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• ADG Awards Committee
This committee is charged with setting the rules governing award selections and overseeing the annual Awards Banquet.
Tom Wilkins (Co-Chair)
Tom Walsh (Co-Chair)
Laurel Brock
Scott Moses
Denise Pizzini
Debbie Patton (Manager, Awards & Events)
John Sabato
Cat Smith
Jack Taylor

• ADG Membership Portfolio Review Committee
This committee administers the Portfolio Review for membership in the guild.
John Iacovelli (Co-Chair)
Corey Kaplan (Co-Chair)
Tom Walsh (Co-Chair)
Laura Kamogawa (Staff Liaison)

• Production Apprentice (PA) Training Program Committee
This committee administers the program enabling deserving applicants to obtain on the job training and ultimately membership in the Guild as an Assistant Art Director.
Jack Fisk (Co-Chair)
John Iacovelli (Co-Chair)
Corey Kaplan (Co-Chair)
Tom Walsh (Co-Chair)
Laura Kamogawa (Staff Liaison)
Jack Forrestel
Joseph Garrity
Marcia Hinds
Norm Newberry
John Shaffner
Cat Smith

• Archive Advisory Committee
This committee manages and collects various archival materials relating to the Guild’s heritage document.
Tom Walsh (Co-Chairs)
Michael Baugh (Co-Chair)
Pat DeGreve (Co-Chair)
Sandra Aguilar
Mary Ann Anderson
C. Scott Baker
Cate Bangs
Stephen Berger
Ann Coco
Bill Creber
Ryan Falkner
Melinda Sue Gordon
Adrian Gorton
Corey Kaplan
Gavin Koon
Norm Newberry
Benjamin Nowicki
Nathan Schroeder
John Shaffner
Marc Wanamaker
Eric Warren
Beth Werling

• Comic-Con Committee
This committee is charged with enhancing public awareness of the Guild, its attendant crafts, and their invaluable and unique contributions to all forms of media through presentations at Comic-Con, the world's largest pop-culture event.
Patrick Rodriguez (Chair)
Andrew Stumme (Chair)
Christian McGuire (Staff Liaison)
Dennis Welch (Staff)
Leonard Morpurgo (P.R.)
Rick Markovitz (P.R.)
Nicole Player (P.R.)
Chris Allison
Tim Burgard
Mimi Gramatky
Benton Jew
Haley Keim
Gerald Lehtola
David Lowery
Alex McDowell
John Muto
Chris Rubin
John Sabato
Jack Taylor Jr.
Marc Vena
Tom Walsh
Kate Weddle

• Cowboy Festival Committee
This committee plans and creates the ADG Storefront at the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival in April.
Mike Denering (Co-Chair)
Mimi Gramatky (Co-Chair)
Christian McGuire (Staff Liaison)

• Digital Asset Management Committee
This committee will explore how digital assets are currently being handles across a wide range of Art Department requirements, and develop recommendations of how these practices could be shared, standardized and improved.
Our motto — To Preserve and Share!
Marco Miehe (Co-Chair)
David Morong (Co-Chair)
Jackie Thompson (Staff Liaison)

• Exhibitions Committee
This committee curates and displays Guild members artwork at conferences and exhibits outside of the Guild in an effort at outreach and education of the general public.
Mimi Gramatky (Co-Chair)
Casey Bernay (Co-Chair)
Christian McGuire (Staff Liaison)
Brandy Alexander

• Film Society Committee
This committee plans the four to six yearly screenings of production design praise-worthy films honoring the Production Designers of those film.
John Iacovelli (Co-Chair)
John Muto (Co-Chair)
Tom Walsh (Co-Chair)
Debbie Patton (Staff Liaison)
Dennis Welch (Staff)

Eric Lichtenfeld
Rick Mitchell

• Fine Arts Committee
This committee plans events, oversees Gallery 800 and promotes educational activities centered around the fine arts skills of the Guild’s members.
Mike Denering (Chair)
Jackie Thompson (Gallery Staff Liaison)
Pierre Bernard, Jr.
Marion Dies
Denny Dugally
Jim Fiorito
Catherine Koon
Donald Hanson
Melody Harrop
Melanie Mandl
Janet Nelson
Rhea Rebbe
Edward L. Rubin

• Innovation Outreach / Technology Committee
This committee deals with technological innovation and development within Guild-represented crafts, as well as technological changes in other crafts which impact on the work of members.
Tom Walsh (Co-Chair)
Alex McDowell (Co-Chair)

Francois Audouy
Michael Baugh
Richard Berg
Jim Bissell
Jesse Brink
Page Buckner
Doug Chaing
J. Andre Chaintreuil
Martin Charles
Kevin Conran
Doug Cooper
Judy Cosgrove
Bill Creber
Nathan Crowley
Kristen Davis
Colin deRouin
Rick Heinrichs
Jim Hegedus
Mark Goerner
David James
Daniel Jennings
Andrew Jones
Mike Lehman
Martin Liang
Grant Major
Victor Martinez
Dan Morski
Norm Newberry
Zack Petroc
Ben Procter
Michael Rizzo
Tom Taylor
Jim Wallis

Innovation Outreach / Technology Committee
"To further the art and craft of progressive film design through the comprehension and dissemination of all new or classic technologies, whether digital or mechanical, which impact the vocation and future development of design for the moving image."
There is a vast array of new digital and mechanical technologies being introduced into the workplace at an exceedingly rapid pace.
As design leaders in our profession we are the first to initiate and disseminate the visual information that is central to the act of telling the story. In order that we may maintain our central role in production process, it is imperative that we understand how these technologies will impact and influence our profession, which is the art of design for the Film, Cable, Television, Electronic Game and Themed Environment industries.

The Committee's primary objectives will be:
1. To create awareness of the contributions that the progressive art department can and will make to the production.
2. To promote a non-linear approach to the process of production design.
3. To keep the ADG membership informed about all new or classic technologies and methodologies that are relevant to the art of design.
4. To publish and publicize all relevant information related to its ventures.
5. To build and maintain an interactive database.
6. To advance continuing education and practices, both within the Guild and amongst the academic community.
7. To host design salons with members and industry leaders who are engaged in progressive projects or research.
8. To host seminars and workshops which are dedicated to the advancement of progressive technologies.
9. To collaborate and promote joint ventures with other individuals, organizations or companies who are engaged in similar areas of progressive study.

• Professional Development Committee
This committee plans symposia and activities to enhance members' educational training and skills.
Arte Contreras (Co-Chair)
Marty Kline (Co-Chair)
Ben Nowicki (Co-Chair)
dooner (Associate Executive Director)
Casey Bernay (Consultant)
Pam Hogarth (Consultant)
Christian McGuire (Staff Liaison)
Cate Bangs
Judy Francini
Mimi Gramatky
Kenneth Larson
Gerald Lehtola
Masako Masuda
Rick Nichol
Patrick Rodriguez


The ADG Professional Development Committee is formed of members of the Art Directors Guild and serves to further the Guild's educational goals and objectives. The committee will actively support and help promote activities that strengthen member skills and broaden member talents.

To this end, the committee's mission will be two fold:

1. To monitor and support ADG sponsored educational programs and projects. It will publish a monthly status report on all events that bear on ADG education and training. Both ongoing and proposed programs will be monitored.

2. Proposed programs that originate within the committee will be taken to a level of development sufficient for presentation to the ADG Council for review.

This effort will serve to create an educational reporting system that will allow the ADG to better understand what ongoing and future programs best:

CONTRIBUTE to the continued education and training of members working in the fields of Production Design, Art Direction, Illustration, Set Design, Scenic, Title and Graphic Arts.

DEFINE AND REINFORCE gateway criteria for prospective members for the purpose of raising Art Department and industry standards.

ENCOURAGE industry and public awareness and appreciation of the skills and talents of our craft and our members. In pursuing our mission, special focus will be given to:

TRADITIONAL SKILLS Ensuring that all members demonstrate a strong understanding of the creative process and the skills necessary to practice their craft.

NEW TECHNOLOGY Stimulating research and innovation in emerging tools and systems used in our profession, as well as in related fields such as cinematography, animation and digital engineering for the moving image.

HERITAGE Supporting the preservation, archiving and publication of film & television design histories and artifacts to be used in support of the above programs.

We do this because the ADG believes that education, training, and familiarity with the history of our craft are central to our members' professional status and to the long-term appreciation and survival of our design heritage.

• Publication and Media Committee
This committee is working toward visual continuity and distinct 800 branding in all of the Guild's publication and media venues.
Susan Bolles (Co-Chair)
Position Available (Co-Chair)
Lydia Prescott (Staff Liaison)
Michael Baugh - Perspective Editor
Nikki Rudloff - ADG Monthly (Newsletter)
Kate Weddle - ADG Monthly Graphic Designer
Rick Markovitz - Guild PR
Dag Flater - Website
Libby Woolems - Website
Judy Cosgrove
Russell Dunn
Mimi Gramatky
Ellen King
Alan Kobayashi
Kenneth Larson
Audrey Zaldumbide

• Scholarship Committee
This committee selects annual recipients of the Guild's two $5,000 scholarship awards, typically awarded to dependents of members.
Lisa Frazza (Chair)
Sandra Howard (Staff Liaison)
Carol Bentley
Patrick DeGreve
Nicki Kreitzman
Janet Kusnick
Rick Nichol
Richard Sedivy

• Workplace Issues Committee
This committee identifies, explores and aims to resolve the issues that most impact members in the workplace.
Donna Hattin (Co-Chair)
Lissette Schettini (Co-Chair)
Christian B. McGuire (Staff Liaison)
Cate Bangs
Patrick Degreve
Chad Frey
Mimi Gramatky
Mark Haber
Robert Howeth
Amanda Hunter
Marty Kline
Kenneth Larson
Jerrod McIlvain
John Moffitt
Gary Myers
Rick Nichol
Greg Papalia
Nathan Schroeder
Chikako Suzuki
Shelley Wallace
Jim Wallis
Tom Walsh
Jim Walters

• Young Artists Committee
This committee provides for new members and young members to "get their feet wet" and get involved with the Guild in a casual and informal environment.
Andy Stumme (Chair)
Allen Glover (Co-Chair)
Rachel Kondrath (Co-Chair)
Rachel Aguirre
Will Armstrong
Nathan W Bailey
Gary Chaffin
Alec Contestabile
Meghan Fox
Natalie Groce
Ryan Grossheim
Brittany Hites
Shaz Hunter
Hyein Ki
Vince Wei Lee
Julianne Loof
Katie Molenaar
Till Nowack
Chris Scheid
Shamim Seifzadeh
Sammi Wallschlaeger
YiKai Wang
Kate Weddle
Julie Ziah

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