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3rd Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards
1998 Nominees & Winners*

Spacer Excellence in Production Design for a Feature Film Spacer
  WHAT DREAMS MAY COME* Eugenio Zanetti, Production Designer
Jim Dultz, Art Director
Tomas Voth, Art Director
Christian Wintter, Art Director
  SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE Martin Childs, Production Designer
Mark Raggett, Art Director
Steve Lawrence, Art Director
Frances Bennett, Assistant Art Director
  SAVING PRIVATE RYAN Tom Sanders, Production Designer
Daniel T. Dorrance, Art Director
Alan Tomkins, Art Director
Ricky Eyres, Art Director
Tom Brown, Art Director
Gary Freeman, Art Director
Chris Seagers, Art Director
Kevin Kavanaugh, Assistant Art Director
  ELIZABETH John Myhre, Production Designer
Lucy Richardson, Art Director
Jonathan Lee, Art Director
Poppy Luard, Assistant Art Director
  PLEASANTVILLE Jeannine Oppewall, Production Designer
Bill Arnold, Art Director
Dianne Wager, Art Director
  Excellence in Production Design for a Television Series  
  X-FILES* Corey Kaplan, Production Designer
Sandy Getzler, Art Director
Lauren Polizzi, Art Director
Kevin Kavanaugh, Assistant Art Director
  STAR TREK VOYAGER Richard James, Production Designer
Louise Dorton, Art Director
  SEVEN DAYS Carol Winstead Wood, Production Designer
Eric Orbom, Art Director
Greg Weimerskirch, Art Director
Beala Neel, Assistant Art Director
  BUDDY FARO Tom Walsh, Production Designer
Kim Hix, Art Director
  SPORTS NIGHT Tom Azzari, Production Designer  
  Excellence in Production Design for a Television Movie or Miniseries  
  FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON* Richard Toyon, Production Designer
Kitty Dods-Sates, Art Director
Seth Reed, Art Director
  THE RAT PACK Hilda Stork-Monos, Production Designer
Kathleen McKernin, Art Director
  WINCHELL Marcia Hinds-Johnson, Production Designer
Bo Johnson, Art Director
  GIA David Bomba, Production Designer
John R. Jensen, Art Director
  HOUDINI Jerry Wanek, Production Designer
John Bucklin, Art Director
  Excellence in Production Design for Variety or Awards Show, Music Special or Documentary  
  70th ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS* Roy Christopher, Production Designer
Stephan Olson, Art Director
Keaton Walker, Art Director
Chad Frey, Assistant Art Director
  4Oth ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS Bob Keene, Production Designer
Brian J. Stonestreet, Art Director
  26th ANNUAL AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS Ray Klausen, Production Designer
Keaton Walker, Art Director
Rebecca Barkley, Art Director
Randy Blom, Art Director
  THREE TENORS' 98 WORLD CUP PARIS Rene Lagler, Production Designer  
  Special Awards  
  LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Harold Michelson, Production Designer  

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