BEVERLY HILLS, Jan. 31, 2015
The Art Directors Guild (ADG, IATSE Local 800) announced winners of its 19th Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards, in eleven categories of film, television, commercials and music videos during a black-tie ceremony at the International Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. The awards took place before an audience of more than 850, including Guild members, industry executives and press. ADG President Mimi Gramatky and Council Chair Marcia Hinds presided over the awards ceremony with comedian Owen Benjamin serving as host.

For Photos, Videos and Winners Info, go to: http://www.image.net/artdirectorsguildawards
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Period Film Nominees
THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL (WINNER) Adam Stockhausen, Production Designer
Gerald Sullivan, Supervising Art Director
Stephan O. Gessler, Lead Art Director
Steve Summersgill, Art Director
Tarnia Nicol, Assistant Art Director
Stefan Speth, Assistant Art Director
Josef Brandl, Set Designer
Daniel Chour, Set Designer
Carl Sprague, Concept Illustrator
Ulrich Zeidler, Illustrator
Boris Kiselicki, Illustrator
Juman Malouf, Character Illustrator
Annie Atkins, Lead Graphic Designer
Liliana Lambriev, Graphic Artist
Marc Boden-Buga, Graphic Artist
Jay Clarke, Lead Storyboard Artist
Christian DeVita, Storyboard Artist
Douglas Ingram, Storyboard Artist
Jess Jackson, Storyboard Artist
Anna Pinnock, Set Decorator
INHERENT VICE David Crank, Production Designer
Ruth De Jong, Art Director
Karen TenEyck, Graphic Designer
Dorothy Street, Additional Graphics
Amy Wells, Set Decorator, SDSA
THE IMITATION GAME Maria Djurkovic, Production Designer
Nick Dent, Supervising Art Director
Rebecca Milton, Art Director
Marco Anton Restivo, Art Director
Lauren Briggs-Miller, Assistant Art Director
Huw Arthur, Standby Art Director
Mira Miraphora, Graphic Designer
Eduardo Lima, Graphic Designer
Charles Theobald, Graphic Designer
Tatiana MacDonald, Set Decorator
THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING John Paul Kelly, Production Designer
David Hindle, Supervising Art Director
Emma MacDevitt, Standby Art Director
Kira Kemble, Assistant Art Director
Louise Begbie, Graphics Art Director
Emily Norris, Graphic Artist
Claire Richards, Set Decorator
UNBROKEN Jon Hutman, Production Designer
Charlie Revai, Supervising Art Director
Jacinta Leong, Art Director
Bill Booth, Art Director
Tony Williams, Assistant Art Director
Nick Connor, Assistant Art Director
Jenny Hitchcock, Assistant Art Director
Nicholas Dare, Set Designer
Andrew Kattie, Set Designer
Helen O'Loan, Set Designer
Ross Perkin, Set Designer
Wendy Buck, Graphic Designer
Michael Swingle, Head Scenic Artist
Evan Shipard, Concept Artist
Alex Hillkurtz, Storyboard Artist
Chris Williams, Scenic Artist
Lisa Thompson, Set Decorator, SDSA
Fantasy Film Nominees
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (WINNER) Charles Wood, Production Designer
Ray Chan, Supervising Art Director
Mike Stallion, Art Director
Mark Swain, Art Director
Tom Brown, Art Director
Jordan Crockett, Art Director
Romek Delmata, Art Director
Phillip Sims, 3D/VFX Art Director
Oliver Goodier, Assistant Art Director
Jim Barr, Assistant Art Director
Stephen Swain, Assistant Art Director
Peter Dorme, Assistant Art Director
Peter James, Standby Art Director Main Unit
Oliver Van Der Vijver, Standby Art Director 2nd Unit
Alex Smith, Draughtsperson
Rhys Ifan, Draughtsperson
Bethan Jones, Draughtsperson
Tara Ilsley, Draughtsperson
Luke Whitelock, Draughtsperson
Patrick Harris, Draughtsperson
Matt Robinson, (Daily) Senior Draughtsperson
Dean Clegg, (Daily) Senior Draughtsperson
Andrea Borland, (Daily) Senior Draughtsperson
Dominique Pace, Junior Draughtsperson
Alex Bowens, Junior Draughtsperson
Emma Clough, Junior Draughtsperson
Oliver Carroll, Set Designer
Julian Ashby, Digital Set Designer
Denise Ball, (Daily) Digital Set Designer
Mark Harris, (Daily) Digital Set Designer
Gregory Fangeaux, 3D Set Designer
Matt Sims, 3D Set Designer
Robert Hochstoeger, (Daily) 3D Set Designer
Charles Szczech, (Daily) 3D Set Designer
Steven Lawrence, (Daily) 3D Set Designer
Joel Chang, Illustrator
Rob Jose, Lead Model Maker
Richard Usher, Assistant Model Maker
Diego de Lajonquiere, Assistant Model Maker
Kathryn Prince, Art Sculptor
Bob Cheshire, Concept Artist
Paul Catling, Concept Artist
Dan Walker, Concept Artist
Ivan Weightman, Concept Artist
Roberto Castro, (Daily) Concept Artist
Pete Thompson, Concept Artist
Tim Hill, Concept Artist
Kevin Jenkins, Concept Artist
Richard Anderson, Concept Artist
Olivier Pron, Concept Artist
Kevin Chen, Concept Artist
Matt Codd, Concept Artist
Stephen Martiniere, Concept Artist
Iain McCaig, Concept Artist
Chris Rosewarne, Conceptual Artist
Clive Ward, Scenic Artist
Anthony Francisco, Sketch Artist
Richard Roberts, Set Decorator
CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER Peter Wenham, Production Designer
Thomas Valentine, Supervising Art Director
Steve Christensen, Art Director
Beat Frutiger, Art Director
Kevin Ishioka, Art Director
Gary Kosko, Art Director
Aric Cheng, Set Designer
Kate Dougherty, Set Designer
Jann K. Engel, Set Designer
Barbara Mesney, Set Designer
David Moreau, Set Designer
Julien Pougnier, Set Designer
Anshuman Prasad, Set Designer
Paul Sonski, Set Designer
Mike Stassi, Set Designer
Randall D. Wilkins, Set Designer
Richard F. Mays, Digital Set Designer
Susan A. Burig, Graphic Designer
Dianne Chadwick, Graphic Designer
Jamie Rama, Illustrator
John Eaves, Concept Illustrator
Rodney Fuentebella, Concept Illustrator
Josh Nizzi, Concept Illustrator
Christopher S. Ross, Concept Illustrator
Andy Park, Concept Illustrator
James Carson, Concept Artist
Tim Flattery, Concept Artist
Robert McKinnon, Concept Artist
Tony Bohorquez, Concept Model Maker
Richard Bennett, Storyboard Artist
Darrin Denlinger, Storyboard Artist
Alex Hillkurtz, Storyboard Artist
Philip Keller, Storyboard Artist
Anthony Liberatore, Storyboard Artist
Peter Mitchell Rubin, Storyboard Artist
Ryan Jeremy Woodward, Storyboard Artist
Leslie A. Pope, Set Decorator, SDSA
DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES James Chinlund, Production Designer
Naaman Marshall, Supervising Art Director
Aaron Haye, Art Director
Billy Hunter, Art Director
Scott Plauche, Art Director
Kelvin Humenny, Art Director
Marisa Frantz, On Set Art Director
Kim Sinclair, VFX Art Director
Nick Cross, Assistant Art Director
Javiera Varas, Assistant Art Director
John Berger, Set Designer
Mark Hitchler, Set Designer
Luis Hoyos, Set Designer
Martha Johnston, Set Designer
Greg Papalia, Set Designer
Kevin Loo, Digital Set Designer
Mike Stassi, Digital Set Designer
Andrew Campbell, Graphic Designer
Amanda Hunter, Graphic Designer
Kent Jones, Lead Scenic Artist
Jason Byers, Scenic Artist: San Francisco
Michael Cawood, Previs Artist
Jaime Jones, Illustrator
Vance Kovacs, Illustrator
Nathan Schroeder, Illustrator
Nathaniel West, Illustrator
Adam Gelbart, Model Maker
Adam Mull, Model Maker
Brett Phillips, Model Maker
Marc Baird, Storyboard Artist
Trevor Goring, Storyboard Artist
Benton Jew, Storyboard Artist
Jim Magdaleno, Storyboard Artist
James Mitchell, Storyboard Artist
Mark Moretti, Storyboard Artist
Josh Sheppard, Storyboard Artist
Amanda Moss Serino, Set Decorator
INTERSTELLAR Nathan Crowley, Production Designer
Dean Wolcott, Supervising Art Director
Joshua Lusby, Art Director
Eric Sundahl, Art Director
Gary Kosko, Art Director
David F. Klassen, Art Director
Jenne Lee, Assistant Art Director
Travis Witkowski, Assistant Art Director
Lauren Abiouness, Assistant Art Director
Noelle King, Specialist Set Designer
Sally Thornton, Specialist Set Designer
Andrew Birdzell, Set Designer
Mark Hitchler, Set Designer
Martha Johnston, Set Designer
Paul Sonski, Set Designer
Robert Woodruff, Set Designer
Ernie Avila, Set Designer
Gregory Jein, Set Designer/Model Maker
Andrea Onorato, Digital Set Designer
Adam Mull, Model Maker, Set Designer
Brett Phillips, Lead Model Maker
Gabriel Hardman, Graphic Artist
Phillis Lehmer, Graphic Designer
Steve Burg, Concept Artist
Romek Delmata, Concept Artist
Nathaniel West, Concept Artist
Gary Fettis, Set Decorator
INTO THE WOODS Dennis Gassner, Production Designer
Chris Lowe, Supervising Art Director
Andrew Bennett, Art Director
Ben Collins, Art Director
Mary Mackenzie, Art Director
Oliver Roberts, Standby Art Director
Roxana Alexandru, Assistant Art Director
Lauren Rosenbloom, Assistant Art Director
Thomas Goodwin, Draughtsperson
Archie Campbell-Baldwin, Junior Draughtsman
Rob Jose, Lead Model Maker
Lily Currie, Model Maker
Dan Chater, Junior Model Maker
Kim Frederiksen, Concept Artist
Darek Gogol, Storyboard Artist
Nick Pelham, Storyboard Artist
Heather Pollington, Graphic Designer
James Hunt, Lead Scenic Artist
Greg Winter, Assistant Scenic Artist
Anna Pinnock, Set Decorator
Contemporary Film Nominees
BIRDMAN (WINNER) Kevin Thompson, Production Designer
Stephen H. Carter, Art Director
Chris Shriver, Assistant Art Director
David Meyer, Assistant Art Director
Jane Wuu, Set Designer
Eric Helmin, Graphic Designer
Alex Gorodetsky, Charge Scenic
Quang Nguyen, Scenic Foreman
Jay Hendrickx, Camera Scenic
Dan Sweetman, Storyboard Artist
David Cooney, Storyboard Artist
George DeTitta Jr., Set Decorator, SDSA
AMERICAN SNIPER James J. Murakami, Production Designer
Charisse Cardenas, Production Designer
Harry Otto, Art Director
Dean Wolcott, Art Director
Peter Borck, Art Director: Morocco
Josh Lusby, Set Designer
Paul Sonski, Set Designer
Eric Sundahl, Set Designer
Kevin Kalaba, Graphic Designer
John Mann, Storyboard Artist
Gary Fettis, Set Decorator
FOXCATCHER Jess Gonchor, Production Designer
Brad Ricker, Art Director
Kate Dougherty, Set Designer
Christina Myal, Graphic Designer
Kathy Lucas, Set Decorator
GONE GIRL Donald Graham Burt, Production Designer
Susan Chan, Supervising Art Director
Dawn Swiderski, Art Director
Thomas Taylor, Assistant Art Director
Mark Robert Taylor, Assistant Art Director
Cara Brower, Assistant Art Director
Barbara Mesney, Set Designer
Tim Croshaw, Set Designer
Andrew Campbell, Graphic Designer
Adam Khalid, Graphic Designer
Monica Fedrick, Graphic Designer
Douglas A. Mowat, Set Decorator
NIGHTCRAWLER Kevin Kavanaugh, Production Designer
Naaman Marshall, Art Director
Warren Drummond, Storyboard Artist
Meg Everist, Set Decorator
One-Hour Period or Fantasy Single-Camera Television Series Nominees
The Laws of Gods and Men
Deborah Riley, Production Designer
Paul Ghirardani, Supervising Art Director
Christina Moore, Supervising Art Director - Croatia
Phil Elton, Art Director
Hauke Richter, Art Director
Alex Baily, Art Director
Iain White, Art Director - Croatia
Ivo Husnjak, Art Director - Croatia
Aoife Warren, Assistant Art Director
Brendan Rankin, Assistant Art Director
Mark Lowry, Stand-by Art Director - Dragon Unit
Philippa Broadhurst, Stand-by Art Director - Wolf Unit
Michael Eaton, Graphic Designer
David Packard, Scenic Artist
Max Berman, Concept Artist
Nick Ainsworth, Concept Artist
Peter McKinstry, Concept Artist
William Simpson, Storyboard Artist
Robert Cameron, Set Decorator
Golden Days for Boys and Girls
Bill Groom, Production Designer
Adam Scher, Art Director
Dan Kuchar, Assistant Art Director
Emily Beck, Assistant Art Director
Larry Gruber, Assistant Art Director
Ariel Poster, Graphic Artist
Ted Haigh, Graphic Designer
Jan Jericho, Illustrator
Jon Ringbom, Scenic Artist
Carol Silverman, Set Decorator
Pilot - Selina Kyle, Arkham
Doug Kraner, Production Designer
Laura Ballinger Gardner, Art Director
Charley Beal, Art Director
Larry Brown, Assistant Art Director
James Bolenbaugh, Assistant Art Director
Ruth Falco, Assistant Art Director
Ann Bartek, Assistant Art Director
Lauren Rockman, Assistant Art Director
Rumiko Ishii, Assistant Art Director
Eric Fehlberg, Illustrator
Laurel Kolsby, Graphic Designer
Roland Brooks, Scenic Artist
Andrew Baseman, Set Decorator
Regina Graves, Set Decorator, SDSA
Time Zones
Dan Bishop, Production Designer
Shanna Starzyk, Art Director
Andrew Hull, Assistant Art Director
Camille Bratkowski, Set Designer
Evan Regester, Graphic Designer
Claudette Didul, Set Decorator, SDSA
Method and Madness, Working Late a Lot
Howard Cummings, Production Designer
Henry Dunn, Art Director
Miguel Lopez-Castillo, Assistant Art Director
Laura Ballinger Gardner, Assistant Art Director
Rumiko Ishsii, Assistant Art Director
Jeffrey D. McDonald, Assistant Art Director
Chris Shriver, Assistant Art Director
Marion Kolsby, Assistant Art Director
Douglas Huszti, Assistant Art Director
Eric Fehlbergh, Illustrator
Greg Hill, Illustrator
Holly Watson, Graphic Designer
Patricia Sprott, Scenic Artist
Regina Graves, Set Decorator, SDSA
One-Hour Contemporary Single-Camera Television Series Nominees
The Locked Room, Form and Void
Alex DiGerlando, Production Designer
Mara LePere-Schloop, Art Director
Tim Beach, Art Director
Sophie Kosofsky, Assistant Art Director
Trinh Vu, Set Designer
Molly Mikula, Set Designer
Nicole Reed LeFevre, Set Designer
Walter Schneider, Set Designer
Kristin Lekki, Graphic Designer
Paul Stanwyck, Scenic Artist
Rick Broderman, Scenic Artist
Cynthia Slagter, Set Decorator
The Drone Queen
John D. Kretschmer, Production Designer
Rick Dennis, Art Director
Guy Potgieter, Art Director
Steven Saylor, Set Designer
Lisa Van Velden, Set Designer
Ross Jenkin, Set Designer
Paula Jones, Graphic Designer
Kate Hilson, Graphic Designer
Andrew McCarthy, Set Decorator
Chapter 18
Steve Arnold, Production Designer
Halina Gebarowicz, Art Director
David Cosier, Set Designer
Kate Dougherty, Set Designer
Eleni Diamantopoulis, Graphic Designer
Fran Gerlach, Scenic Artist
Jim Nealey, Storyboard Artist
Tiffany Zappulla, Set Decorator, SDSA
Murder Of Crowes, Wrong Roads, The Tol
Dave Blass, Production Designer
Oana Bogdan, Art Director
Melody Harrop, Set Designer
Shauna Aronson, Set Decorator, SDSA
Boston, Main Justice, Contempt
Karen Steward, Production Designer
Chikako Suzuki, Art Director
Jean Harter, Set Designer
Anshuman Prasad, Set Designer
Martin Charles, Graphic Designer
Robert Bernard, Graphic Designer
Kevin Mahoney, Scenic Artist
Sandy Struth, Set Decorator, SDSA
Television Movie or Mini-Serie Nominees
FREAK SHOW: Massacres and Matinees
Mark Worthington, Production Designer
James Truesdale, Art Director
Michelle Harmon, Assistant Art Director
Brian Waits, Set Designer
Jane Fitts, Graphic Designer
Cindy Slagter, Set Decorator
A SPACETIME ODYSSEY: Unafraid of the Dark
Seth Reed, Production Designer
John Josselyn, Art Director
FARGO John Blackie, Production Designer
Warren Alan Young, Production Designer
Bill Ives, Art Director
Trevor Smith, Art Director
Catherine Cowan, Assistant Art Director
Craig Humphries, Graphic Designer
Paul Healy, Set Decorator
Shirley Inget, Set Decorator
Part I, Part II
Patrizia Von Brandenstein, Production Designer
Tibor Lãzãr, Art Director
Mãrton Voros, Art Director
Melanie Baker, Set Decorator, SDSA
His Last Vow
Arwel W Jones, Production Designer
Dafydd Ieuan Shurmer, Art Director
Christina Tom, Graphic Designer
Steven Fudge, Scenic Artist
Hannah Nicholson, Set Decorator
Half Hour Single-Camera Television Series Nominees
Articles of Incorporation
Signaling Risk
Optimal Tip-To-Tip Efficiency
Richard Toyon, Production Designer
LJ Houdyshell, Art Director
Jim Yarmer, Set Designer
Dorothy Street, Graphic Designer
Cindy Slagter, Set Decorator
Faith, Hope
Like Father Like Son
Ray Yamagata, Production Designer
Chikako Suzuki, Art Director
George Maya, Set Designer
Dorothy Street, Graphic Designer
Tim Stepeck, Set Decorator, SDSA
Zha- Moreng
Ray Yamagata, Production Designer
Chikako Suzuki, Art Director
Samantha Englender, Assistant Art Director
George Maya, Set Designer
Dorothy Street, Graphic Designer
Tim Stepeck, Set Decorator, SDSA
Halloween 3: Awesomeland
Marco Polo, Won’t You Be Our Neighbor
Claire Bennett, Production Designer
Sam Kramer, Art Director
Michael Voelker, Set Decorator
Special Relationship
James Gloster, Production Designer
Sharon Davis, Art Director
E. David Cosier, Art Director
Rosy Thomas, Art Director
Kenneth Roman, Graphic Designer
April Freeman, Scenic Artist
Jennifer Engel, Set Decorator
Multi-Camera Television Series Nominees
How Your Mother Met Me
Stephan Olson, Production Designer
Daniel Saks, Set Designer
Susan Eschelbach, Set Decorator, SDSA
Mike & Molly’s Excellent Adventure
The Dice Lady Cometh
John Shaffner, Production Designer
Daren Janes, Art Director
Lynda Burbank, Set Decorator, SDSA
The Locomotive Manipulation
The Convention Conundrum, The Status Quo Combustion
John Shaffner, Production Designer
Francoise Cherry-Cohen, Art Director
Ann Shea, Set Decorator, SDSA
You Are the Wind Beneath My Wings, Man
Papa Was a Rolling Bone
Glenda Rovello, Production Designer
Rhea Rebbe, Assistant Art Director
Kerry Hyatt, Graphic Designer
Tom Perry, Scenic Artist
Bryan John Venegas, Set Decorator, SDSA
Cabot McMullen, Production Designer
Jeff Beck, Set Designer
Amber Haley, Set Decorator, SDSA
Awards or Event Special Nominees
86th ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS (WINNER) Derek McLane, Production Designer
Joe Celli, Art Director
Gloria Lamb, Art Director
Guy Maturo, Scenic Artist
Brent Myers, Scenic Artist
Fernando Pardo, Scenic Artist
PETER PAN LIVE! Derek McLane, Production Designer
Aimee Dombo, Art Director
Ada Smith, Assistant Art Director
Hilary Noxon, Assistant Art Director
Antje Ellermann, Assistant Art Director
Maite Perez-Nievas, Assistant Art Director
Joe Forbes, Scenic Artist
Colin Brantley, Scenic Artist
Michael Pilipski, Set Decorator
Starring Bruno Mars
Bruce Rodgers, Production Designer
Douglas Cook, Art Director
Shelley Rodgers, Art Director
Lindsey Breslauer, Assistant Art Director
Evan Alexander, Illustrator
Amber Stinebrink, Storyboard Artist
THE AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS 2014 Joe Stewart, Production Designer
Tina Miller, Art Director
A Grammy Salute To The Beatles
Matthew Russell, Production Designer
Patrick Adair, Art Director
THE 66th PRIMETIME EMMY AWARDS Keith Ian Raywood, Production Designer
Star Theodos Kahn, Art Director
Kristen Merlino, Art Director
Short Format: WebSeries, Music Video or Commercial Nominees
APPLE: Perspective (WINNER)

Sean Hargreaves, Production Designer
David Stone, Art Director


Emma Fairley, Production Designer
Christian Zollenkopf, Art Director
Melissa McClintock, Assistant Art Director
Erin Thiele, Set Decorator

IKEA: Carousel

Richard Lassalle, Production Designer

KATY PERRY: Dark Horse Jeremy Reed, Production Designer
SIMPSON’S MARATHON Zach Mathews, Production Designer
Jessica Anderson, Assistant Art Director
Variety, Competition, Reality, or Game Show Series Nominees
Tyler B. Robinson, Production Designer
Schuyler Telleen, Art Director
Katherine Isom, Set Decorator


Halloween Episode
Alien Imposters
Gary Kordan, Production Designer
Nick Plotquin, Art Director
Aleksandra Landsberg, Set Designer
Julie Drach, Set Decorator
Louis C. K. with Sam Smith
Anna Kendrick with Pharrell Williams
Chris Rock with Prince
Keith Ian Raywood, Production Designer
Eugene Lee, Production Designer
Akira Yoshimura, Production Designer
N.Joseph DeTullio, Production Designer
Andrea Purcigliotti, Art Director
Tara Donnelly, Graphic Designer
Mark Rudolf, Scenic Artist
Helenda Marki, Scenic Artist
1, 45, 56

Eugene Lee, Production Designer
Peter Baran, Production Designer
Keith Raywood, Set Decorator

Blind Auditions Premiere
Anton Goss, Production Designer
James Pearse Connelly, Production Designer
Zeya Maurer, Art Director
Brittany MacWhorter, Art Director
Lydia Smyth, Art Director
Kirsten Larsen, Assistant Art Director

~ The 19th Annual ADG Awards Banquet was held on January 31, 2015 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel! ~

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