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9th Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards
2004 Nominees & Winners*

Excellence in Production Design for a Feature Film

Rick Heinrichs, Production Designer
John Dexter (Supervising Art Director), Art Director
William Hawkins, Art Director
Martin Whist, Art Director
Tony Fanning, Art Director
Eric Sundahl, Assistant Art Director
A. Todd Holland, Assistant Art Director
Bill Boes, Assistant Art Director
  THE AVIATOR Dante Ferretti, Production Designer
Robert Guerra (Supervising Art Director), Art Director
Claude Pare (Supervising Art Director), Art Director
Luca Tranchino, Art Director
Daniel Ross, Art Director
Lori Rowbotham Grant, Art Director
Martin Gendron, Art Director
Michele Laliberte, Art Director
Real Proulx, Art Director
Christina Wilson, Assistant Art Director
Jean-Pierre Lavoie, Assistant Art Director
  FINDING NEVERLAND Gemma Jackson, Production Designer
Peter Russell (Supervising Art Director), Art Director
Rosie Hardwick, Assistant Art Director
Phil Harvey, Assistant Art Director
  THE INCREDIBLES Lou Romano, Production Designer
Ralph Eggleston, Art Director
  THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Anthony Pratt, Production Designer
John Fenner (Supervising Art Director), Art Director
Paul Kirby, Art Director
Anthony Caron-Delion, Assistant Art Director
Iain McFadyen, Assistant Art Director

Excellence in Production Design for Contemporary Film

  THE TERMINAL* Alex McDowell, Production Designer
Christopher Burian-Mohr (Supervising Art Director), Art Director
Brad Ricker, Art Director
Isabelle Guay, Art Director
Bruce Hill, Assistant Art Director
Martha Johnston, Assistant Art Director
Harry E. Otto, Assistant Art Director
Nicolas Lepage, Assistant Art Director
Jean-Pierre Paquet, Assistant Art Director
  COLLATERAL David Wasco, Production Designer
Daniel T. Dorrance, Art Director
Aran Reo Mann, Assistant Art Director
Gerald Sullivan, Assistant Art Director
Christopher Tandon, Assistant Art Director
David Stein, Art Director
Scott P. Murphy, Assistant Art Director
Hinju Kim, Assistant Art Director
  THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU Mark Friedberg, Production Designer
Stefano Maria Ortolani (Supervising Art Director), Art Director
Eugenio Ulissi, Art Director
Marco Trentini, Art Director
Simona Migliotti, Art Director
Giacomo Calo Carducci, Art Director
Saverio Sammali, Assistant Art Director
Nazzareno Piana, Assistant Art Director
Maria Teresa Barbasso, Assistant Art Director
Giulia Chiara Crugnola, Assistant Art Director
  MILLION DOLLAR BABY Henry Bumstead, Production Designer
Jack G. Taylor, Art Director

Excellence in Production Design for Single-Camera Television Series

  DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES* Thomas Walsh, Production Designer
Kim Hix, Art Director
P. Erik Carlson, Art Director
Steve Samanen, Assistant Art Director
  ALIAS Corey Kaplan, Production Designer
Sandy Getzler, Art Director
  COLD CASE Thomas A. Walsh, Production Designer
Eric Carlson, Art Director
Steve Samanen, Assistant Art Director
  JACK& BOBBY Dina Lipton, Production Designer
Marc Dabe, Assistant Art Director
  LOST Mark Worthington, Production Designer
Christina Wilson, Art Director
Ray Yamagata, Assistant Art Director

Excellence in Production Design for Multi-Camera Television Series

  WILL& GRACE* Glenda Rovello, Production Designer  
  THE BIG HOUSE "Almost Touched by an Angel" Michael Gallenberg, Production Designer  
  COMPLETE SAVAGES Sharon Busse, Production Designer
Gary Smoot, Assistant Art Director
  JOEY "Pilot" John Shaffner, Production Designer  

Excellence in Production Design for Television Movie or Mini-Series

  AND STARRING PANCHO VILLA AS HIMSELF* Herbert Pinter, Production Designer
Bernardo Trujillo, Art Director
Gian, Assistant Art Director
  "3" THE DALE EARNHARDT STORY Michael Baugh, Production Designer
James Gloster, Art Director
  BACK WHEN WE WERE GROWNUPS Cynthia Charette, Production Designer
Tom Taylor, Art Director

Excellence in Production Design for Variety or Awards Show, Music Special or Documentary

  76th ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS* Roy Christopher, Production Designer
Steve Olson, Art Director
James Nelson, Assistant Art Director
Joe Celli, Assistant Art Director
  46th ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS Steve Bass, Production Designer
Brian Stonestreet, Production Designer
Tamlyn Wright, Art Director
Scott Cobb, Assistant Art Director
  THE AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS Joe Stewart, Production Designer
John Shaffner, Production Designer
Tina Miller, Art Director
Arthur Chadwick, Assistant Art Director
  THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW "REVISTED" Jefferson Sage, Production Designer  
  MAD TV John Sabato, Production Designer
D. Martyn Bookwalter, Art Director
Dan Morski, Assistant Art Director

Excellence in Production Design for Commercial

  FEMA* Lauryn LeClere, Production Designer  
  GE "Beauty and Brains" Michael F. Gaw, Production Designer  
  Showtime Network Promo "America's Fight Night" Liz Kay, Production Designer  
  Truth "Shards-O-Glass Pops" Michael F. Gaw, Production Designer  

Special Awards

  Lifetime Achievement Award William Creber, Production Designer  
  Outstanding Contribution to Cinematic Imagery Zhang Yimou, Director  

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