Thomas A. Walsh
AD - Production Designer

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Home Phone  (818) 766-1624
Cell Phone  (818) 406-1559

Computer/Design: Mac
Computer/Design: Adobe Photoshop
Computer/Design: Corel Photo Paint
Computer/Design: SketchUp
Computer/Design: Vectorworks
Computer/Design: Adobe Illustrator
AD: Production Designer

Experienced in...Virtual 3D Digital In-Camera Performance Capture.Leader in designing for IMAX. Extensive location filming experience.

The Client List (season 2)  
In Plain Sight (season 3-5)Production Designer 
Desperate Housewives (pilot & Season 1-4)Production Designer 
The Prince Of Motor City (pilot)Production Designer 
Beer For My HorsesProduction Designer 
The MajesticArt Director 
John Carpenters VampiresProduction Designer 
FlipperProduction Designer 
Threat Matrix (pilot & 15 Episodes)Production Designer 
The Hand Maids TaleProduction Designer 
Buddy Faro (pilot & 15 Episodes)Production Designer 
In Search Of Dr.seussProduction Designer 
Romy & Michele: Behind The Velvet RopeProduction Designer 
My So-called Life (pilot)Production Designer 
War Story-vietnam (6 Episodes)Production Designer 
A Gathering Of Old MenProduction Designer 
Kingfish: The Story Of Huey P. LongProduction Designer 
Desperate HousewivesDiscovers-IMAXHomeland-IMAXMGM-When The Lion RoarsThreat Matrix