Alan Kobayashi
STG - Graphic Designer
Available For Work

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Cell Phone  (310) 902-0088

Title/Graphics: Logo Design
Title/Graphics: 2D
Title/Graphics: Animation
Computer/Design: Adobe Photoshop
Title/Graphics: Print Advertising
Title/Graphics: News Graphics
Title/Graphics: Production Graphics
Computer/Design: Adobe Illustrator
Computer/Design: Mac
Title/Graphics: Promotions

2 Mac computers, external monitors for computers, large format printer, color profiling, scanner, Digital RAW photo equipment and kit. Clip art collection, reference materials and library.

DIG (USA Network Miniseries)Graphic Designer 
Man In the High Castle (Amazon Pilot)Graphic Designer 
Sons of AnarchyGraphic Designer 
Playing HouseGraphic Designer 
Hawaii Five-0Video Playback Design & Animation 
Criminal MindsGraphic Designer 
Gang RelatedGraphic Designer 
Atlas Shrugged / Part 2Graphic Designer 
Hart of Dixie | Graphic Designer 
ApplebaumGraphic Designer 
CSI:MIamiGraphic Designer 
Burn NoticeVideo Playback Animation Design & Production 
Studio 60 on the Sunset StripGraphic Designer 
CSI: New YorkGraphic Designer 
Criminal MindsVideo Playback Design & Animation 
Star Trek: EnterpriseGraphic Designer 
X-FilesGraphic Designer 
HeistGraphic Designer 
Strong MedicineGraphic Designer 
The LoopGraphic Designer 
New Item.Video PlaybackProductionProps / ProductionProducts / Logos