Dave Blass
AD - Art Director - Film

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Agency  Partos Company
Agent  Dana Salston
Agent Phone  (310) 458-7800

Computer/Design: Adobe Photoshop
Computer/Design: SketchUp
Computer/Design: Vectorworks
Computer/Design: Adobe Illustrator
Scenic Painting: Theatrical
Scenic Painting: Set Painting
Computer/Design: Adobe After Effects
Title/Graph: Special Effects/Digital Compositing
Title/Graphics: Green Screen
Drafting/Models: Scuptural Models
Drafting/Models: Foamcore Models
AD: Production Designer

English, and Bocce is like a second language to me....

For 18 years I have worked on a vast array of projects in a multitude of locations. From Ireland to Hawaii, in -20 degrees of Sweeden to 150 degrees in Arizona, I have creating every type of set imaginable, from the sleekest of sci-fi to the grittiest of the old west. There are no problems only solutions. Nominated 2012 Emmy for Production Design of FX TV Series Justified.
5D : Future of Immersive Design - Core Member

Mac Pro, Full Digital Editing Kit, Digital Camera Kits both still and video

Constantine (series) 
5D ConferenceArt Director 
Justified (Series)Art Director 
Unanimous (Series)Art Director 
Courtyard Marriot (Commercial)Previs Artist 
ER (Series)Previs Artist 
I Thallus (FF)Previs Artist 
ASYLUM (FF)Production Designer 
Born Bad (FF)Production Designer 
Justified (Series)Production Designer 
Shear Genius (Series)Production Designer 
Solitary (Series)Production Designer 
The Black Scorpion (Series)Production Designer 
Trivial Pursuit (Series)Production Designer 
UNDER OATH (FF)Production Designer 
DUSK TIL DAWN 3 (FF)Production Designer American Unit) 
Labou (FF)Supervising Art Director 
ER (Series)Art Director 
Cold Case (Series)Production Designer 
Cold CaseCold CaseER: The final Shot of the SeriesJustified, Elstons JointJustified: Coal Mine Exterior