Kenneth A. Larson   Set Designer
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Set Designer from 1996 to pres.; VFX Model Maker, Prop Shop, Sp. FX from 1978 to 1996; Architecture, Interior Design. One of the first Computer Specialist Set Designers, including 3-D work. Design and build. Film and non-film. Features and television. Most people I work for consider me fast at drawing, model making, and location surveys. I work neatly and accurately. I have a wide range of skills and actual experience building props, miniatures, scenery, as well as home improvements projects which gives me a better understanding of what I'm designing. Also skilled at photography. Have recently performed several location projects from my home office because the people I work for know I'll get the job done without supervision.

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I started working with AutoCAD in 1991, before VectorWorks was MiniCAD and have always preferred the accuracy of AutoCAD along with the wider variety of tools. While I can use SketchUp, I feel that I am faster building models in AutoCAD which is more accurate and provides more tools and controls. I've used Layout but find better line weight control, speed, and tools in AutoCAD. I can usually deliver a complete set of drawings to construction and then build a model using AutoCAD faster than to build a model in SketchUp and then produce drawings with Layout while construction waits. Some of my best work has been for Architects where the computer was more quickly accepted.

Computers, AutoCAD, VectorWorks, SketchUp, Adobe Creative Suite, Rhino, other programs, 11x17 printer, scanner, 36" plotter, tape measures, SLR camera, model making tool box, bicycle, other, the usual. All software is licensed and up to date, multiple lic

Locked In, feature | Senior Set Designer
The Last Ship, season 1 | Senior Set Designer
Quarry, pilot | Senior Set Designer
The New Normal, season 1 | Senior Set Designer
Two Wrongs, pilot | Senior Set Designer
Race to Save Nome, feature | Senior Set Designer
Jimmy Kimmel Live | Senior Set Designer
Untitled Philadelphia Lawers Project, pilot | Senior Set Designer
Ben and Kate (permanent sets for new show) | Senior Set Designer
Lucky Stiff, musical feature | Senior Set Designer
Friday Night Dinner, pilot | Senior Set Designer | ADG Nomination
American Horror Story, season 1 | Senior Set Designer
The Guilt Trip, feature | Senior Set Designer
The New Girl (Fox pilot, permanent sets) | Senior Set Designer | ADG Nomination
Lie to Me, season 3 | Senior Set Designer
Rizzoli and Isles, season 1 | Senior Set Designer
Justified, season 1 | Senior Set Designer
Southland, season 2 | Senior Set Designer
Golden Oak Ranch Project | Senior Set Designer
Ghost Whisperer, season 3 & part of 4 | Senior Set Designer
Sleeper Cell, season 2 | Senior Set Designer
invasion, season 1 | Senior Set Designer
The Polar Express, feature | Senior Set Designer
Borg Invasion (theme park attraction) | Senior Set Designer
American Pie 2, feature | Senior Set Designer
Colateral Damage, feature | Senior Set Designer
Shrek, feature | Set Designer
The Pentagon Wars, TV movie | Set Designer
Batman and Robin, fearture (Visual Effects) | Set Designer

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