Professional Development Committee
This committee plans symposia and activities to enhance members' educational training and skills.
Ben Nowicki (Co-Chair)
Arte Contreras (Co-Chair)
Casey Bernay (Staff)
Jackie Thompson (Staff Liaison)
Cate Bangs
Judy Cosgrove
Mimi Gramatky
Marty Kline
Kenneth Larson
Gerald Lehtola
Masako Masuda
John Moffitt
Rick Nichol
Patrick Rodriguez
Jim Wallis


The ADG Professional Development Committee is formed of members of the Art Directors Guild and serves to further the Guild's educational goals and objectives. The committee will actively support and help promote activities that strengthen member skills and broaden member talents.

To this end, the committee's mission will be two fold:

1. To monitor and support ADG sponsored educational programs and projects. It will publish a monthly status report on all events that bear on ADG education and training. Both ongoing and proposed programs will be monitored.

2. Proposed programs that originate within the committee will be taken to a level of development sufficient for presentation to the ADG Council for review.

This effort will serve to create an educational reporting system that will allow the ADG to better understand what ongoing and future programs best:

CONTRIBUTE to the continued education and training of members working in the fields of Production Design, Art Direction, Illustration, Set Design, Scenic, Title and Graphic Arts.

DEFINE AND REINFORCE gateway criteria for prospective members for the purpose of raising Art Department and industry standards.

ENCOURAGE industry and public awareness and appreciation of the skills and talents of our craft and our members. In pursuing our mission, special focus will be given to:

TRADITIONAL SKILLS Ensuring that all members demonstrate a strong understanding of the creative process and the skills necessary to practice their craft.

NEW TECHNOLOGY Stimulating research and innovation in emerging tools and systems used in our profession, as well as in related fields such as cinematography, animation and digital engineering for the moving image.

HERITAGE Supporting the preservation, archiving and publication of film & television design histories and artifacts to be used in support of the above programs.

We do this because the ADG believes that education, training, and familiarity with the history of our craft are central to our members' professional status and to the long-term appreciation and survival of our design heritage.

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