Ryan Woodward
IMA - Senior Illustrator

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Home Phone  (801) 836-3713
Cell Phone  (801) 836-3713

English and Spanish

Storyboard artist, animatics and visual development, traditional animator. 3d fluent (Maya). 2 award winning short films.

Complete Animatic setup

Captain America 2Storyboard Artist 
RustStoryboard Artist 
The AvengersStoryboard Artist 
Thor 2Storyboard Artist 
Snow White and The HunstmanConcept Artist 
Cowboys and AliensStoryboard Artist 
Ironman 2Storyboard Artist 
Where the Wild things AreStoryboard Artist 
Spider-man 3Storyboard Artist 
Spider-man 2Storyboard Artist 
The Banshee and Finn MageeStoryboard Artist 
Osmosis JonesSenior Illustrator 
The Legend of Santa ClausStoryboard Artist 
The Iron GiantSenior Illustrator 
Quest for CamelotSenior Illustrator 
Eight Crazy NightsCGI Artist 
Power Puff Girls, The MovieSenior Illustrator 
Space JamSenior Illustrator 
Muhammad: The Last ProphetStoryboard Artist 
The ScarecrowStoryboard Artist 
Captain AmericaCowboys and AliensThe AvengersWhere The Wild Things AreSpider-man 3