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10th Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards
2005 Nominees & Winners*

Excellence in Production Design for a Feature Film

  MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA* John Myhre, Production Designer
Tomas Voth (Supervising Art Director), Art Director
Patrick Sullivan, Art Director
Greg Berry, Assistant Art Director
  BATMAN BEGINS Nathan Crowley, Production Designer
Simon Lamont (Supervising Art Director), Art Director
Steven Lawrence (Senior Art Director), Art Director
Alan Tomkins (Senior Art Director), Art Director
Peter Francis, Art Director
Stuart Kearns, Art Director
Paul Kirby, Art Director
Patrick Lumb, Art Director
Dominic Masters, Art Director
Susan Whitaker, Art Director
Stephen Morahan, Assistant Art Director
Sloane U'ren, Assistant Art Director
Shane Valentino, Assistant Art Director
  CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY Alex McDowell, Production Designer
Leslie Tomkins (Supervising Art Director), Art Director
Kevin Phipps (Senior Art Director), Art Director
David Allday, Art Director
Francois Audouy, Art Director
Anthony Caron-Delion, Art Director
Sean Haworth, Art Director
Andrew Nicholson, Art Director
Matthew Gray, Assistant Art Director
James Lewis, Assistant Art Director
Kathy Heaser, Assistant Art Director
  GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK Jim Bissell, Production Designer
Christa Munro, Art Director
  KING KONG Grant Major, Production Designer
Dan Hennah (Supervising Art Director), Art Director
Joe Bleakley, Art Director
Simon Bright, Art Director
Simon Harper (2nd Unit Art Director), Art Director
David Cooke (Additional NY Streets Art Director), Art Director
Jacqueline Allen, Assistant Art Director

Excellence in Production Design for Contemporary Film

  WALK THE LINE* David Bomba, Production Designer
Rob Simons, Art Director
John Jenson, Art Director
  THE CONSTANT GARDENER Mark Tildesley, Production Designer
Chris Lowe (Supervising Art Director), Art Director
Denis Schnegg, Art Director
Coralie Lew, Assistant Art Director
  CRASH Laurence Bennett, Production Designer
Brandee Dell Aringa, Art Director
  JARHEAD Dennis Gassner, Production Designer
Stefan Dechant (Supervising Art Director), Art Director
Christina Wilson, Art Director
Marco Niro (Mexico), Art Director
A. Todd Holland, Assistant Art Director
Christopher Tandon, Assistant Art Director
  SYRIANA Dan Weil, Production Designer
Alan Hook, Art Director
Andrew Menzies, Art Director
Daran Fulham, Art Director
Laurent Ott, Art Director

Excellence in Production Design For Single Camera Television Series

  Rome* Joseph Bennett, Production Designer
Domenico Sica, Art Director
Carlo Serafini, Art Director
Dominic Hyman, Art Director
Daniella Giovannoni, Assistant Art Director
  Deadwood "Requiem for a Gleet" Maria Caso, Production Designer
James Murakami, Art Director
David Potts, Art Director
Michael J. Kelley, Assistant Art Director
  Desperate Housewives "They Ask Me Why I Believe You" Thomas A. Walsh, Production Designer
Eric Carlson, Art Director
Steve Samanen, Assistant Art Director
  Las Vegas "The Real McCoy" Richard Toyon, Production Designer
Scott Meehan (Supervising Art Director), Art Director
Tom Frohling, Art Director
  Lost "Orientation" Jim Spencer, Production Designer
William F. Matthews, Art Director

Excellence in Production Design For Multi-Camera Television Series

  Mad TV* John Sabato, Production Designer
D. Martyn Bookwalter, Art Director
Nicole Elespuru, Assistant Art Director
  How I met your Mother Stephan Olson, Production Designer  
  Two And A Half Men " A low Guttural Tongue Flapping Noise" John Shaffner, Production Designer  
  The War At Home " Pilot" John Shaffner, Production Designer  
  Will & Grace "The Old Man and the Sea" Glenda Rovello, Production Designer  

Excellence in Production Design For Television Movie or Mini-Series

  Empire Falls* Stuart Wurtzel, Production Designer
John Kasarda, Art Director
David Stein, Assistant Art Director
Tom Warren, Assistant Art Director
  Into The West Marek Dobrowolski, Production Designer
Rick Roberts, Art Director
Guy Barnes, Art Director
Janet Lakeman, Assistant Art Director
Jackie Bagley, Assistant Art Director
Jim Oberlander, Assistant Art Director
Amy Morrison, Assistant Art Director
  The Magic Of Ordinary Days Clark Hunter, Production Designer
Andrew Moreau, Art Director
  Warm Springs Sarah Knowles, Production Designer
Scott Ritenour, Art Director
Thomas Minton, Art Director

Excellence in Production Design For an Awards Show, Variety, Music Special or Documentary

  77th Annual Academy Awards* Roy Christopher, Production Designer
Greg Richman, Art Director
Stephan Olson, Art Director
Joe Celli, Assistant Art Director
  39th Annual Country Music Awards* Rene Lagler, Production Designer
Tom Schwinn, Art Director
  The American Music Awards John Shaffner, Production Designer
Joe Stewart, Production Designer
Tina J. Miller, Art Director
Arthur Chadwick, Art Director
  Earth To America Bruce Ryan, Production Designer
Mickey Moscynski, Art Director
  Wheel of Fortune Renee Hoss-Johnson, Production Designer
Jody Vaclav, Art Director

Excellence in Production Design For Commercial, Promo or PSA

  Bud Light* Jeremy Reed, Production Designer
Felicity Nove, Art Director
  AARP "Kitchen Sink" Sean Hargreaves, Production Designer
Adam Davis, Art Director
Sandra Skora, Art Director
  AFLAC "The Experiment" Michael Gaw, Production Designer  
  DHL "Golfballs" Jeffrey Beecroft, Production Designer
Sebastian Schroder, Art Director
Dawn Severdia, Assistant Art Director
  UPS "You/They" Sean Hargreaves, Production Designer
Adam Davis, Art Director
Kevin Kalaba, Art Director

Special Awards

  Outstanding Contribution to Cinematic Imagery Steven Spielberg  
  Lifetime Achievement Award John Mansbridge  

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