinsky, Assistant Art Director
Ludek Minarik, Assistant Art Director
  NAPOLEON Richard Cunin, Production Designer
Lionel Acat, Art Director
Pierre Michon, Art Director
Xavier Le Mesnil, Assistant Art Director
  THE REAGANS Barbara Dunphy, Production Designer
Sylvain Gingras, Art Director
Eric Dostaler, Assistant Art Director

Excellence in Production Design for a Variety or Awards Show, Music Special or Documentary

  75th ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS* Roy Christopher, Production Designer
Tamlyn Wright, Art Director
Greg Richman, Art Director
Keaton Walker, Art Director
  37th ANNUAL COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS Rene Lagler, Production Designer  
  45th ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS Bob Keene, Production Designer
Griff Lambert, Art Director
Brian Stonestreet, Art Director
Alex Fuller, Art Director
  DINOSAUR PLANET Mark L. Walters, Production Designer  
  MOMENTS IN TIME: VALLEY FORGE - THE CRUCIBLE John R. Mott, Production Designer
Algis Garbaciauskas, Art Director

Special Awards

  LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Roy Christopher, Production Designer  

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