Featuring the work of ADG members from each of the four crafts. Members in good standing are welcome to promote their work.
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Alex Cunningham
Senior Illustrator

I live for the moment when you're engrossed in a story to the point of losing your sense of self; when you're reading and you forget time passing, or when a movie completely engages you. I strive to share that feeling with others through my work by making designs that express the narrative.
Designs that are persuasive and have emotional impact.

I’m versatile, adaptable, and proficient in a wide array of creative skills. From a napkin sketch to an immersive virtual reality set, I strive to master all media. You can see more of my work at alexjcunningham.com
James Faulkner
Graphic Designer

From a very small child until the age of about nine years I drew on a daily basis - purely from my imagination. It is important as an artist, not be locked into ones tools, though I have now worked with the computer as a design tool for over thirty years, I try to never loose touch of the traditional organic methods set before me. Never intimidated by the technology. ...Read More

As a child my father would remind me constantly how important is was to be in touch with the organic side, not to force the perfect image, trying to correct the natural flow. Not to loose the youthful spirit here. It has not been easy to abide by this rule, but I am now trying to bring this forth letting the creative process flow naturally, perhaps by surprise, nothing that is too planned. I gather my materials with a rough idea in mind, perhaps something that amuses me and work from this.

The Media and Entertainment fields have been a big part of my work in both print and in my Television work, I continue to pull from these ideas. It is important that my life has beauty in it, this I feel, reflects my work and my passion to create wherever it may take and surprise me.
Mark Ching
Graphic Designer

Aloha! I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. I have always been into Art and Art things, my claim to fame... the most "Artistic" in grade school. Fast forwarding to today, I have been fortunate to work in a creative career I love for 20 years. 
As an ADG 800 & IATSE 665 cardholder I was able to work with some of the industry’s best on the island and the mainland. Most recently for Marvel/Disney Studios & Amazon Streaming.  ...Read More

My portfolio digital-idesigns.com also includes National & Local advertising campaign samples. I enjoy Collateral Design, corporate branding, illustration and working in a creative environment. Based in Hawaii and Los Angeles I can meet and exceed your project’s needs on location or remote. I can be reached by email mark.ching@digital-idesigns.com or by cell at 808-375-5828.
Looking forward to speaking with you.          Mahalo.
Jerry Dunn
Production Designer

Emmy® and Art Director’s Guild-nominated Production Designer Jerry Dunn, is best known for his situation comedy TV work on some of the biggest international hits in history. His portfolio includes thousands of sets for the likes of The Cosby Show for the legendary Carsey-Werner Company and he decorated numerous sets for the Witt/Thomas/Harris Company on The Golden Girls, Blossom, etc.
He is one of the ‘go-to' designers for some of the most prestigious ...Read More
international stages ranging from the swanky Miss Universe Pageants in Taiwan and Bangkok to luxury looks for the Academy Awards telecast in Los Angeles. Recent credits include Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana, Hannah Montana Forever, That’s So Raven, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and The Suite Life on Deck.

When the world’s largest theme park developer, Landmark Entertainment, was building a Sanrio Hello Kitty branded amusement behemoth called Sanrio Park Harmonyland in Japan, Dunn was the man who brought their vision to life in the water ride. Dunn’s sparkling vision created an elaborate one-of-a-kind 12,000 square foot giftware showroom in Hong Kong for the company Kingsbridge International, bringing a dramatic new look to the world of giftware presentation. Dunn has also created looks for game, talk, and variety shows, daytime dramas, rock concerts, music videos, reality TV, and direct-to-the-internet programming.
He has designed commercial interiors for restaurants in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Mexico.

Jerry Dunn is a member The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Theatre with an emphasis in Set and Lighting Design from San Diego State University and a B.S. in Art Education from Edinboro University in Pennsylvania.
You can view his website at jerrydunn.design.com
Jackie Morrison
Graphic Designer

I recently passed my 10 year anniversary as an LA resident, now living in Burbank, originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, I am still loving the California life. Being a wife and mother, and working as a Graphic Designer - my life has been quite a dream come true. I feel so fortunate to be a part of such a supportive guild as the ADG, constantly surrounded by such talented artists that challenge and inspire me every day.
I recently updated my website jackiemorrisondesigns so I hope you will check it out ...Read More

I am very proud of how much my work has improved since I started in this business. I have worked on all kinds of TV shows (Comedy, Drama, Kids shows, Game shows, reality programs, etc.) as well as Features and Commercials - and I relish the constant variety this industry continues to offer. Whether it's a storefront with dimensional signage, chalkboard menus for background set dressing, a hero scripted prop, or any other project that comes my way, I never get tired of getting to do art every day for a living!

I love being a part of any set coming together and watching a story spring to life, no matter how big or small the design is seen on screen - I try to put my passion and detail into every piece.
Wright McFarland
Art Director

Now based in Atlanta, I was born and raised among the rich textures of New Orleans. A Set Designer by nature, I have a BA in theatre and graduate study in theatre design and production. I’ve spent most of my adult life as a designer and scenic artist for the city’s fabled Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest and other celebrations of life.
I began my film career in the early days of the business in New Orleans and I’ve had the pleasure of being around some remarkable talent in the industry for over 20 years. ...Read More

Although primarily a hand  draftsman, I am increasingly digital with SketchUp, Photoshop Elements, etc. Expressing a character’s persona through his environment is a huge pleasure, and this is where God is definitely in the details.
Feel free to visit wrightmcfarland.com.

Chelsea Turner
Art Director

I am an Art Director who loves drawing, sculpting and digital art making. Originally from Columbia, Missouri, I was lucky to learn the ins and outs of the art department from experienced and talented Production Designers on multiple films produced in my area. I moved to Los Angeles with a lot of determination and hope that things would work out. I was lucky to meet and work with many talented Designers and Art Directors and have had the pleasure of joining the ADG as an Art Director myself. I am pursuing a double card as a Graphic Designer, and look forward to working with many talented crews in the future.   
Jerry Wanek
Production Designer

Jerry is the Production Designer and a Co-Producer on Supernatural and has been with the show since its first season. Majoring in Fine Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Jerry worked his way up the Art Department ladder from PA in 1977, with a long and strong resume of television MOW’s, mini-series, pilot episodes, and series, to being a Producer and directing three episodes of Supernatural. During his 20 year career he designed the pilot for Criminal Minds and was nominated for an Emmy® for Andromeda Strain working with Ridley Scott.
Toi Whitaker
Assistant Art Director

Toi Whitaker is a freelance designer based in Los Angeles, California. Hailing from a small town in North Carolina,
Toi was immersed in story, color and form early in life. After majoring in physical therapy for all of one semester she jumped on the theatre bandwagon and hasn't looked back since.
With degrees from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and The American Film Institute Conservatory she has been active in Theatrical, Television, and Film projects around the world. ...Read More

Most recently working as Art Director on some of America's most beloved game shows, Let's Make a Deal and The Price is Right, Toi has honed multiple skills necessary to the creative process.
As new challenges come, Toi hopes to continue collaborating with filmmakers to create spaces that are unique and inspiring.

You can check out Toi's portfolio at toiwhitaker.com 

Harry Otto
Art Director / Senior Set Designer

Art Director, Set Designer, Architect, Collaborator, Friend. I inhabit all of these and more. With a love and an eye for design in all its various forms my journey through design began like many of you, in childhood.
Mom said I would draw adult figures from a child’s POV, in perspective, and I remember in grade school drawing a home-of-the-future on stilts. 
Growing up in Southern California weekend trips to the local racetracks and custom car shows ...Read More
laid a foundation for my adolescent imagination while feeding my youthful obsession for drawing and building model cars. When driving became a reality my own cars became templates for design and speed experiments… a ’57 Nomad, ’62 Corvette, ’69 Camaro,  ’78 z28, ’81 TR8, and currently a ’96 Carrera. Each allowed me to caress their shape while I explored design from different regions and eras, enjoying their ride. 

Along the way I’ve lived in suburban houses, split-level homes, small trailers and apartments, while pumping gas, flipping burgers at an original McDonald’s and making paint for Dunn-Edwards. These youthful experiences lead to the reality of an education in Architecture including a year living in Copenhagen, travels through England, Scandinavia, Europe, Russia, Egypt, and Japan as well as North America. Dreams of car and building designs lead to projects for home remodels, a HABS report for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House, Naval Research Facilities, and the Long Beach World Trade Center. 

Leaving those realities behind enabled my transition to the entertainment world of Set Design and Art Direction, allowing me to further explore a design and build freedom unencumbered by the practical world yet still guided by action, form, and story. Creating places inhabited by imaginary people and creatures frees the design and build process to explore new solutions for these adventurous worlds.  

My paths of experience, while not all traveled at length, planted seeds of knowledge that supported and influenced me in ways I didn’t comprehend during those early years. While growing, my collaborators have now further influenced me while becoming friends who blend my experiences with theirs and add to our own growth and understanding of who we each are.

You can find my website here harryottodesign.com

Alan Farkas
Set Designer

Alan Farkas (aka Mister BananaPants) is a "Concept-Through-Construction" Digital Set Designer working in Rhino with Vray, and SketchUp.
He lives in the 'burbs with his wife and son in beautiful downtown Thousand Oaks, CA.
He is listening to Nina Simone while writing this blurb in the third person.
You can find him at www.MisterBananaPants.com, or download his Portfolio.  
Audrey Zaldumbide
Graphic Designer

I decided at the age of twelve that I wanted to be a Graphic Designer. Drawing and painting have always been my passion. However, I found that I loved the fusion of practical projects with the creative process. For the last twenty years I have worked for design firms and entertainment companies, where I designed, produced and managed projects; including collateral work, environmental design, apparel and merchandising and Internet design.
...Read More

I began my path to design when I completed my undergraduate degree in both Design and Philosophy.
I continued my education and completed my graduate degree in Design and Photography. I continue to take courses through the Art Center at Night program to continue my education. “I love to learn”. 
In 2011 I began to teach as an adjunct faculty member of the Art Institute of California, Hollywood campus. I have been teaching for about five years now. The courses I teach run from Typography, Packaging Design to User Interface Design and Design for Mobile Devices, as well as Corporate Identity.

I have been a free-lancing doing both print and on line design, since 2003. My clientèle includes a diverse array of businesses and organizations, both large and small. I am thrilled by the interesting design projects I have completed since going into business for myself. Brand Identity, collateral work, entertainment and Internet design. I enjoy the creative challenge, working directly with clients, and pushing myself to produce the best work possible.

In 2002, I joined Local 816 union and have been part of the Art Directors Guild. Since then I have had the opportunity to work on several television shows such as Strong Medicine, Aliens in America, Andy Barker PI, The Ghost Whisperer, and Working Class, where I worked with Wendell Johnson as Production Designer and Linda King as Art Director. I have had the privilege and opportunity to work with Aaron Osbourne as Production Designer and Erin Cochran as the Art Director on a feature film, Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang and on several other projects. I have also the great pleasure and opportunity to work with Mayling Cheng as Production Designer and Bruce Bruehner on several projects, most recently on Heart of Dixie. I am so grateful that I have been able continue to fulfill and continue to fulfill my dream as a designer.

Chad Frey
Senior Set Designer

Hand Drawing or Digital…what’s the right tool for the job? The answer in today’s professional Art Department is BOTH! I’ve been an Entertainment Designer for 25 years and I know you never stop learning, you never rest on your laurels, and you use every tool at your disposal to meet the demands of our fast-paced (and often fickle) industry. I started out Hand Drafting alongside some of the Legends of our Industry. Over the years I have also embraced the power and flexibility of working on the Computer. ...Read More

Architecture, Props, Furniture, Vehicles; from quick hand sketches in meetings to rendered 3D models and CNC fabrication I offer both the tools and the knowledge to get the job done.
Vanessa Riegel
Graphic Designer

Vanessa Riegel is a Los Angeles-based graphic designer hailing from Brooklyn, NY by way of New Jersey.
She specializes in bringing outlandish and fantastical ideas to life for film and television.
Vanessa was the art director for the first three seasons of the Emmy® and Peabody-award-winning Inside Amy Schumer. And she's spent the last two years as graphic designer for Netflix’s GLOW, which recently won the 2017 ADG Award for Half-Hour Single-Camera Series. ...Read More

Vanessa's work can be seen in shows on Comedy Central, MTV, Adult Swim, Amazon Prime Video, and in feature films like Patti Cake$, Landline, and more. She is a member of IATSE USA 829 and the Art Directors Guild. Visit her rarely updated website at vanessariegel.com.

Gabrielle McKenna-Elliott
Scenic Artist

As a Scenic Artist trained in traditional painting methods, I’ve been working on reinventing myself to keep up with the digital times so that I may be helpful to today’s Art Department in various ways. I’m able to DIGITALLY design, layout, and paint murals, fine art, graffiti, ghost-signs, or any type of lettering. If your Designer, Prop Master or Set Decorator needs actual drawings or paintings I can expedite those digitally as well – with no clearance issues! If you’re out of town on Location you can still use me remotely to print the images where ever you are. ...Read More

When creating an original art piece, there are often refinements to the final image, which can be can be adjusted much faster digitally. Depending on the budget or time constraints, I can execute the art with real paint, or it can be printed on canvas, and I can quickly enhance with clear texture to give it the “look and feel” of a real painting.
Mural and graffiti pieces can be designed and executed per your direction, or can be painted or printed on Arlon by the printing company you prefer, and applied to any location without the additional cost of restoration after shooting!

Some of my work includes the layout for a graffiti mural from my iPad Pro followed by the real time execution for “Jane the Virgin.”
For “Wisdom of the Crowd” I worked closely with the Production Designer creating a dog portrait on the iPad Pro, followed by an Acrylic on Canvas painting which was used as a prop. Designing a mural on my iPad Pro for “Citizen” it was printed on Arlon, beefed up a little with some real paint, and then placed on the underside of a bridge.

Having me do the project from start to finish gives you the advantages of having a real-time experienced artist who knows the history, practices, and proper layout of signage, ghost signs, graffiti, paintings, mural art or whatever is needed to most cost-effectively make the art happen in real time, who will take that into consideration while doing the digital design work.
Thank you for taking the time to consider the possibilities these new options might provide for you.

Eric R. Johnson
Art Director — Assistant Art Director

I spent the first five years of this millennium as a structural engineer before making a hard right turn back to graduate school. I loved the math and materiality of engineering, but it was creatively dry.
Three years later - scenic design MFA in hand - my wife and I headed to LA with the belief that somewhere in the film and TV industry was a sweet spot between technical and creative design. And there was! Trade show and installation work kept us largely afloat in the beginning. Then, Howard Cummings ...Read More
gave me my first break on Behind the Candelabra. The doorway to art direction creaked open.

A spate of East Coast jobs and a growing family precipitated a recent move to Atlanta. Every day as an Art Director has provided the opportunity to solve problems, collaboratively, with every creative tool available. Now, I just can’t imagine doing anything else.

Catherine Koon
Scenic Artist

Early on I traveled Europe, lived in Scotland for several years, and studied art at the Stevenson's College of Edinburgh. I married, divorced, became a single parent and set my sights on the Entertainment Industry. Training at the Art Center of Colorado, I began my career as a graphic designer. I was the Assistant Art Director for Television promotions at Denver’s 9 KUSA when it was an ABC affiliate.
Eventually, I ended up freelancing as an assistant art director working in promotions for ...Read More
all the affiliate stations in Denver, creating ad campaigns and graphics. Moving to Los Angeles I discovered my dream job of Scenic Art and set painting, working on several films, rides at Disneyland, and many TV shows.

As a fine artist, I have been exploring how to convey all the lights, textures and beauty that surrounds my daily life.  I want to convey people of all lands, of all backgrounds because together, we become truly beautiful. My art is geared to bring moments of peace, calm and joy in landscapes, florals, and portraiture.

Associate Member of the California Art Club
Member of the Oil Painters of America
My website is https://catherinekoon.com
My Instagram is instagram.com/catvonkoon/

Nathan Duffy
Scenic Artist

I grew up with a studio in my backyard washing buckets and paint brushes for allowance and before I knew it my legacy had begun by watching my parents paint to make a living. Once in a while I had the pleasure of actually helping as early as elementary school. Faculty through elementary became aware of my talents from some inspired drawings and utilized them in my first mural design on a handball court wall.
After splicing some film as a projectionist in my teenage years, I was attracted to the entertainment ...Read More
industry and became the theater's promotion artist which landed some of my first commissions.  I graduated with my Bachelor in Art from CSUN and started my scenic career at CBS TV City and after a long journey learning from great scenic artists, I am now a lead for a new union shop called Centerline Scenery which is rapidly expanding.

I create from the heart and I've learned through my almost forty years that being an artist is a feeling of expression.
Here is the link to my website duffyart.com  
Daniela Medeiros
Set Designer

Daniela Medeiros is a Set Designer and aspiring Art Director and Production Designer. She has a double-degree in Architecture and Design, received a MFA in Production Design at AFI Conservatory in 2015, and has been working in the industry since then. During her studies she had the opportunity to do exchange programs to Spain and Portugal and these international experiences helped her develop a broader view of culture, global perspectives, and aesthetics from classic and contemporary influences. ...Read More

The transition from Architecture to film developed from Daniela’s passion for stories, creating different worlds and complex and exciting architectural environments, which combined her background with her current focus. Daniela is passionate about art, traveling, learning and upgrading her skills.
Some of her recent work as Set Designer include Thor: Ragnarok and Godzilla: King of Monsters. As Production Designer she designed All These Voices and Icebox, both successful on the festival circuit, with All These Voices having won the Student Gold Oscar® in the Alternative category.

Here is the link to Dani's website  www.danimedeiros.com

Sarah M. Pott
Art Director

Coming from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Sarah is an Art Director and Assistant Art Director working in film, television and commercials. After studying Film at Columbia College of Chicago, she received her Master's Degree in Production Design from Chapman University in 2009, and immediately began working in the industry. Some of her more recent works include The Circle, Me & Earl & the Dying Girl and The End of the Tour. She has also just wrapped a successful season 2 of Disney’s Bizaardvark. Sarah is based in Los Angeles and lives in Eagle Rock.
Cynthia Hill
Art Director

I knew I wanted to see the world and work on movies, from an early age. 
To do this, I developed skills that laid the foundation for my escape from the Detroit, aka Motown.
As a teenage entrepreneur, I learned the art of initiating, implementing, negotiating and completing projects on time and on budget. I left my hometown, travelled worldwide and ultimately came to Los Angeles to begin a production career in the entertainment industry. My smooth transition from production to art ...Read More
direction was due to my profound understanding of design from the producers’ viewpoint. I have truly earned my title of Art Director.

Not much as changed since I was a teenager. I still deliver on time and on budget with great respect for talent and crew.
Ryan Grossheim
Assistant Art Director

Originally from Racine, Wisconsin, Ryan now calls Los Angeles home. Recent projects have included Grease Live!, Hairspray Live!, and The Good Place.  He is currently working on Hulu's new Stephen King series Castle Rock.
An alumnus of Northwestern University and San Diego State University, Ryan trained as a theatrical scenic designer and spent his summers at The Williamstown Theatre Festival before moving into film and television art departments. ...Read More

Ryan worked in themed entertainment design and was a member of the show set design team at Walt Disney Imagineering for the new Pandora: The World Avatar land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida.
Since 2013 he has designed concepts and permanent scenery for the San Diego Zoo entertainment department. In his free time he enjoys restoring his 1932 Tudor home, volunteering for his neighborhood's historic resources committee, and succulent gardening.

Gary McMonnies
Assistant Art Director

After nearly 4 years living in Los Angeles, and being part of the most amazing Art Department teams, I cannot begin to describe how grateful I am.  I have had the immense opportunity to learn from some of the greatest Production Designers, Art Directors, Set Decorators, Cinematographers and Directors alive today. I am a very lucky man! Although my Father is always eager to point out, that “Luck is merely when preparation meets opportunity.” I feel, however, in Hollywood, one never wants Lady Luck as an adversary by taking her for granted. ...Read More

I hope that you will take this opportunity to have a look at what I have been fortunate enough to be part of.  And if you are looking for someone to be part of the next project, call me. Because although Africa is beautiful… I REALLY want to stay here!

Brittany Hites
Art Director — Assistant Art Director

Brittany’s innate passion for creating worlds started at age 4, when she would monopolize her family’s living room with handmade Barbie dream homes. These original “works of art” were constructed out of children’s books, Legos, Play-Doh, Lincoln Logs and anything else she could get her hands on.
Today, Brittany’s same passion and drive to create worlds is far more prevalent and put to better use on feature films. She has worked with companies including Sony Pictures, Universal, Marvel, HBO, Netflix, ...Read More
Paramount, Fox Searchlight, and Lionsgate.

Brittany is currently living and working in Atlanta, Georgia.
Online Portfolio  brittany-hites.com 
Margaret Srmayan
Assistant Art Director

Growing up with an unyielding love for filmmaking, fine arts and architecture, I naturally merged my passions into a career in Production Design. Born in Leninakan, Armenia and raised in California, I attended Fresno State University where I received a double major in Theatre Set Design and Fine Arts Painting. During my years in college, I designed for university theatre productions and interned for award winning shows before moving to Los Angeles in 2015. ...Read More

After being accepted into ADG’s Production Apprentice program I have been working on ABC’s American Housewife. For the past two seasons I’ve been trained and treated as an Assistant Art Director and through it all, I've learned how to interpret a script for a visual medium, turn designs around on a weekly time crunch, and communicate with the many and diverse departments that make up even the smallest network TV show. I feel ready for whatever's next.
Marco Miehe
Set Designer

Chapter 2: A mini-dream come true
The closest Marco was able to be a "rocket set designer" was on Rosewood, episode 217.  His journey begun 45 years ago in 1973 with a visit to the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida. Skylab 1 was still standing on Pad 39 ready to blast off. Dad bought me an Estes Saturn V 3ft tall model rocket which we built together and flew. Besides set designing, the history of Project Apollo is one of Marco's obsessions. ...Read More

25 years later Marco was fortunate to work with the Production Designer of Apollo 13, Mr. Michael Corenblith. Besides sharing the making of the film, Marco gained valuable advice on how to join the prestigious ADG. "I made it, thank you Michael”.
Another 20 years later on Rosewood we re-used the Apollo 13 mockup capsule because the cost to fabricate the Space X Dragon 2 capsule was beyond production means. 

For us as Designers of all Crafts, it's about the journey we take to get to our destination. Thanks ADG for having me. 

Please see link in Perspective magazine http://digital.copcomm.com/i/859699-september-october-2017
Marco's evolving portfolio is here https://flickr.com/photos/143200967@N08/albums
Charles McCarry
Production Designer

Charles is a Production Designer for film and television, and Scenic Designer for theatre.
He holds a BS from Temple University and an MFA from the Yale School of Drama, and is a member of United Scenic Artists Local 829 and the ADG, Local 800. He has taught scenic design at Carnegie-Mellon, Temple University and Barnard College, and film design at NYU and currently teaches at Emerson College. ...Read More
He also taught scenic design and served as Head of Design at SUNY Purchase College Design/Technology program from 2005-2010.

Charles' drawings for Television and Film are featured in Patricia Woodbridge's Designer Drafting and Visualizing for the Entertainment World. His drawings for the Theatre are featured in Lynn Pecktal's Designing and Drawing for the Theatre and Masters of Modern Costume Design.

An extensive list of Charles’ credits can be seen on his website charlesmccarrydesign.com
Wright McFarland
Art Director

Raised in the rich textures of New Orleans, I love to draw. A Set Designer by nature, I have a BA in theatre and graduate study in theatre design and production. I’ve spent most of my adult life as a designer and scenic artist for the city’s fabled Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest and other celebrations of life.
I began my film career in the early days of the business in New Orleans and I’ve had the pleasure of being around some remarkable talent in the industry for over 20 years. ...Read More
Expressing a character’s persona through his environment is a huge pleasure, and this is where God is definitely in the details.

Feel free to visit wrightmcfarland.com
Maya Sigel
Production Designer

While on summer break as an undergraduate in Comparative Literature and Film Studies at Brandeis University, Maya Sigel interned on the first year of Richard Linklater’s Boyhood in Austin, Texas. During this production, she had her “Aha Moment” that a career in Production Design would be a natural fit for her interests and strengths.
In the ten years since earning her MFA in Production Design from the American Film Institute, Maya has designed fifteen feature films in addition to commercials, music videos, and web content. ...Read More

Many of these narrative features have premiered in competition at the Sundance, Tribeca, and SXSW Film Festivals. Maya just wrapped season two of the critically acclaimed Starz TV series The Girlfriend Experience with writer/director Amy Seimetz in New Mexico.
Over the years, she has been based in New York and Los Angeles, and has designed in many other cities. Wherever she goes, Maya always travels with her espresso machine and is fond of collecting old records, tchotchkes from local flea markets, and new friends.

Maya's website www.mayasigel.com 
Jonathan Bach
Senior Illustrator

I've always been a dreamer interested in creating my own worlds; powerful places of fantastic beauty with treachery lurking in every shadow. At the same time, I'm a goal oriented problem solver who enjoys collaborating with a team to bring lofty visions to their practical conclusions.
As a Concept Artist I appreciate the meeting of these two, often conflicting impulses. Design is the perfect intersection of inspiration and execution I am grateful that one job allows us to ...Read More
explore so many diverging interests.

Here's the link for Jonathan's website jbachdesign.blogspot.com
Stephan Olson
Production Designer

Stephan Olson’s first set design was for a college production of Curse of the Starving Class at UW-Madison in 1983. From there he was hooked on scenic design. Steve attended NYU Tisch School of the Arts earning an MFA in Design for Stage and Screen. He worked extensively on Broadway, regionally, and internationally, on Tony® Award winning musicals, operas and plays.
In 1997 he moved to Los Angeles and began working in television, first as an Art Director ...Read More
on large scale live shows like the Oscars®, the Emmys® and the Tony® Awards, then as Production Designer on network series such as Titus, How I Met Your Mother, and currently Superior Donuts.

Steve has received 14 Emmy® nominations and has won the Emmy® Award 5 times, and has received 16 Art Directors Guild Award nominations and has won that prestigious award 5 times. He lives in North Hollywood with his wife, Nancy, and kids Lily and Cooper.
Ashley Hankla
Graphic Designer

I am a Graphic Designer, with a BFA in illustration from California State University, Long Beach.
Although I was an illustration major, I have always had a passion for film and dreamed of working in the art department. While I was in college I began interning and landed a job on a feature that allowed me to join Local 44 as a prop assistant and set dresser.
...Read More
After getting experience on set and getting to know the industry, I joined Local 800 as a Graphic Designer.
Since then I have had the opportunity to work on features such as:
          Transformers: The Last Knight, Lake Bell’s I Do Until I Don’t, and David Robert Mitchell’s new film Under the Silver Lake.
          Television series include: NBC’s Powerless, and I am currently the Graphic Designer on TruTV’s Adam Ruins Everything.

Please visit my website http://cargocollective.com/ashleyhankla
Alex Nice
Senior Illustrator

Alex Nice is a professional entertainment artist with a focus on visual storytelling.
Classically trained in illustration and fine art, Alex has spent a long, varied career providing 2D and 3D art services for film, games, and television.
In addition to his artistic abilities, Alex Nice has a broad technical skill set which covers a wide range of software programs and techniques for production. This allows him to work fast and efficiently ...Read More
delivering large volumes of polished work without sacrificing quality.
Alex enjoys working collaboratively in teams, responds well to criticism, and loves film. His passion is telling stories with his art.

Here's the link for Alex's website AlexNice.com
Instagram     instagram.com/alexniceartist/
Facebook      facebook.com/AlexNiceArtist/
Rachel Myers
Production Designer, Art Director

Rachel was born in California and raised in Portland, Oregon, and abroad. She started early as an artist, rendering costumes and set models and painting her first stage backdrop at age 10.
She learned the craft of entertainment design receiving her MFA from the Yale School of Drama and designing for theatre before Art Directing in film. ...Read More

Film credits include Border Crossing, Short Term 12, winner of SXSW, LA Film Festival, Gotham Awards and Independent Spirit Awards, Identity Theft, Chronicles Simpson, Saving Lincoln and Liminal, winner of Best Art Direction - Barcelona International Film Festival, Punta del Este Festival and Action on Film Festival. Rachel has Art Directed for ABC and NBC television Mistresses and live events The Golden Globe Awards, and the Emmys®.

Television design includes HULU's East Los High, Sing It YouTube-Red, Faking It on MTV, Blue with Julia Stiles, nominated for an ADG Award, Paloma and Video Game High School, Lionsgate, Producers Guild Award Nominated 2013 and 2014 and Streamy Award nominee for Best Production Design. 

Commercial clients include Crayola, Adidas, Ray-Ban, WordPress, ESPN, Volkswagen, Marriott, DAQRI, Hewlett-Packard, TurboTax, Virtua, Altria, Wrigley, Gevalia, CVS, Soul, Pampers, L’Oréal, Schick, Taco Bell, TruBiotics, Macaroni Grill, and Getty Images. 

She has also designed for regional theatre, Center Theatre Group, South Coast Repertory, The Shakespeare Theatre, The Getty Villa, Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center, and Williamstown Theatre Festival. Rattlestick West, Los Angeles Ovation Awards, IAMA Theatre, Theatre at Boston Court, and VS. Theatre. 

She is a member of the ADG and United Scenic Artists 829 and is a dual citizen of England and the United States. Rachel's websites are 3pennydesign.com and rachelmyersdesign.com

You can follow Rachel here instagram.com/3pennydesign

Samuel Michlap
Concept Illustrator

Production and Concept Designer Samuel Michlap has spent the last 27 years working in the Animation, Themed Entertainment and Live Action industries. Some of his clients include The Walt Disney Studios, DreamWorks, Disney’s Imagineering, Sony Pictures, Reelfx, Warner Brothers, Marvel Studios, and with Director Kathryn Bigelow from The Hurt Locker on a PSA Concerning the Ivory Trade
Credits include Lion King, Prince of Egypt, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, Rise of the Guardian’s and ...Read More
Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted.

Giving back as a teacher, Sam has been an instructor at Art Center College of Design since 2000 and currently teaches online.
In addition to his film work, Sam has enjoyed a successful Fine Art career and has exhibited his work in galleries throughout the country. His work has been described as “theatrical and cinematic”.

With the Help of CTNX’s Creator, Tina Price, Sam’s first book entitled “Cinematic Storytelling Deconstructed”, is now available for sale online.
With the endorsement of Scott Chambliss, Sam joined the ADG for GoG2.
Since Joining the ADG, Sam has been building his clients to include the new Star Trek Discovery with Mark Worthington, The BatMan with Jess Gonchor, and Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters with Scott Chambliss.

Please visit Sam’s blog for his Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 portfolio.

     Twitter          Sam_Michlap
     Instagram    @sammichlap
Rachel Aguirre
Art Director

Born in the searing heat of Phoenix, Arizona, Rachel spent many hot summers indoors drawing and letting her imagination take that construction paper to new heights. After perfecting the art of cardboard houses and embellishing tract home floor plans with slides and castle turrets, she made the only reasonable decision: to join the theater.
Rachel received her MFA degree from Chapman University, and her BFA from the University ...Read More
of Nebraska-Lincoln's Johnny Carson School of Theatre. Interests include: her rescue dog Penelope, amateur gardening, reading about space exploration, and art galleries of any sort. Likes to listen to Styx while painting. Lives on the East Side, considers life on the West Side.

Rachel became the 2013 Television Academy Art Direction intern after Grad School and has recently worked on ABC’s The Real O’Neals, Walt Disney’s Magic Camp, and SuperHuman on Fox.

For examples of her work  RachelAguirre.com and Member Profile page.
Member Showcase 150 Completed

The Member Showcase is a great opportunity to introduce your work to Guild members. The Showcase features the work of Art Directors Guild members from each of the four Crafts. Showcases are posted to the adg.org website homepage; distributed in the ADG/Weekly bulletin called Things You Should Know (TYSK), which is e-blasted to the entire Membership every Wednesday. All four Crafts receive balanced representation.
If you would like to submit your work for a Member Showcase click here... or if you have any questions, please email Suzanne Feller-Otto, Member Showcase Curator, at sfo.guild@gmail.com     She'll be happy to help you.
David E. Duncan
IMA - Senior Illustrator

A life-long love of art, photography, theater and cinema could only have resulted in my career of the past many decades: Storyboard artist, animatic editor, visual effects art director, 2nd unit director.  flyingsorcery.com   IMDB
Previous to moving to LA in 1994 and being invited to join Local 790 shortly thereafter, I’d had an eclectic film career:  Old school matte painter, VFX supervisor, network TV re-creation director/DP (DGA), and documentary cameraman -- preceded by pre-film school work as a draftsman and technical illustrator from age 16. ...Read More

It was this art and production background that combined to define my LA career of the past 22 years:  visual storytelling, be it with a stylus or camera.  Happy to be back working in 800, after a few years away art directing various theme park media projects, as I’m never happier than when creating sequences and art for movies and TV.
Colleen Larson
AD - Assistant Art Director

Colleen Larson grew up in the suburbs of Orlando, FL and received an NCAA scholarship to row crew at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. Having loved to draw from an early age, she graduated from the prestigious classical design program at Notre Dame’s School of Architecture in 2008. Colleen went on to obtain her Master of Fine Arts in Production Design from the American Film Institute Conservatory in 2010. Colleen loves the collaborative process of working in the art department, and ...Read More
frequently can’t believe how lucky she is to work in this industry.

She lives in Los Angeles and recently wrapped the fourth season of FOX’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” as the Assistant Art Director. She looks forward to meeting and working with more of her ADG colleagues. 

More of Colleen’s work can be viewed at colleenlarsondesign.com
Ron Yates
SD - Senior Set Designer / AD - Art Director

Creating a prime cinematic environment for the action which scripts require involves many things. As a set designer, I see myself as an interpreter of the production designer’s vision — this vision being told through the language of drafting. CAD drafting or by-hand, done in a clear, concise and accurate way using the tools of scale, proportion, shape, texture, color and an awareness of light sources, produces the best dramatic effect to the viewer. At the same time, the drafting needs to be ...Read More
readable by construction personnel and any other craftspersons responsible for manifesting that vision.

Additionally, a solid knowledge of period architecture, experience in the practical use of materials and the design ability to augment that vision, take the design a step further and help to make it ‘perfect’.

As for having a trusted relationship with the production designer -- well, there’s nothing like it!
Geoffrey Mandel
STG - Graphic Designer

Geoffrey Mandel grew up in Greenwich Village in a family of writers and editors, including LIFE Magazine editors and novelists Paul and Sheila Mandel. After graduating from Tufts and Stanford and kicking around the publishing world in New York and Boston, Mandel took a career detour to NYU’s graduate film program, where he wrote and directed the Student Academy Award-nominated short “Kill the Director.” 
His first industry job was as an art department assistant on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and ...Read More
since 1995 he has been working as a graphic designer for films and TV shows, including Space: Above & Beyond, JAG, NCIS, Star Trek: Voyager, Spider-Man 2, Serenity, Blades of Glory, Dirt, X-Men: First Class, Gangster Squad, Parks & Recreation, Mad Men, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Muppets, Black Mass, La La Land, and the upcoming Downsizing and American Made

In his spare time, Mandel designs and illustrates props, blueprints and star maps for various science fiction franchises, including the Serenity blueprints, and maps of the Star Trek, Firefly and Battlestar Galactica universes. He lives in beautiful downtown Burbank.

Be sure to visit Geoffrey's website and portfolio geoffreymandel.com
Zachary Berger
IMA - Senior Illustrator

Raised on the tiny Pacific island of Saipan, Zach now draws creatures and other fantastical things for a living in Southern California.
After graduating from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Zach spent a few years working in video games and visual effects before transitioning into the ADG as an illustrator.
You can see more of his work at artofzachary.com
Dionisio Tafoya
STG - Scenic Artist

Born and raised in the Inland Empire, Dionisio spent his childhood like many of us, steeping his dreams in the glimmering aura of show business.  Surrounded by theme parks, museums, historic landmarks and above all film and television he heard his calling at a young age.
After showing artistic promise, he learned the art of sign writing and show sculpting while producing work for Disney and other area theme parks at various scene shops before entering Local 816 in 2001. ...Read More

Over the years he has worked on many productions for CBS and WB, until moving to New Mexico to raise his family.  During his time in New Mexico he has worked on numerous shows including most recently:  Logan, Better Call Saul, Ideal Home, from Dusk till Dawn and Independence Day: Resurgence.

Dionisio has recently returned to Los Angeles to crystallize the next stage of his career where he is looking to manifest his creative design vision. 

Portfolio     http://dionysus33.wixsite.com/dtport
Frank Forte
IMA - Senior Illustrator

Frank Forte is an accomplished designer, storyboard artist and comic book artist. Film and TV credits include: Insidious 4, Truth Or Dare, LEGO: Guardians of the Galaxy, Bob's Burgers, Despicable Me 2, The Emoji Movie, Lego: Star Wars, The Super Hero Squad Show, Marvel Heroes 4D, Lego Hero Factory, Lego Bionicle: The Legend Reborn, Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi, 2001 Maniacs, The Mr. Men Show, Bionicle: The Legend Reborn, Lego Clutch Powers 4D ride at Legoland, and Lego Atlantis. Frank's Live Action Storyboards Frank's Animation Storyboards
...Read More

Frank is the publisher at Asylum Press (asylumpress.com), an indie graphic novel and comic book publisher. Since its inception in 1999, Frank has written, illustrated and published: The Vampire Verses, Warlash, DTOX, Undead Evil, Black Powder, Fearless Dawn, Billy Boy, The Cletus and Floyd Show.

He’s a regular contributor and editor at Heavy Metal Magazine. Frank’s original paintings, fitting into the Pop Surrealism movement, have shown all over the world at art galleries including: La Luz de Jesus, Copro Gallery, CASS Contemporary, Phone Booth Gallery, Gabba Gallery, Dream Factory and Arch Enemy Arts, among others.

Pete Graziano
STG - Graphic Artist

I started my career as a freelance illustrator and designer doing advertising graphics and editorial illustrations.
In 1972 I joined the Union when I was hired by KNBC News to do news graphics.
In 1980 I developed the first Computer Graphics Department for KTTV News. I ran this department from 1980 to 1991. From there I moved into the motion picture industry working on movie titles and computer generated effects and imagery. In 1993 I helped launch the entertainment news show Extra. ...Read More

I’ve since worked at Extra, ABC Video Design Group, Warner Brothers and Fox Studios as a freelance designer. I have continued to work as a traditional fine artist submitting drawings, and paintings in numerous art shows, galleries and exhibitions, such as three different exhibits at Forest Lawn Glendale museum, Revolutions - The Art of Music, Menagerie - The Art of Animals and Leading Ladies - From Fantasy to Reality.

Chris Farmer
AD - Art Director

Born in the UK …raised in the seventies, Ska Bowie Punk, art and anarchy, always had a knack for pulling things apart and re-building them. Raised with horses traded them for motorcycles, sold the bikes headed for the US of A. Was an Ad guy then an Art guy…drafting, making models, getting dirty and paid too….loved every minute of it. Music Videos and Commercials tons of them, I met and learned from so many great people, some now the most influential people in the industry. My first Art Directing gig Lawnmower Man with Alex McDowell ...Read More
a foray into VR that has come full circle.

In my view nothing compares to the Art Department, the vision creativity and camaraderie that comes from the shared goal of creating film worlds that immerse you into them effortlessly. My latest foray…Supervising AD on Logan.

Miguel Rosero
STG - Graphic Artist

Miguel Rosero is graphic designer with natural talent and passion for the digital design arts. He instinctively fuses the typographic with the visual with a remarkable ability to produce striking, elegant, and modern compositions while maintaining a minimalistic approach that stands out from the crowd.
Most of Miguel's work revolves around the film industry. His interest in graphic design and motion graphics has led to interesting film and television projects, design of posters for motion pictures ...Read More
computer graphics for commercials, developing websites, graphic design for production, post production, wardrobe, practical property, DVD and packaging design, and creating innovative corporate logos.

Latest projects include National Geographic series American Genius, were he served as the main graphic designer for eight episodes; NASCAR: The Raise of American Speed from CMT Network; and Roman Empire - Reign of Blood on Netflix. These series challenged his skills as the shows include several time periods spanning from the 1800's all the way to 2000's.

Miguel is working on the development of a feature film for MGM, a web series for Lionsgate, and a period series for Playboy. 
Please feel free to visit my ADG Member Profile to view links to my work.

Brittany Bradford
AD - Art Director / SD - Jr. Set Designer

Growing up surrounded by almond orchards and rolling hills, I always had a fondness for the myriad of shapes, colors and textures that encompass our world. Starting from the age of crayons, I was dutifully intrigued by what a child might imagine an isometric sketch may look like...thus I was hooked to drawing and I knew that was meant for me! After receiving my BA degree in Theatre from SDSU, I landed in Hollywood, graduating with an MFA in Production Design from The American Film Institute. ...Read More

I have been honored to fulfill my dreams as an Art Director & Assistant Art Director for features, episodic television and variety shows such as Cake, Let’s Make A Deal and Stuck in the Middle. Recently, I made it back to my very first love, Set Design. My most recent Set Design work can be seen mid-season of Netlflix upcoming series, Girlboss

Please feel free to visit my ADG Member Profile and my website brittanybradforddesign.com view links to my work.

Jim O'Donnell
SD - Sr. Set Designer / AD - Art Director

After growing up in Santa Rosa, I moved to the ‘big city’ where I received a BA in Theatre Arts from San Francisco State University. That’s also where I found that designing and drafting really made sense to me. I worked as a bellman, frequented concerts and comedy clubs, and got more parking tickets than the money I made designing plays at small theatres. I lived in the city for five years before moving to Los Angeles where I’ve worked for twenty years mostly in television. ...Read More

I have an ADG award nomination, am currently a Set Design Council board member, and have a son about to attend college.
Please feel free to visit my ADG Member Profile to view links to my work.

Joe Mason
IMA - Senior Illustrator
STG - Graphic Designer

Navy Veteran, Michigan native, Dual-Carded Graphic Designer and Illustrator Joe Mason came to Hollywood in 2008, after his 5 years of service and traveling the world, Joe decided to pursue his life-long love of artistic endeavors by pursuing a career in Film and Television. 
Joe Mason takes pride in being able to follow any vibe given and creates one-of-a-kind logos ...Read More
by incorporating his own illustrations and art into his work. His specialty is high school and college mascot and logo design. He uses his Wacom Cintiq to sketch and draw his illustrations and incorporate them into his graphics with ease.

Joe Mason has worked with some of Hollywood’s most talented and amazing Production Designers and Art Directors such as Jim Bissell, Alex McDowell, Scott Chambliss, Judy Becker, Laurence Bennett, James J. Murakami and many others. 

See Joe Mason’s work graphicsforfilm.wix.com/joemason
or email him at mason4789@gmail.com 
or call 310-714-3378

Aaron Kelly
AD - Assistant Art Director

My parents recently unearthed a paper from first grade in which I wrote that "I want to draw pictures for movies when I grow up." Well, a few years later and here I am.  My love for making movies took me to UNC School of the Arts' Production Design program, where I learned the ins-and-outs of production.  Since my time there, I have been designing for music videos, shorts, and features, constantly excited by the translation of ideas into visual and material forms. Joining the ADG's apprenticeship program was my door into ...Read More
larger production and more importantly, mentorship.
During my time on TNT's The Last Ship in 2015, I became the Assistant Art Director, a position I'm continuing into their fourth and fifth seasons.  In my time outside of work, I continue to paint, draw, and read, as I believe one can never stop practicing and learning.

Aaron's website is aaronkellydesign.com
Tom Lisowski
AD - Production Designer / Art Director

Born in New York, Tom Lisowski has worked as a production designer all over the world — from Beijing to South Central to the Himalayas. He was nominated for the Best Art Director VMA in 2014 and has designed films for industry luminaries such as Rob Reiner, Hany Abu-Assad, and Morgan Freeman.
He recently returned from designing temples for a feature in the Kingdom of Bhutan.
Currently a Los Angeles resident, he studied painting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago ...Read More
and Hochschule der Künste, Berlin (now Universität der Künste). After graduating, he worked his way from designing video games to his dream of designing feature films.
In between jobs, Tom interviews award-winning production designers for his blog www.artstars.us  His design site is tomlisowski.com
David Meyer
AD - Production Designer / Art Director
SDMM - Set Designer

David is a New York native, currently living in Los Angeles. His background is in architecture and theater and studied both at Syracuse University. He found his way into film after pursuing an MFA in Production Design at New York University.  He is currently Production Designer for the reshoots for John Wick 2 and earlier this year Art Directed a feature about wildfires called Granite Mountain. Other notable projects ...Read More
he’s worked on include: Birdman, The Wolf of Wall Street, Chi-Raq, Supergirl (pilot), Extant (season 1), After Earth & Men In Black 3.

David is looking to work with challenging people on interested projects and invites you to visit his website for more images and resume
davidmeyerdesign.com.  He is represented by United Talent Agency.
Kelly Rae Hemenway
AD - Art Director
STG - Graphic Designer

My artistic career began with the study of classical violin and fine arts. I attended Minneapolis College of Art and Design. In 1987, I began working as a lead scenic on feature films and opened my own studio creating backdrops, custom paint finishes and murals. I spent many years working on films, commercials and residential projects. Over time and technology, my opportunities and main focus became graphic design. ...Read More

My work in design, scenic painting, construction, and printing have all influenced the way I work and manage graphic design for film. Mindful of appropriate materials and fabrication time management with quality vendors.  Artful consideration of graphic design techniques, context of imagery, and universal appeal.  All of this is key to the creation, management and delivery of artwork for my department.

For projects old and new visit sketchanddesign.com
Kenneth Larson
SD - Set Designer
AAD - Assistant Art Director

Kenneth Larson, a life-long Valley resident, began his industry career in 1978 as a Visual Effects Model Maker. After eighteen years building scenery, Ken shifted to Set Design as a Visual Effects Set Designer on "Batman and Robin". Ken has an AA in Architecture. After majoring in Environmental Design at Cal Poly Pomona, he graduated with a BA in Art/3D-Interior Design from CSU-Northridge. ...Read More
Trained in traditional drafting, graphics, and model making, it was AutoCAD that provided entry into Set Design. Ken prefers the accuracy and cleanness of AutoCAD drawings. Recent work has centered on television and the occasional feature where Ken produces drawing and models quickly. Ken is also an Assistant Art Director.

Ken is a dedicated volunteer at the Natural History Museum since 1989. As a hobby he builds web sites on various subjects including Missions, travel, cooking, and enjoys doing his own home improvements. Ken is owned by a Chihuahua and two cats. 

Click here to see Ken's ADG Member Profile page, web sites, imdb and resume.
Clarence Major
AD - Production Design / Art Director

I am a Production Designer / Art Director that has worked in the US and internationally. I am originally from the Midwest. Growing up I was steeped in creativity. My mother, a fine artist and my father, the same name, an acclaimed writer and painter gave me a sense that the arts are our voice. Our voice belongs to all of us in society. It's important to develop it for the good of humanity. This has propelled my life as an artist and designer.
...Read More

Early in life, as a club promoter I got involved in film. Which led me to pursue and graduate from Pasadena Art Center College of Design.
I worked as an assistant to several designers then I went on my own. I have Designed and Art Directed commercials, features, TV and live shows. This has included Location Based Entertainment projects in the US and China.

Visit my websites for additional information: 
http://www.clmajor.com and www.clmajor.com/lexus/  andclmajor.com/endofthespear/

Tina Charad
STG - Graphic Designer

I graduated with a BA (Public Art and Urban Design) from Chelsea Art School in London. My design journey began working for international advertising and branding firms such as Enterprise IG, Landor, Leo Burnett and O&M.
I’ve worked on commercials for Smirnoff, Nokia, Motorola, Warner Bros and EMI as a Stylist/Art Director, and was privileged to have won many awards.
My transition to film over 14 years ago was a successful and natural one ...Read More
finding it easy to cross departments with Art, Set Dec, Props and Costume — and being fortunate to work with many who have inspired me. It’s absolutely normal for me to work between drawing “La Tène” knots for fabrics weavers or reinvent a high tech console.

See my work in Suicide Squad, La La Land, Jason Bourne, Fifty Shades of Grey, Transcendence, Maleficent, Edge of Tomorrow, World War Z, 47 Ronin, Robin Hood, Pirates of the Caribbean, Body of Lies, RocknRolla.

My work can be seen on my website tinacharad.com
To escape from the computer I have a ceramics studio I run to, specializing in English porcelain and 22k gold; all pieces are handmade laviefrivole.com

Alan E Muraoka
AD - Art Director

Alan E. Muraoka has worked in the entertainment industry as a production designer and art director for film and television, corporate communication as well as a theatrical set designer, having been honored with both Emmy® and Art Directors’ Guild Award nominations. Film production design credits include Dirty Girl, BaadAsssss!, Edmond and Sex, Death and Bowling with Adrian Grenier, Selma Blair and Drea de Matteo. Art direction credits include Little Miss Sunshine, Ghost World, Ace Ventura—Pet Detective, The Specialist ...Read More
Washington Square, Liberty Heights, and the television series NYPD Blue.

Theatrical scenic designs include noted 20th century operas including the world premier of The Invention of Morel by Stewart Copeland (The Police), Dead Man Walking, Thérèse Raquin and Fall of the House of Usher as well as critically acclaimed site specific productions for Long Beach Opera, most notably of Ricky Ian Gordon’s Orpheus and Euridice staged in an Olympic swimming pool.
Brittany Hites
AD - Art Director

Brittany's innate passion for creating worlds started at age 4, when she would monopolize her family’s living room with handmade Barbie dream homes. These original “works of art” were constructed out of children’s books, Lincoln Logs, Legos and anything else she could get her hands on. At the University of Arizona, Brittany majored in Film and Media Studies before furthering her education as a Production Design student at the Los Angeles Film School. Since graduating, Brittany has worked on feature films, episodic television and ...Read More
commercials with companies including, HBO, Sony Pictures, Marvel, Fox Searchlight, and Lionsgate. Brittany lives bi-coastal between Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA. She is currently living in Atlanta. Keep an eye out for some of her latest films coming out soon: Asst. Art Director on Passengers, Art Director on Table 19.

Please feel free to check out Brittany’s Portfolio at brittany-hites.com
Marco Miehe
SD - Set Designer

"Are you from Germany?" is the first question Marco gets when he speaks with his accent and he replies: "I am from Berlin!" The second question follows: "Did you grew up in East or West Berlin?”  "I grew up in the well protected American sector of West Berlin and I am an American Berliner living in Los Angeles since 1994" is his standard reply. For young Marco the first exposure to Set Design came at an early age watching set construction for a carnival. Since 1961, the American Freedom Forces created the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Volksfest ...Read More of annual sets representing the USA by place, culture and history. Similar to our studio back-lots, these sets represented locations from Hawaii to Massachusetts, San Francisco to New York. U.S. history from the Alamo to Native American villages.

All this exposure left an impression in Marco's mind to go to Hollywood.
Samples of Marco’s work can be seen here   https://www.flickr.com/photos/143200967@N08/albums

Priscilla Elliott
AD - Art Director

I grew up painting trompe l’oeil finishes with my mother in New York City - malachite, lapis, marble, tiger’s eye... all in oil and all to the exacting specifications of a Parisian artiste in a wheelchair who scared the living bejezus out of me. As a toddler I watched my mother beat fancy French chairs with chains. It made no sense at the time.  The scale and timeframe was quite different from film production, but two lessons about looking really stayed with me from those days: finish and color. From the opposite direction, I studied screenwriting at AFI and ...Read More
approached storytelling with the widest possible net, incorporating research, dreams and alternate reality.

The Art Department is a place where these two dimensions meet, and I am grateful to have met so many good people there. In the end, the more complicated, crazy and difficult it is, the more I like it.

Colin Sieburgh
AD - Assistant Art Director

Colin has a background in design that began as a student at Cornell University School of Architecture. While academically his major was in architecture, Colin engaged in collaborations with the dance department, fashion shows and film. Colin continued his design studies in architecture at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Upon moving to LA in 2007, Colin worked for Predock_Frane Architects for 3 years, working on a variety of projects from installations, custom residences and public art. In 2013, Colin first started designing ...Read More
short films before entering the union in 2014. His most recent gig in the industry was Assistant Art Director on the new TNT drama, Animal Kingdom, in which he facilitated in the construction of a new permanent residential structure on the Warner Brothers Ranch lot.

Colin also teaches at USC in the School of Architecture and the School of Dramatic Arts.
Portfolio: colinsieburgh.com     Artwork: filmsplices.com     Instagram: @seeess
Leslie Diller Zollo
STG - Scenic Artist

I've been an artist all my life. My scenic experience began after Jerry Abbitt, professor of set design at CSUN, asked me to design and paint seven backdrops, leading to scenic work for the movie "Nuts"; final touch-up artist for the E.T. ride at Universal Theme Park; and seven years as lead painter for the Los Angeles Opera. I've had the honor of working for David Hockney, Maurice Sendak, Peter Sellers, Franco Zeffirelli, Julie Taymor, Jeff Kleeman, Locke Koon, and Melissa Ficociello.
Jerry Sonnenberg
AD - Art Director

Jerry Sonnenberg is a designer for Television, Film, and Theatre, whose bold immersive designs shape and extend a dramatic text’s narrative and emotional dynamics. Sonnenberg combines his training in set design and sculpture with an innate dramaturgical insight, and he is adept at configuring a performance space to establish particular relationships—both among the Audience, and the actors—that dramatize the story’s movement through space and time. In sets for both scripted drama and for game shows Sonnenberg envelops the ...Read More
audience in a specific mood or atmosphere.

He is revitalizing the visual language of Television and enhancing the experience for film-makers and viewers alike. Sonnenberg received a B.A. from The University of Texas in Sculpture and Drawing, and a M.F.A. from University of California-San Diego in Scenery and Lighting Design.

YiKai Wang
AD - Assistant Art Director

YiKai Wang developed a passion for art and films at a young age. He first entered the movie industry as a visual effects artist, working at the Emmy® winning company Base FX. After getting an engineering bachelors degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, YiKai moved into the Art Department world which better suits his passion. He received his MFA in Production Design from Chapman University and has since then been working in the Art Department. He enjoys the collaboration, the problem solving ...Read More
and of course the chance to bring his vision into creating unique worlds.

YiKai's recent credits include assistant art director on Ryan Murphy's Fox TV show American Crime Story; assistant designer for Universal Night Parade Japan 2017; production designer on indie feature Retake. He is currently in Sydney, Australia, working on a Jackie Chan film titled Bleeding Steel as the art director.
You can find YiKai's work on his website yikaiwang.com, his ADG Profile page, and you can contact him via email.

Warren Alan Young
PD - Production Designer

Los Angeles native son, Warren Alan Young, originally trained as an interior architect and designer, but his passion for storytelling led him to the world of filmmaking.  As a Production Designer he continues his interest and practice in interior design, furniture design, poster art, and photography.  Mr. Young is currently at work on 2 books of his photography.
At the age of 7 an introduction to Legos changed Warren forever. ...Read More
The outer reaches of his imagination could now create what his mind would conjure up, or imagine objects like what he saw in the world around him. Early experiences at the Otis Junior Art Center and influences by Gordon Parks, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Alfred Hitchcock, further enhance his artistry and understanding of what’s possible when imagined.  For film and television projects, Mr. Young thrives on creating the perfect palette onto which a director can paint her or his story.

Michael Allen Glover
AD - Assistant Art Director

As a kid growing up in Texas, I always wanted to be an astronaut. After several trips to NASA Space Camp and some B's in Pre-Calculus ... I realized my future lied outside the field of Aerospace Engineering. (Really looking foward to commercial space flight though...) Thankfully I had a great Theatre Arts teacher, Mrs. Natasha Tolleson, who showed me my real passion for set design.
After receiving my BA in Film/Scenic Design at Emerson College in Boston, I moved to L.A. to ...Read More
pursue a career in Art Direction. Since moving out in 2008, I have had the privledge to work on over 15 TV shows, 2 movies, and countless commercials and music videos. Currently, I am Assistant Art Directing for the upcoming Netflix show Girlboss.

You can find me on Instagram @glovewithanr    Or check out my portfolio and resume at michaelallenglover.com    Cheers!

Will Armstrong
AD - Art Director

As a kid in Chicago, Will Armstrong watched and re-watched the “making of” videos for films like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Back to the Future. Between that and being raised by a wood-worker Dad and costume designer Mom, Will was set-up to find his way to the Art Department.
By high school, Will was designing and building theater sets. He worked as a stagehand while getting his BA in History, and started working in the Art Department while getting his graduate degree in Film. ...Read More

Now in Los Angeles, Will has worked on several features, and recently completed his first series as Production Designer.
In his spare time, you’ll likely find Will catching a Blackhawks Game or at a concert. That is, when he’s not traveling abroad.

You can find him on Instagram @stronghelmdesign 
Or check out his portfolio at stronghelmdesign.com

Shawn Bronson
AD- Art Director / Assistant Art Director

Originally from a small town in rural Pennsylvania, Shawn began conceptualizing narrative stories in his sketchbook and drawing floor plans at age 8 before he ever knew art direction existed. After serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom as an infantry sergeant in the U.S. Army, Shawn finished his undergraduate film degree in Cinema and Digital Arts.
He is a production design alumni of the American Film Institute and began his early art department ...Read More
career in Los Angeles before moving back east. Since he graduated, he has worked in both film and episodic television for production companies including SKYDANCE, LIONSGATE, A&E, FOX 21, PARAMOUNT PICTURES, and AMC.

In 2015, he designed and built a tiny home before relocating to the Great Smoky Mountains where he now resides. Shawn works out of the Atlanta area where he just wrapped the latest season of AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire.

Steven Samanen
AD - Assistant Art Director / STG - Graphic Designer

I got my start as so many others in this guild, writing and drawing my own comic books at five years old.  I kept at it until I was old enough to try to convince my mom that it was a respectable living-- “Did you know John Byrne makes six figures drawing the Fantastic Four?!!?”
I got distracted by life though, a turn that swung me into movies. Graduating from film school at Florida State University I was lucky enough to land in the Art Department, where my creative skills shone quickly. ...Read More

Working early with wonderfully supportive talents like Patrizia von Brandenstein and Tom Walsh secured a career that’s taken me farther than I’d imagined, and who knows how far it can go from here! Feel free to visit my ADG Member Profile Page for more…

Adriana Dardas
SDMM - Senior Set Designer

Adriana Dardas was born in Argentina where she received a Bachelor of Architecture from the National University of Rosario. While working as an architect in her native country, she pursued studies in theatrical and operatic scenic and costume design at the Colon Opera House in Buenos Aires. Her interest in film lead her to relocate to Los Angeles to attend the Certificate Program in Film and Television with a specialization in Production Design at UCLA Extension Program. She received a MFA degree in Production Design from AFI Conservatory ...Read More
(the American Film Institute).

Soon after graduating from AFI, Adriana began her first industry job as a Set Designer on 20th Century Fox‘s The Flight of the Phoenix. Since then, she has been working in a variety of films and television shows such as Trust Me, Big Love, Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story and Oz, the Great and Powerful. Even though she was trained in traditional drafting, Adriana's skill set has continued growing, meeting the needs of today's technologically driven art departments.

Aprile Lanza Boettcher
STG - Graphic Designer

A native Los Angelino, Aprile has 30 years experience working in the entertainment industry and is a skilled model maker, carpenter, scenic and graphic artist. Starting her career as an Imagineer at Walt Disney Imagineering, Aprile began as a dimensional designer, scenic artist, and figure finisher.  Later on, she joined Grant McCune Design — the original Light and Magic shop — where she was an on-screen model maker and detail artist for many big budget films. A trained graphic, photographer and illustrator, Aprile excels ...Read More
in photo retouching, photo manipulation, composite work, and detailed graphic design.  Her experience is primarily in film and art installations.  She enjoys projects requiring a keen eye to detail.

Sharon Weaver
STG - Graphic Designer

I have worked as a graphic designer for fourteen years. I earned my B.A. in Art at California State University Northridge, and soon after made graphic design my creative focus. Starting out as a graphic designer, I honed my design skills by working with a wide range of clients in various industries. I soon found that working in the film and entertainment industry was my true calling, and have been pursuing this ever since
As a television and film graphic designer, I specialize in designing for ...Read More
production, post-production elements, art department, props, set decoration, and wardrobe that play within the feature. I have designed for companies such as Nickelodeon, SEGA, Lionsgate, Freemantle Media, Disney, Shrine America, NBC, and WellPoint.
I am proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, as well as standard Microsoft Office applications.
@DESIGNwSHARON                     www.designwithsharon.com               sharon@designwithsharon.com

Dawn Snyder
AD - Production Designer / SDMM - Senior Set Designer

Dawn Snyder was born in Rome, Italy, to an American father and a Dutch mother. She grew up overseas in The Netherlands and Saudi Arabia and finally arrived in California in the latter years of high school.
In college she studied architecture while earning her degree in Graphic Design. Following her career aspirations to Hollywood, Dawn first learned the craft of Set Design, working on movies includingField of Dreams, Back to the Future II, and Gremlins II. Her Art Director credits include ...Read More
Mighty Ducks II, Candyman II and Goosebumps.
In the last 16 years Dawn brought her talents to the small screen as Production Designer on series including Arrested Development, Psych, and CBS's new drama, Rush Hour.

In her free time, Dawn is an avid SCUBA diver who enjoys taking exotic underwater excursions all over the world.

Timothy Swope
STG - Graphic Designer

Tim has always shown an interest in the arts and architecture, even as a young child. One of his favorite activities was drawing, mostly buildings. That lead to Architecture school at Cornell University, with a major in Urban Studies. At Cornell, Tim was exposed to computer graphics and animation, which at the time was in its infancy. Later on Tim found himself in the entertainment business, initially in stop motion animation, where he worked on the short lived UPN series Gary & Mike. He received a contribution to an Emmy® ...Read More
as Gary & Mike won for outstanding achievement in animation. That series allowed Tim to grow into a talented Photoshop artist and became a training ground for other graphics programs. Tim’s career expanded with graphics for television, commercials and film. He enjoys the challenges and variety that each project brings, whether police drama, low budget art films, science fiction or comedy. 

Tim’s other passion is photography, traveling to over 40 countries to photograph the location, the people and the architecture. It dovetails nicely as graphic design requires great photography. His image library is currently about 200,000 of which just a tiny portion are online at pixelmap.com. His photography has been used on the sets of over a dozen projects from Inception to Easy A to CastleTim lives in Los Angeles, but loves to travel and take out-of-town projects. He still enjoys urban studies and architecture, attending SCI-Arc lectures and dabbling in night classes at Art Center to keep skills up and learn new things.
You can see more of Tim's work on his ADG Member Profile page.

Samuel Michlap
IMA - Senior Illustrator

Production and Concept Designer Samuel Michlap has spent the last 24 years working in the Animation, and Themed Entertainment industries. Some of his credits include Lion King, Prince of Egypt, Rise of the Guardians and Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted. Recently, Sam has joined the ADG as a Senior Concept Illustrator for Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2, with Scott Chambliss.
I am proud to bring my skills as a PD from the worlds of Feature Animation and Live Action. ...Read More

As a student of classic film design, I am most interested in designing bold, emotionally driven illustrations that clearly communicate the specific mood and story being told, rather than merely rendering objects.
I have a passion for art, and enjoy collaborating with other film-makers. I feel very fortunate to have worked on some of the biggest tent pole films from Disney and DreamWorks.
Mercedes Younger
AD - Art Director

Reality is more than a genre: it's a life style. You are designing 360 degrees with hidden outcomes and alcoves, which only you know about. Challenges / house designs / arenas / theatres ... and life come together in your sets without rehearsal. It means being up 24 hours for an overnight restaurant re-design, 2:00 AM calls with Ms Abby Lee Miller. Or, it's building cargo containers that pop-out into machine shops, as well as transvestite cars that explode. I've decorated Scott Baio's house with my dad's phtographs and a year later wrapped ...Read More
a traveling cooking show bus with my mother's. I built a 6,000 square foot complex in an isolated Washington forest in 3 weeks, wrestling plastic sheeting on its roof during a blizzard. And, I helped make a piece of history for the incredible humanitarian, Howard Zinn with his friends: Matt, Ben and Chris Moore. Designing reality — it's not just for god anymore!
Christopher Ward
AD - Assistant Art Director / SDMM - Set Designer

After serving four years in the United States Army, Christopher L. Ward attended Stephen F. Austin State University where he graduated in 2007 with honors, receiving a B.A. in Theatre Design and Technology. For the next two years he designed scenery for corporate events for clients such as Starbucks, Microsoft, and Invensys. This included broadcast shows for ESPN and NBC coverage of the 2008 Olympics. In 2009 Mr. Ward enrolled at San Diego State University, where in 2012 he earned his M.F.A. from the School of Theatre, ...Read More
Film, and Television.

Shortly thereafter, he was selected in the 2013 class of the ADG Apprenticeship Program. Christopher was a recipient of the Lipinsky Fellowship and Funicello Fellowship for Design, and has designed over forty productions for theatre, film, and broadcast television. In 2015, he joined the Art Director's Guild in the Asisstant Art Director and Set Design classifications.

William Budge
AD - Art Director / Production Designer

As an Art Director and Production Designer I have fifteen years experience on films and television. I'm well versed in all aspects of the art department and excel at sketching; rendering; 3D modeling; and time and office management.
Some of the projects I have Art Directed include: Quarry, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, Rake, Drive Angry, Michael Jackson's This Is It, and two films for acclaimed director Wim Wenders ...Read More
Land of Plenty and Don't Come Knocking.
My path to the film industry was at age ten, when I began designing my own Star Wars and Transformer figures. I received a BS in Industrial Design from Western Washington University, and a MFA in Production Design from the American Film Institute, where I learned to tailor my design skills toward story-telling from amazing mentors, including the legendary Robert Boyle.

Please visit my ADG Member Profile page, as well as my website at williambudge.com for a complete resume and more examples of my work. I look forward to working on exciting projects with many of you.
Matthew Cunningham
IMA - Senior Illustrator

Matthew is an industrial designer with over 13 years of consulting experience in the automotive, feature film, product design, and aerospace industries. This includes working both remotely and in-house, and interfacing with a diverse group of other specialists including producers, engineers, fabricators, and executives.
A personable and highly adaptive team player, he enjoys all aspects of the creative process, including early conceptual development, production illustration, 3D modeling, vendor relations, and ...Read More
production management. Classically trained with a modern edge, Cunningham developed his unique approach to design at the Art Center College of Design and Pratt Institute, where he received degrees in Transportation and Industrial Design respectively.Select clients include: Paramount Pictures, HBO, Universal Studios, ABC, BMW Designworks USA, Volkswagen Group, Toyota, and the Aerospace Corporation.

Matthew is always interested in new professional opportunities, feel free to contact him via telephone 626-616-9734 or email: matthew@mrcid.com
Dave Chapple
STG - Graphic Designer

Dave Chapple started Chapple Design, a custom graphic design studio in Los Angeles, in 1996 after spending his post-acne years honing his chops in top studios around town — escaping cubicle-itus whilst slinging his bass in alt-rock combos such as LOVE with Arthur Lee.
Over the years he created designs for TV commercials and Foo Fighter videos with his set decorator wife, Nathalie. After a run of ferociously successful design deliverables, the decorator and production designer ...Read More
shouted, "You should join the union", throwing holograms of money and health insurance from their magic wands.

The time had come. "Really? They want me to join the Local? errrr....
Fast forward...."Mr. Chapple you have been accepted. Welcome to Local 800. That will be $5,600". errrrrrr.....
"Yay", he exclaimed as the design fairies leapt from his SketchUp files, releasing their 2D "Face-Me Component" status.
With a swoosh off they drove in his car, tossing an envelope wad for half the union dues out the window. Plunk.

Dave brings 20+ years of raw talent, loyalty, joy and a penchant for problem solving.
His experience and adaptive toolset produce custom designs that get noticed (or not, if they need to blend in :).

http://chappledesign.com                     http://coolbrandshotclubs.com
https://twitter.com/chappledesign      https://www.instagram.com/chappledesign/

Leslie Wah
STG - Graphic Designer

An L.A. native, brainstormer and dreamer — I was an experienced Graphic Designer working at design agencies and studios, when I was truly fortunate to be offered an exciting new opportunity to push my design skills in television. The variety in design projects was so refreshing and exciting! I now have more than 14 years of designing graphics for television, and have worked with some of the most inspiring and creative designers and art directors in the business. It's with that experience that I have learned to approach ...Read More
every project as a new challenge, and bring my blue sky concepts to the table, even when it would seem out of reach. The challenges are worth the effort, and I'm always looking forward to the next one.

Samples of my work and my resume can be seen on the ADG Member Profile, and on my website wahdzn.com

Curtis Moore
AD - Assistant Art Director

Growing up in Yakima, Washington, I always had a passion for art, history, and movies.  The series of James Bond films being some of my favorites. Amongst the gadgets, women, and exotic locations, I realized the designs by Sir Ken Adam and Peter Lamont had a heavy impact on the way stories were told and experienced.
Chasing my ambition for art and design I went to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. There I received first hand experience in all aspects of filmmaking. After receiving my BFA ...Read More

I moved to Los Angeles in 2012. In my short time being here I have been very fortunate to meet some very talented and gracious filmmakers.
The biggest thing I have learned is even though art may be subjective; the value of working with a great crew can never be overlooked.

Please see Curtis'  ADG Member Profile page for his Resume and more information.
Robert Joseph Hunt
IMA - Senior Illustrator

Over the last twenty years Robert has produced countless concept sketches for over a thousand television commercials, dozens of feature films and music videos. He has also participated with designers on theme park attractions for Six Flags and Universal Studios. As a master perspective sketch artist, Robert blends traditional hand art with 3-D modeling and digital painting. He has a strong appreciation for authentic detail and can depict any period with authority and style. Robert strives to deliver original art and quality "art service" ...Read More
to expedite client approvals. He is a seasoned professional absolutely committed to sort every detail for a successful shoot. He is available to work "on call" twenty-four seven.

Robert is an Associate Professor teaching Illustration at his alma mater Art Center College of Design, Pasadena. He has been recognized with a "Great Teacher Award". He is a second-generation Los Angeles native, father of three grown children, and amateur photographer and classic car enthusiast.

You can see Robert's ADG Member Profile page, and his website setsketch.com for more information.

Brendan O'Connor
AD - Art Director

Brendan O'Connor became interested in set design and decoration at a young age.
His first job in the Craft was painting a set for his older sister's drama club play, when he was 12 years old.
From there his passion for production grew, and he worked in event design for several years while he completed his bachelors degree in Interior Design. Brendan started working in the TV and film industry after completing his MFA from Chapman University. ...Read More

He is an avid traveler and finds inspiration in art and architecture from all across the world. From low-end crack houses to high-end mansions, Brendan finds the right inspiration to help drive the design and execution of a great set. Recently he completed a design for an online talk show for Riot Games, as well as work on season 6 of the Showtime series, "Shameless".
For more information, please see Brendan's website brendanoc.com
David Stephan
IMA - Senior Illustrator

Los Angeles based artist David Stephan is a graduate of the famed Sheridan College School of Animation in
Oakville, Canada. His extensive background includes storyboarding, writing and directing for film and animation. David’s first project after graduation was Disney’s original “TRON”. At Disney he was supervising animator on The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King. Through David’s excellent work, he became a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. ...Read More

David transitioned from animation to live action when he met Sam Raimi and ended up working on Simple Plan, The Gift, Spiderman and
Tell the Wolves I’m Home.  David became a DGA 2nd unit director learning the director’s position, and has been fortunate to work with the best of the best on great films.

You can see David’s work on his ADG Profile page and on his website davidstephan.blogspot.com
Jennifer Chiu
STG - Graphic Artist

After graduating from NYU in 2005, I moved to Los Angeles to start my career as a graphic artist in film and television. In 2012, I was nominated for an Emmy® for my motion graphics work on the Dr. Phil show.
My experience ranges from designing title sequences to compositing VFX explosions. I thrive on creative challenges, and enjoy collaborating with other artists. I now split my time between Los Angeles and New York.
If you’d like to reach me, contact me at jenchiufx@gmail.com or visit website jenchiu.com  
Nathan W. Bailey
AD - Assistant Art Director

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, by a father who was a fine arts painter and a mother who was a photographer and film programmer, I grew up going on museum outings, film screenings, building model cars, and drawing. The smell of oil paints still reminds me of childhood weekends spent imagining and creating in my father's attic studio.
My formal art education began in high school where I studied at the at the Baltimore School ...Read More
for the Arts in the Theatre Design and Production program. It was there that I discovered my love, and ability, for narrative design. I received a BA in Film from Emerson College, before earning my MFA in Production Design from AFI Conservatory.

After working to independently build my resume and portfolio, I was accepted into the Art Directors Guild as an Assistant Art Director, through a portfolio review. I'm excited and proud to be a new member of the ADG.
Be sure to check out Nathan's Visual Presentation on his ADG Profile page, and his website nwbaileydesign.com

Angelo Libutti
IMA - Senior Illustrator

21 Features Films, 13 TV shows, 3 Games, 18 Commercials, dual-passport. How did I get here? I'm a versatile storyboard/illustrator skilled in Live Action and Animation —I apply both action and comedy to my art.
Working in animation for 21 years, 2D/3D features, comic strips, and 10 years of illustration and graphic design in Europe. My art training began at the Disney Academy at age 16. I have a strong layout sense due to my architectural background and I developed a thorough understanding of human and animal ...Read More
anatomy at the Faculty of Medicine University and Labs at University of Guelph-Toronto.

Mentored by Chris Sauve, the right-hand to legendary animation story guru, Brad Bird, improved my story-telling skills. I trained and taught art classes at Sheridan University, York University, Seneca College, Digital Domain, and Rhythm&Hues Studio, plus three years of Meisner and Method Acting training.

The blending of art/medical training and physical understanding of space and movement from playing professional sports, help shape my artistic skills and visual communication.
STORYBOARD & WORKBOOK angelolibutti.com
CONCEPT ART WEBSITE           http://angelolibutti.carbonmade.com

Shaz Hunter
AD - Assistant Art Director

A self-taught artist, Shaz was born with a passion for fine art, stunning interiors and dramatic architecture. She received her Bachelor's in Interior Architecture from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. There, she earned the Marya Lilien Award for Professionalism, Creativity, and Excellence in Interior Architecture. Once gaining professional interior architecture and design experience, she grew eager to create more imaginatively.
After doing 'extra' work for features in undergrad, her curiosity for film design developed. ...Read More

Continuing to pursue art as a career, she received her MFA in Production Design form the American Film Institute Conservatory. Shaz thrives in creative, collaborative, and comedic environments with dynamic, scholastic, and inspiring people. She routinely seeks opportunities to work with a knowledgeable and passionate team of artists who strive to exceed design excellence.

Shaz's positive attitude and uniting personality match her relentless work ethic. Contact her directly to see her most recent work, view her ADG Member Profile page, and visit her website shazdesignstudio.com.

Kai Boydell
AD - Production Designer

After living in different cities around the world and working in various industries, I eventually ended up in Los Angeles. I didn't know a ton about the production world but was offered the chance to PA on a music video and wanted to try it out. The frentic pace and creative energy drew me in — almost as much as I enjoyed the greuling hours and tasks of a PA.
Researching the different roles and departments, I realized Production Design was the path for me. ...Read More

Sometime later, I've been fortunate enough to have collaborated with many of the world's best known brands and artists. Luckier still, I work with exceptional people who keep me loving what I do.

When I'm not working, I'm often in my studio painting, exploring new places, or attending galleries and shows.
See some work at: kaiboydell.com [production design] and kai.site [art work]
Lauren Rosenbloom
AD - Art Director

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I attended Crossroads High School in Santa Monica to pursue art, though film was always in my DNA; I continue to be inspired by my great-uncle Sam Rolfe (a TV screenwriter well remembered for Have GunWill Travel and The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) and great-aunt Hilda Rolfe who worked with Fritz Lang and David O. Selznick. After earning my BFA from University of Oregon, I received a MArch from the Southern California Institute of Architecture.  ...Read More

After presenting my graduate thesis, I discovered my passion for the relationship of architecture to film within production design. I've been fortunate to work with and be mentored by great talent on films such as Antman, 42, World War Z, Into The Woods, Transformers 3, Thor, Me and You and Everyone We Know; and on television's Lewis and Clark miniseries, The Crazy Ones, Major Crimes, and Angie Tribeca.

I love to travel and have been privledged to work abroad in the U.K., Malta, and Scotland. I am currently working as both an Art Director and Assistant Art Director for both features and television.                   Website laurenrosenbloom.com
Desma Murphy
AD - Art Director

I am a California native from Pasadena who was introduced to the arts at a very early age. In high school I knew I wanted to be a Production Designer and work in the industry. I love all aspects of the arts. While in high school I volunteered to decorate Rose Parade floats and became a crew chief where I guided 100 volunteers on how to decorate a float. This was a great leadership opportunity under extreme pressure that taught me well and I use every day as a Supervising Art Director. ...Read More

Once completing an Architectural Degree and MA in Theatre Design, I was able to travel to Venice, Italy where I painted and learned from extraordinary fine artists. I was truly inspired by peole whose art comes from their inner passions to tell a story.
While I continue my painting, I also design for Theatre. Both artistic processes keep the mind flexible for thinking outside the box and the ability to work within any budget. I am up for any challenge at any time.

My journey thus far in TV, Film and Theatre has been rich and diverse with creative experiences all over the world filled with amazing and talented people in all their Crafts. I continue to love the collaborative process and I look forward to working with more of you as I continue my journey as an Art Director and Production Designer.

Member Showcase

The Member Showcase is a great opportunity to introduce your work to Guild members. The Showcase features the work of Art Directors Guild members from each of the four Crafts. Showcases are posted to the adg.org website homepage; distributed in the ADG/Weekly bulletin called Things You Should Know (TYSK), which is e-blasted to the entire Membership every Wednesday. All four Crafts receive balanced representation.
If you would like to submit your work for a Member Showcase click here... or if you have any questions, please email Suzanne Feller-Otto, Member Showcase Curator, at sfo.guild@gmail.com     She'll be happy to help you.
Troy Morgan
IMA - Senior Illustrator

Troy Morgan is a storyboard artist and animator based in Los Angeles, CA. He received his B.F.A. in film and painting from the San Francisco Art Institute and his M.F.A. in experimental animation from California Institute of the Arts. His short animation, Dragon, won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Animated Short at the Slamdance Film Festival 2006. His work has been exhibited at the UCLA Hammer Museum, the American Cinematheque in Los Angeles, Blythe Projects in Culver City, the Hiroshima Animation Festival, the IFC Center in New York ...Read More
and SXSW.
Troy has worked with Walt Disney, 20th Century Fox, Lakeshore Records, and Jib Jab.

Please see my ADG Member Profile page and my website troymorgan.net 
Haley Keim
STG - Graphic Designer

My love affair with design began at 10, filling my sketch books with the shops of Diagon Alley, and my obsession with Photoshop began in high school, when I realized I could send my neighbor’s lawn gnomes around the world from the comfort of my sofa. However, it wasn’t until college, studying theatrical design and fine art at the University of Redlands when I truly discovered the magic of creating other worlds. After graduation, I packed my bags for Hollywood and happily discovered that my stage design training and love of Photoshop ...Read More
and graphics meshed perfectly with the film Art Department.

I am now a proud member of the ADG, specializing in previz/photoshop comps, and evocative, layered graphic art for sets, props, and costumes. My career brought me to Atlanta, where I designed graphics for several feature films and my first genre show -- the pilot for Constantine -- and then back to Los Angeles, where I branded an entire Superstore for the new NBC comedy of the same name. I now call this sunny, wonderful city ‘home,' making cool things, and enjoying the wonderful challenges of each new job in this fast-paced, thrilling, and always-rewarding industry.

Please see my ADG Member Profile page and my web portfolio www.haleykeim.com
Brian Murray
IMA - Senior Illustrator

"A visionary." "A genius." "The fastest storyboard artist I've worked with."
These are a few of the words said by top tier Hollywood Directors regarding Brian "Adobewan" Murray. Although classically trained with his Cintiq stylus in hand, Brian uses Photoshop, ZBrush, and SketchUp to create concept art, storyboards, and illustration for film, television, and comic books.
Director David Twohy specifically touts Brian's storyboards on ...Read More
The Chronicles of Riddick DVD commentary. Brian performed triple-duty on Chronicles, providing concept art, was lead storyboard artist, and designed and executed The Hunt for Riddick web experience. Other career highlights include co-creating, scripting, and illustrating of Image Comics' hit "Supreme", which Tom Clancy took note of in his novel "Black Ops".  Brian provided covers and interiors for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, and many independent comic book companies.

Brian was the primary designer for skateboard legend Tony Hawk, providing his company, Birdhouse, with numerous skateboard designs as well as their company logo.  adobewan.com          http://adobewan.deviantart.com/          http://adobewan.blogspot.com/
Sarah Pott
AD - Art Director

Coming from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Sarah studied film at Columbia College of Chicago. After completing her BFA in Film Studies, she went on to pursue a career in the Art Department, and attended Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, where she received an MFA in Production Design.
Since finishing the program in 2009, Sarah has been working as an Art Director on feature films, television and commercials. Some of her most recent accomplishments include ...Read More
Me & Earl and the Dying Girl, Before I Wake, and The End of the Tour.       Please view Sarah's ADG Member Profile page.
Paula Loos
AD - Assistant Art Director

"Eager to broaden my horizons"
At the age of 17 I left my small hometown and moved to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and studied at the Graphic Design School Amsterdam, while working as a Graphic Designer for numerous European brands.
My film career began at the Amsterdam Film School, graduating in 2004, and I've been in business since then.
For the movie Breaking Point (2007), Production Designer Gwendolyn Witkin invited me to work ...Read More
on her team as a Set Dresser. From that moment it was clear. I was determined to make movies in the USA. I'm privledged to be a member of the Holland Hollywood Connection in Los Angeles, amongst people like Paul Verhoeven and Jan de Bont.

Working with an entire art department team to create the new world. Besides commercials, my biggest passion is feature film design. Make the audience tune-in, with creations by the design team. A strong work ethic, with an independent approach and a European eye, drive me to go that extra mile to deliver high-quality solutions for the project. I'm available to be part of your team.

Kindly see my ADG Member Profile page and website thesetdesigners.com
For a high-res sample PDF email paula@thesetdesigners.com
Joel Chang
IMA - Senior Illustrator

Growing up in East Lansing, Michigan, where his parents were attending college, during one of Joel's first encounters with a felt tip marker he turned the family hallway into the inside of a rocket ship — throwing away any chances of his parents getting their rental deposit back. Luckily having very understanding parents they encouraged him to follow his passion for art.
Moving to Pasadena, California, Joel received his BFA in Illustration from Art Center ...Read More
College of Design. After graduating he freelanced for theme park and video game companies before moving into the film industry.

He loves the idea and creation process and learning from the many talented people surrounding him.
Please take a look at Joel’s website joelchang.com  Thank you for your time!

Abra Brayman
AD - Art Director

Abra Raphaella Rose Brayman / MFA Set Design Cal Arts 2008 / Production Design training under Vicki Paul at USC; Peter Wooley, and The School of Hard Knocks (aka indie filmmaking). Recent projects include Art Direction of HULU's Emmy®-nominated teen smash, "East Los High". Winner of Production Design challenge show Hot Set/SYFY, season 1/episode 1 (Reality TV, don't try it at home).
Assistant Set Designer at the L.A. Opera from 2006-2009: Assisted world-renowned Designer ...Read More
George Tyspin and Designer/Director Julie Taymor. Production Design, Art Direction, Assistant Art Direction & Stylist — with a rich background in theatrical set design, fine art, scenic & mural painting, set decoration & prop mastery. Will work for good coffee.

Proud to be a Member of Local 800!   Be sure to view Abra's website abrabrayman.com and her ADG Member Profile page.

Jeanine Ringer
AD - Assistant Art Director

I've wanted to be an artist for as long as I can remember. I was so surprised when I first realized that Art Direction and the Art Department were a real job that you could actually do. I saw the film Sleepy Hollow and thought it would be amazing to design a town like that, and then actually walk through it.
With a basis in theatrical design from the University of California—Irvine, I've been given lots of opportunities to work on a wide breadth of projects. The thing I love most about working in the Art Department ...Read More
is the sense of Team with everyone working towards the same goal. It's a dedicated family that continues to grow with each new job. I think one of the most incredible and sometimes frustrating aspects of our work is that we have to adapt and continually learn through every step and project, over the course of your entire career. It's definitely never a boring journey.

Here are links to my website jringerdesigns.com and ADG Member Profile page.
Kil Won Yu
AD - Assistant Art Director

I was born and raised in South Korea. After working on multiple features in the Korean film industry for several years, I decided to move to the U.S. to pursue further knowledge in production design. I earned an MFA in the Production Design program at the American Film Institute in 2010.
Working on various projects — TV, features, commercials and awards shows, I have learned and adapted my perspective from these experiences. In 2013, I was invited to speak as a lecturer ...Read More
for a TV Production special program organized by the Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, Ministry of Culture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan. I was also invited to participate in the Berlin Talent 2014, as a production designer during the Berlin Film Festival.

The best part of this industry is always meeting new people who are talented and willing to share their knowledge. I look forward to meeting and working with you! Please view my website art4kino.com and my ADG Member Profile page, and know that I'm a dedicated team-player, and I have a great sense of humor!
Jackie Morrison
STG - Graphic Designer

Originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, I received my bachelor's degree in Cinema Production from Ithaca College. An artist from a young age, crafting with my grandmother, doodling cartoons in school, and creating new fonts in my notebooks before I knew what Graphic Design was -- I pinch myself every day that I get to wake up and make art for a living. The Ithaca network brought me to Los Angeles where I started in the Industry as an intern.
I quickly realized that the art department was where I belonged ...Read More
and proceeded to make my way up the ladder from Art PA to Art Coordinator and finally Graphic Designer. I never get tired of seeing my work on screen and exclaiming, "I made that!"

Currently working on Let's Make A Deal, I'm having an amazing time. I'm so honored to be a part of the ADG; it's been a long awaited dream. I've learned so much in this business and continue to improve and grow all the time -- I look forward to all the challenges and opportunities that await me on this exciting career path.
Be sure to look at my website jackiemorrisondesigns.com and my ADG Member Profile page.

Kristin Johnson
IMA - Digital Matte Artist / STG - Graphic Artist

Kristin Johnson has contributed to hundreds of projects since the beginning of her career, covering a broad spectrum of visual effects from graphics animation and VFX composting to matte painting for feature film, television, and commercials.
She began her career as an illustrator for print publications, transitioning to digital graphics animation and composting. With a keen interest in Environment creation, her career focus ...Read More
over the last decade has been Digital Matte Painting and Concept Design. Kristin has relied on an exceptional fine arts education along with a mastery of the requisite software packages put to use while working under tight deadlines for studios such as Digital Domain, Rhythm & Hues, Sony Imageworks, Rodeo FX, Miranda, The Mill, and MPC.

Kristin Johnson is a three-time Emmy® nominee and a Visual Effects Society nominee. Some of her most notable projects have included Mad Men, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and feature work on Superman Returns, Pacific Rim and Spider-Man.
To view recent examples of her work please visit Kristin's website kristinjohnson.com and her ADG Member Profile page.

Darcy Prevost
SDMM - Set Designer / Model Maker

Growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Darcy Prevost had a childhood filled with the arts thanks to avid theatre-going parents. Weekend classes at the Carnegie Museum sparked her interest in model making and drawing at a very early age. This led Darcy to study Architecture and Theatre at the University of Pittsburgh. Following graduation she moved west for an internship at the Denver Center Theatre and then attended graduate school at UC Irvine, earning an MFA in Set Design. Since moving to L.A. in 2009, Darcy has been ...Read More
fortunate to hold many different titles in the art department for film, television, commercials and theatre. Her true passion remains building physical models and she's thrilled that people still appreciate the art and benefit of using real models on productions.

Feel free to browse Darcy's diverse body of work at DarcyEProvost.com and her ADG Member Profile page ... and then contact her if you have any questions or fun projects.
Monty Granito
IMA - Previs

I was born in Brooklyn, and my dream was to become either a traditional animator or a comic book artist. While interning at Marvel comics, I decided I had better learn how to use a computer. Upon finishing my program at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York (2003), a big Hollywood feature was in town shooting and needed some help with something called previs. The movie was Stay ... the job lasted three weeks ... but it led to others.
Over the last thirteen years I have worked on previs/layout for over 30 projects, supervising ...Read More
on 8 of them. Previs is an amazing workday. We help to inspire boundless creativity, and we also get to help inform and plan some of cinema's biggest -- or smallest moments.

As life has it, I've been able to work on comic books -- well, comic book movies anyway :)  I have been very lucky to work with amazing people who shared their knowledge freely, and others who gave me opportunities I couldn't have dreamed of. Thank you all.
Please view Monty's website montygranito.com and his ADG Member Profile page.

Allen Coulter
SD - Senior Set Designer

I got my start on the hardscrabble streets of East Meadow, New York, where a kid without a bicycle was nobody, a kid with a car was a god, and any kid who said they wanted to become an artist was told "don't do it, you'll starve." So I didn't. Instead I got myself a proper white collar degree -- a BS in Geography from SUNY Buffalo -- and embarked on a series of misadventures in construction, architecture, and weapons development.
Then Star Wars came out. The very next day (well...) I headed for California. ...Read More

Swimming pools, movie stars, you know. In a natural progression of life being what happens in spite of intention, theme park design led to audio-animatronics led to creature mechanics led to puppeteering, computer drafting, digital modeling, character animation, previsualization, graphic art, game art direction, and finally and inevitably, Set Design.

It's the journey, right? Well here we are. Time to put to use all that learning about how things are designed and built, how they work for the camera, set the scene and help to tell a tale. Time to design some sets.
Be sure to take a look at my website coulterstudios.com and my ADG Member Profile page.
Sara Escamilla
STG - Graphic Artist

Like many of you, when I was a child my creativity overflowed in all directions: I painted, sewed, played music, built forts, and in general, lived in the world of my imagination. I was blessed to have a dad who pointed the head of this crazy child towards graphic arts, which gave me a discipline within which to build my skills.
I received my BFA in Graphic Design at Texas State University, and a second BFA in Illustration at Art Center College of Design. The schooling was rigorous and I learned ...Read More
to work my butt off -- but nothing really prepares you for this industry.

Anybody in the Art Department will tell you that the demands of the job are often fantastical, constantly changing, and needed by the end of the day. It's basically the perfect career for a person who would get bored with anything less. I love it and I'm proud to have designed for numerous films, commercials & TV. I've had the opportunity to work with the loveliest people and I look forward to meeting more of you.

Please view Sara's website saraescamilla.com and her ADG Member Profile page for her resume and more information.

David Moreau
IMA - Senior Illustrator / SD - Senior Set Designer

After receiving his BFA in illustration from Syracuse University, David moved to Austin, Texas, where he worked as a set dresser, storyboard artist, and everything in between. To sharpen his skills, he attended the Production Design program at AFI. David's strength in set design and concept art became apparent during his internship on the film The Good German. After his 2006 graduation, David embarked on his career in entertainment design and continues to be sought after by the industry for his work as a Set Designer and Concept Artist.
You can see more of David's fine work on his ADG Member Profile page, and on his website dcmoreau.com
Brett McKenzie
AD - Art Director

I'm a native of Philadelphia and from an early age I've had a fascination with art. I never thought it was possible to make a career out of being an artist and it wasn't until undergrad at The Pennsylvania State University that I realized you could use art to tell a story.
Merging film courses with fine art courses, I received a BA degree in Integrative Arts.
In 2001, I was lucky enough to have my resume plucked from a stack to give me my first break ...Read More
into the film industry as a production assistant on the M. Night Shyamaian film Signs. As I watched the art department design the film from concepts to working drawings to built sets, I was hooked. After a few years as an art dept coordinator on TV shows and films, I moved to Los Angeles in 2005.

Over the years I've been very fortunate to have worked with some great crafts people on some great projects and look forward to continuing that creative journey, hopefully with some of you.
Please view Brett's ADG Member Profile page for his resume and more information.
Gary McMonnies
AD - Assistant Art Director

Growing up in Africa, I would use the cinema as a way to escape, entertain and pass time. I became fascinated with the "making of" documentaries, and in my final years of school, my notebooks were filled with little sketches of how I figured the sets were laid out, or how a costume was constructed.
Thankfully, after school I got to live in London, and study Art Direction and Design History. I still remember being astounded that this was something I could actually do for a living. After graduation ...Read More
I got to work on some amazing projects in England and in South Africa where I continued to learn, and work with some of the coolest people on earth!

Now that I'm living in L.A., I can't wait to work with the best of the best, and make beautiful cinema together.
Be sure to view Gary's website gary-mcmonnies.squarespace.com, and his ADG Member Profile page for more information.
Sarah Stimpson
STG - Graphic Artist

Sarah Stimpson was born in Vicenza, Italy, spending the first 18 years of life traveling the globe. The daughter of an Army Major meant calling a new place home every three years, sparking her love for art, architecture and design, and preparing her for a career full of change and excitement.
Sarah decided to place her roots in Los Angeles when she began college at FIDM, graduating with a degree in Entertainment Set Design and Decoration in 2010. After graduating, Sarah worked ...Read More
on several TV shows and movies wearing many hats, and quickly worked her way up through the art department. Since joining the ADG, Sarah has been designing graphics for TV shows such as State of Affairs, Stitchers, Pretty Little Liars, and Switched at Birth -- always bringing her fresh and enthusiastic energy to each design she creates.

When not working a 12 hour day, Sarah enjoys hiking, photography, and traveling any chance she can. For additional examples of Sarah's design work please visit her website sarahstimpson.com and view her ADG Member Profile page.
Michael Bayouth
IMA - Senior Illustrator
STG - Graphic Artist

Santa Barbara based artist Michael Bayouth's extensive background includes fine arts, sketching, storyboarding, filmmaking (directing/producing) and writing. His in-depth knowledge of typography and graphic design come from years of entertainment experience.
Michael started his career right out of high school in the NBC Graphics Arts Dept. ...Read More
where he took assignments as a Courtroom Illustrator for KNBC news, working on a variety of high profile trials, and attended Art Center College of Design. Disney Studios kept Bayouth Productions busy branding, illustrating and designing classics, from Mary Poppins to The Rescuers Down Under. At Marvel Productions, Bayouth was Art Director of Presentation & Development, working with the legendary Stan Lee.

His first novel with writing partner Kim Klein, "Nine Degrees North", earned over a dozen Five-Star reviews. His first solo effort, "In The Shadows of Giants" (amazon) is a fun and dysfunctional ride, depicing his life growing up in a Hollywood home with a not-so-tame stuntman for a father. Michael's comedic-mockumentary "Take 22" won Best Feature Film — Raleigh Studios Film Festival, Hollywood, 2010.

Michael is the proud father of three adult children, all thriving in creative fields. He creates fine art from his studio overlooking the Channel Islands.  Be sure to visit his website Bayouth.com and his ADG Member Profile page.
Ryan Grossheim
AD - Assistant Art Director

Growing up in Racine, Wisconsin, Ryan Grossheim had a passion for the theatre and began his career designing for the stage at Northwestern University and assistant designing at the Williamstown Theatre Festival.
He traveled west to Los Angeles in 2009 for an internship in Production Design with the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and since then has worked in many different genres, including music videos, commercials, scripted and reality television, and feature films. He enjoys the research, collaboration ...Read More
and creative problem solving that go into making each design come alive.

Ryan has worked in themed entertainment for Walt  Disney Imagineering and The San Diego Zoo. He is also an accomplished scenic artist, painting over 25 student film productions during his MFA training at San Diego State University and working at the Old Globe Theatre of San Diego. Feel free to get in touch with Ryan. He is always excited to make new connections and meet colleagues!
For a complete list of credits and portfolio please visit ryangrossheim.com or Ryan's ADG Member Profile page.
Cynthia HIll
AD - Art Director

Having parents born during the Great Depression, I learned early on about working hard and saving money. This has served me well. At 15, I painted houses in Detroit, saved and travelled to Europe at 18, became an English teacher, then a bartender in Spain. I modeled for artists, served the hip clientiele, but knew I was meant to be on the other side of the bar.
I have done every job on Set from P.A. to Producer, but as soon as I worked ...Read More
as an Art Coordinator on my first commercial, I knew I was destined to be an Art Director. I'm the perfect storm of creativity and right-brain pragmatism, giving me the ability to create beautiful sets that are within budget. Producers love me because I speak their language.

Having traveled far and wide, I've integrated a fascinating circle of friends, culture and humanity that adds to my canvas and textural landscape. I have the great fortune to call Venice my home, along with my hubby Gustavo and daughter Catalina and make a living in this incredible industry. Pinch me! And then take a look at my ADG Profile page, and my websites cynthiahill.net and artagogo.net
Sandra Carmola
AD - Assistant Art Director

Sandra transitioned to the film industry from a background in architecture, after realizing she wanted to tell stories through design and this was to be her destination all along. A registered architected from Charleston, SC, she spent over 10 years doing all the things architects do to prepare for a career in Art Direction—designing (to a budget), drawing, coordinating with consultants, interiors, presentation media, supervising construction, and lots of meetings—before bridging the gap with an MFA in Production Design from the AFI Conservatory. ...Read More

Her diverse experience also includes DIY home renovations, four months studying abroad in Italy, custom furniture production and short term work apprenticing a pewter-smith and drawing millwork for a door company.

But Sandra is most fulfilled and energized when she's collaborating in the service of a story, and she relishes those opportunities to work with a passionate team to transport and touch an audience. She spends her downtime hiking, cooking, visiting The Getty whenever possible, and spending time with her supportive husband and their happy dog.

Check out some of her work at sandracarmola.com and her ADG Member Profile page, and please get in touch to see her most recent work.

Haisu Wang
AD - Assistant Art Director

Haisu received his Bachelor's degree from BUAA (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics) where he studied Industrial Design. He worked as a visual effects artist at Base FX and within a year was participating in diverse and progressive projects such as Boardwalk Empire, I Am Number 4, The Pacific and Super 8. The Base FX team for The Pacific received the Primetime Emmy® Award for Best Visual Effects for the 2009-2010 television season. Haisu enrolled at the American Film Institute, and received his MFA in Production Design. ...Read More

Haisu's post-production experiences have informed him well of the set extension and digital scenery world. He brings his artistic skills and technological knowledge into the Art Department and our union. He also believes that hybridization of traditional and future working methodologies are very necessary.

You can view Haisu's website haisuwangdesign.com to contact him, and his ADG Member Profile page for more information.

Andrew Garcia-Price
IMA - Senior Illustrator

I've been putting my storyboarding bag of tricks together for over a decade. I come to storyboarding from my love of film and storytelling. I come to illustration from a lifelong love of comics, pulp art, and my ongoing efforts to get the images in my head onto the page.
I enjoy the process of translating ideas from the director's mind to the page. I love collaborating -- bouncing ideas back and forth, filling in, and generating ideas. Every professional relationship is different ...Read More
in some the director has the ideas very firmly in mind, in many the director is still considering different avenues as things start to crystalize.
Part of my job is making that relationship work, and understanding the project's point of view to be able to work creatively within it.
Please see my ADG Member Profile page to contact me.

Milena Selkirk
STG - Graphic Artist

Hello. I am Milena Selkirk, a Los Angeles transplant from New York City with a passion for graphics, design, and enhancing narratives visually. I gravitate toward the bright, bold, and funny.
In 2011, I received my Masters Degree in interactive telecommunication and animation from the Kanbar School of Film & TV, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. I am currently the Graphic Artist on The Real (Fox/BET), and I've also worked on shows and projects for NBC, ABC/Disney, CBS, Lifetime, MTV ...Read More
Showtime, Calvin Klein, Coach, Ford, YoPlait, and more. In my free time, I like to make documentaries, cook, and play music with my band Optika.
You can see examples of my work on my ADG Profile Page, and my website milenaselkirk.com
Wesley Gunn
STG - Scenic Artist

In elementary school, my love of dramatic arts truly began when I designed and painted my first backdrop and performed in the annual school play. I remained involved in theatre throughout middle school, high school, and college, designing, building, and painting props for sets for local productions and film school buddies in Panama City and Orlando, Florida.
I was the Lead Scenic Artist on Universal Studios Hollywood theme park attractions  ...Read More
Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem (2013-14), and the upcoming Fast and Furious: Supercharged (2014-15). Other projects include Lead Scenic Artist on Hard Rock Park (Myrtle Beach, SC, 2007-08), The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Universal Studios Orlando, 2008-10), and various other commercials, short films, and fine art fabrications.
This spring, 2015, I am very pleased to be completing work on my short, silent, German expressionism-inspired film, Yotlungerdal.
You can find out more about the film by visiting yotlungerdal.com. In addition, you can see more of my work at twotonetendril.com
Erin Magill
AD - Assistant Art Director

Erin Magill is a Bay Area native who graduated from UC Davis with a BS in design, and a minor in Film. Erin interned for Pixar Animation Studios in the Art Dept. of RATATOUILLE and after graduating, Erin returned to Pixar where she was the Art Dept. Coordinator of TOY STORY 3.
While learning a great deal at Pixar, Erin wanted to return to her creative side and continue her education in the world of live action film, which led her to the American Film Institute. Erin designed ...Read More
over 15 shorts while at AFI, including two thesis films.
Her thesis film KALIFORNIJA, was nominated for a Student Academy Award.

Upon graduating from AFI, Erin assisted in the Art Dept. of MAD MEN Season 6. Since joining the ADG, Erin has Assistant Art Directed on single camera TV dramas, comedies, feature films, and commercials. Most recently, Erin had the opportunity to design her first feature film, KICKS. Erin looks forward to meeting more of her ADG colleagues and collaborating on challenging opportunities ahead.
For a look at more of her work please visit Erin's website erinmagill.com

Jen Chiu
STG - Graphic Artist

I grew up an avid fan of visual storytelling--from comic books and animation to live action film and television. As soon as I was able to hold a pencil, I started drawing, wanting to recreate the cartoon characters I watched. At age 6, I discovered comic books and my doodles took a more detailed and 'grown up' turn soon after.
I went to New York University to study film, graphic design and animation. After graduating in 2005, I moved to Los Angeles starting my career as a motion graphics / visual effects artist ...Read More
working on film, television, commercials, web series. In 2012, I was nominated for an Emmy® Award for my motion graphics work on the Dr. PHIL show.

My passion for this industry allows me to continue growing as an artist by constantly learning new techniques and expanding my abilities. Take a look at some of my work on my website www.jenchiu.com

Charlie Vassar
SD - Senior Set Designer

I started drawing as a child instead of doing my school work, and kept on drawing straight through high school and into college. In architectural drafting classes I learned the fundamentals and decided I wanted to be an Architect. After graduating I went to LA Trade Tech to further my education. After finishing school and getting A.A. degrees in both Architectural Drafting and Architectural Design, I began working for Disney on a new theme park called EPCOT CENTER, beginning my career in entertainment. ...Read More

Five years later I began doing theatrical design, and fiber optic sign design. Universal Studios was designing a theme park in Florida and the work samples I had were good enough to get me hired. That's what got me started in the biz and the rest is history. When Universal/Florida ended I was hired on my first show by one of the Production Designers that had worked on the theme park project. As time went on I continued on shows and theme parks.

I love what I do because everyday is something different. One day you're drawing a set street of New York, the next you are drawing a house or office or underground caves on a sound stage. Can't imagine doing anything else.
Please view Charlie's ADG Profile page for more information.

Shelley Wallace
AD - Art Director / SDMM - Senior Set Designer

If any arena is synonymous with my ethos it is the field of design. Architecture was my passion long before I could define it. From building doll houses as a child to making blueprints of dream homes for fun, I was naturally drawn to designing the built environment. I segue from studying and practicing architecture to embracing the entertainment industry. I found a mentor early on and began a love affair with production design which continues to this day. ...Read More
I continue teaching the fundamentals at a local art school, speaking as a panelist for national and university organizations and mentoring the next wave whenever possible. While I have enjoyed working in all aspects of the design department, I am proud to be an Art Director and Set Designer for both fim and television.
Shelley's information can be seen on her ADG Member Profile page.

Igor Knezevic
Senior Illustrator

As a designer I specialize in creating 3D Environments, Concept Design and Product Design. Originally trained in traditional painting, I drew comics and illustrations; now I use this valuable experience to pour content into shiny computer images. With 20 years of design experience working in Europe and USA, I studied architecture at Technical University of Vienna, Austria and worked as designer in Germany, Austria, UK, and Netherlands, before arriving to the USA. Now based in Los Angeles, I focus on entertainment and film ...Read More
concept design, parametric design and digital fabricating technique such as 3D printing, CNC and laser-cutting for product and prop designs.

As a film and TV conceptual designer I created original design content for MTV, Yahoo Music, Universal, Paramount, Warner Bros and MGM. As an Architectural and Themed designer I collaborated with Jerde Partnership, Johnson-Fain, 5Design, Universal Studios, Paramount, Thinkwell, Goddard Group, Chimera Design, Ideattack, Hettema Group, with several built projects in Dubai and China.

My 3D printed object design and wearable fashion accessories were exhibited at 3D Print Show in London, Dutch Design Week in The Netherlands, 100% Design in Shanghai, Nagoya Design Center in Japan and Siggraph festivals, and published in WIRED, Interni (Italy), Inc (US), in ICON (UK), and DPI (Taiwan).

Igor has two websites: Film Concept Art flaregroup.com and www.alienology.com

Joanna Bush
IMA - Senior Illustrator

There are two artists that have influenced me greatly growing up - William Hogarth and Andrew Wyeth. I discovered Hogarth while studying at Northwestern University. His pieces are like puzzles - everywhere you look there is a detail which brings greater understanding to the whole. I discovered Wyeth earlier — driving up to my grandparents' house in Pennsylvania from my hometown of Columbia, Maryland and visiting the Brandywine Museum. Christina's World is a painting you enter into - the subject brings ...Read More
such emotion although you never see her face. That's what I would love to strive for — being able to put a character into a design environment to create an emotion which tells us more than we can see.

There are also the artists that I have worked for that have influenced me greatly. I learned something new form each of them and wanted to thank all of the designers that have taught me something. And this is just in order of when I met them but wanted to say thanks to: Philip Messina, Howard Cummings, Sarah Greenwood, Martin Whist, Doug Meerdink, David Wasco, Don Burt, David Gropman, Keith Cunningham, Jeremy Hindle, and Sean Haworth.
Joanna's work can be seen on her website http://joannabush.com

Aaron Jackson
SDMM - Jr. Set Designer

Hello friends. My name is Aaron and I'm a recent Junior Set Designer.
A little about me: I graduated from Baylor University in 2003 with a BFA in Set Design, then taught high school theater for a year and began working as a freelance set designer and custom picture framer in Texas.
My growing passion for set design led me to an MFA in 2010 at the University of Washington.
Moving to Los Angeles, I negotiated my way into Art Depts as a PA working my way ...Read More
up the ladder over the next 3 years. I believe keeping a continuous dialog with friends and collaborators enriches my artistic process and fosters my growth. I have learned that successful design is the passionate process of repetition and variation in form, shape, color, texture, and the focused and detailed planning of the story.
Please view Aaron's ADG Member Profile page, and his website aaroncjackson.com
Julia Levine
SDMM - Senior Set Designer

I grew up as a movie buff, spending many a late night watching the Million Dollar Movie, but never considered a career in the film industry. I caught the acting bug in High School after seeing A Chorus Line on Broadway. During an apprenticeship in Summer Stock, I learned all aspects of Theatre including Lighting and Set Design. At the University of Wisconsin ~ discovering I didn't have the singing or dancing chops to make it as a Broadway star ~ I majored in History. Moving to L.A., I returned to my first love - Theatre, which led to ...Read More
Industrial Shows, Theme Parks and Visual Effects Miniatures. Highlights include: Walt Disney Imagineering, as a modelmaker/painter, Art Directing a project in Tokyo which gave me the opportunity to travel through Asia and supervising a miniature of the city of Hiroshima for a TV movie. At Disney, a fortuitous meeting with Dianne Wager (the first female set designer) planted another bug. Inspired, I took Set and Production Design classes and landed my first union Set Design job in 1991.

I've been fortunate to work with and learn from old school Set Designers and talented Production Designers and have worked on iconic films such as L.A. Confidential, Independence Day and Fight Club. I am proud to draw by hand and view it as an art to be preserved; although I am learning SketchUp, Photoshop, etc. I also build foamcore and fully painted models.
I enjoy doing research — I have an extensive book collection and have freelanced as a researcher. I served on the Set Designers Council for 6 years and remain active in the Guild.  Be sure to view Julia's ADG Member Profile page and her website juliaklevine.wix.com/portfolio.
Trey Shaffer
STG - Graphic Designer

My artistic endeavors began growing up in the heart of Georgia while creating elaborate drawings on my Etch-A-Sketch. I loved not only the creative expression it allowed but also the technical challenges it presented, while trying to create something realistic in appearance. I like to think of the Etch-A-Sketch as my very first Mac!
When I declared I wanted to be an architect, my parents were thrilled. That dream was quickly thwarted when I realized that architectural drawings lacked color. Quickly turning my attention to drawing ...Read More
& painting kept me focused through school, steering me towards an art degree in college. Composition and Color Theory were a much better fit. When taking a course in Electronic Media to assist in the planning of compositions and the instructor first showed us the newest tool in our arsenal --Photoshop -- a graphic designer was born!

I love working in conjunction with all departments designing graphics for Production, Art Department, Props, Set Decorating, Costumes, and Visual Effects. I have been very fortunate to have worked on a wide variety of projects in both the Art and Costume Departments. My graphic design work has been featured in all four of The Hunger Games film franchise, X-Men: Days of Future PastTomorrowland, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Thor, and The Avengers.
You can see a more extensive list of credits on my ADG Member Profile page.
Tim Burgard
IMA - Senior Illustrator

I'm a Southern California native who chose pencils over a surfboard at a young age. For a long time I used to be part of the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire as a fencing instructor. My fencing club ran a booth there and I consider the experience one of my life's biggest influences. I graduated from Art Center College of Design, where I currently teach. I have expanded my skills into careers in the comic book, animation and film industries, but I'm best known as a Storyboard Artist. My working life has been ...Read More
like a series of paths, some of which run parallel and others intersect. At any time I may go back across to work with familiar people on a familiar type of project; there's always something new and unexpected ahead of me.

For a more thorough look at Tim's work, please view his ADG Member Profile page, and his website timburgardart.com.

Christy Gray
AD - Assistant Art Director / STG - Graphic Designer

I firmly believe every moment of life is spent driving you towards the place you're suppossed to be. My career started out in advertising in Texas as a logo designer, and after four years, I began to feel the need for greater professional challenges. I moved to California and got my MFA in Production Design at Chapman University.
This led me into the world of filmmaking, and I'll never look back. I've had the opportunity to create logos for Pixar, and design the ruins of a castle, and be a part of a race around the world. ...Read More

Every job is different, every show is different, and my role each time provides new challenges. I love art direction, set design, graphic design, all of it. It's all about solving problems, and building dreams, and making the impossible happen.
Be sure to view Christy's ADG Member Profile page, and her website at christy-gray.com.

Karen Steward
AD - Art Director

Karen Steward was hired on her first film project Johnny Be Good in her fifth year of college. Production Designer Greg Fonseca, was in San Antonio hiring art department personnel from the architecture program at University of Texas, San Antonio. With this enlightened experience on the film, she soon relocated to Los Angeles with so much enthusiasm about starting a career in filmmaking. Starting out on projects like TMNT-1 and The Abyss, Karen has since enjoyed a steady path of amazing and challenging projects, working primarily ...Read More
as an art director in Hollywood with so many talented designers and collaborators.

Also influenced by the good work in Sustainability of her Urban Planner/Architect father, early on Karen recognized the opportunity to help the environment by doing her part to work with producers to help keep scenery out of the landfill, and to design responsibility as she expands her career into production design. As 'environmental stewards' are gradually being assigned to film projects, she is always happy to share resources and collaborate with production wrap time.
As she continues to grow as a designer and art director, Karen is especially excited to be a part of so much innovation in the film industry as we move farther into the technological age.
Please view Karen's ADG Member Profile page for her credits and more information.
John 'jD' Dickenson
IMA - Senior Illustrator

People have told jD that his work inspires them and causes them to feel a sense of beauty and majesty. Many of his images stir a longing to visit the imaginary worlds he creates. "I belive that all of us have a longing for those places of awe, beauty, and wonder. A place that I believe we all know intuitively exist, yet have never seen."
Most people sense a powerful creative force when they look at the magnificence of the oceans, the vastness of the cosmos, and the intricacies of the human body. Our world is an amazing place to behold. ...Read More

jD's diverse career as an artist has spanned over three decades, working as a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, comic book inker, and for the past 15 years as a digital artist in both the film and video game industries. His work appeared in several Spectrum Annuals over the last 10 years, and in many print and web publications. His versatile style and ability to adapt enables him to partner on many high profile projects with Disney Imagineering, Walden Media, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros, DC and Marvel comics.
Mazda, GE, BMW, and Infinity have used jD's concepts for helping create some of their television commercials.
For a more detailed look at jD's work, please view his website jdickensonart.com and his ADG Member Profile page.
George Hull
IMA - Senior Illustrator

Born in India and raised in the U.S., George started his creative path with a BSA degree in Industrial Design. Growing up in the midwest, a career in the film industry seemed impossible: a "ridiculous" pursuit he was told by his instructors. But George's dreams for film design became reality when Lucasfilm's ILM noticed his talent and offered him a position on their creative team...fresh out of school. At ILM George quickly climbed to be a lead Visual Effects Art Director. After 8 years at ILM, George moved on to pursue conceptual work ...Read More
at the pre-production stages of a film's design.

Opportunities to contribute on creatively fulfilling films -- and enjoy numerous travels around the world -- keep George continually striving to further his art, and enjoy learning from new creative collaborators.
George Hull is a Senior Illustrator who specializes in developing and designing unique and imaginative worlds. His projects include Elysium, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, and many more including the upcoming science fiction epic Jupiter Ascending (as Key Conceptual Designer).   Please view his ADG Member Profile page, and his website ghull.com
For a high res sample PDF, email request to george@ghull.com
Terry Welden
AD - Art Director

At 6 years old Terry had his first artistic epiphany.
Pointing to a recent kindergarten finger painting his mother had taped to the refrigerator, he shouted at his parents, "How can you stand to look at this travesty? This is poo! It lacks any kind of aesthetic cohesion! It defies even the most simplistic semiotic analysis! It is simply a facile attempt to imitate the innate angst and sub-conscious rage expressed by my peers! DeKooning! Pollack! Rothko! ...Read More
These are the geniuses that we should set the barre against! Now can I have more macaroni and cheese?"
His parents sent him to his room for his outburst thereby stifling his emergining artistic ego and instilling the necessary childhood issues surrounding self-worth and validation that led the adult Terry to seek artistic authentication through a life of Theatre, Art Direction, Production Design, Painting, Sculpture, and Tequila.
Please check out Terry's ADG Member Profile page and his website weldenart.com
Loren Lyons
AD - Art Director

Loren Lyons spent his early years an army brat/hippy child in Japan and the wild hills of West Virginia. His parents' wanderlust exposed him to many cultures and viewpoints ranging from the extreme poverty of Appalachia to the progressive mindset in the verdant Pacific Northwest (BA Film & Advertising, University of Washington, Seattle).
As an adult his own travels took him around the world in ever widening circles. ...Read More That, as much as any formal education, made Loren who he is today; highly visual, creatively unfettered yet anchored by a sense of responsibility and blue-collar work ethic. From his start in the business as an Art PA in Seattle's exploding 90's rock scene to 20 plus years as a Los Angeles union member (Local 44 and Local 800), his passion for his career has always fueled his desire to work tirelessly for the director and the producer. This long, winding road taught him the flexibility to handle the smallest project to quarter-million dollar art budgets with its attendant major builds and deadlines.

And of course how to do good work! Loren lives in Venice, CA with his beautiful wife Laura, 4 year old son Roman, and faithful dog Paco. Please view Loren's website lorenlyons.com and his ADG Member Profile page.
Johnny Jos
AD - Art Director
STG - Graphic Designer

On a random Saturday a million years ago, Johnny had a random meeting with a business owner who needed a heavy drapery hung at a restaurant. Simple enough project, and despite it being an obviously non-union job... Johnny gave up a few hours on a weekend to make it happen, turning into a branch of production and design that was both unexpected and inexplicable, resulting in almost 2 decades of experience with Live Events. ...Read More

"It's been crazy and I've been lucky. And honestly, a $40 million concert isn't really all that different from a $40M movie, except for the immediate gratification when the doors open, the crowd fills the dance floor and the confetti fills the air. Also, you sleep less... "
In between Film and TV, Johnny stays plenty busy, but there's still nothing like seeing your work on the big screen... even if you don't get the credit. He believes every project teaches you something. Every single job, even the freebie, gives you a skill or a trick or teaches a lesson that's just going to make you better at what you do. Even if what you do is complain about the freebie...
Please view Johnny's work on johnnyjos.tumblr.com and his ADG Member Profile page.
Chad Frey
AD - Art Director
SD - Senior Set Designer

I am a dual card Art Director & Set Designer with over 20 years of experience designing for the live stage, Film and TV. I hold a degree in Theatre Design from the University of Kansas and came to L.A. in search of a savings account in the mid 90's. My first feature film Blade got me into the Set Designers Guild (Local 847) and my next project put me in the Art Directors Guild. Blessed with amazing mentors over the years ...Read More
I pride myself on a solid understanding of budgeting, staffing and running projects of all sizes. I am equally proficient in Traditional and Digital design media.
I have taught Set Design at AFI, lectured at numerous universities around the country and served on several ADG committees and the Local 800 Board of Directors. More importantly, I have traveled across Europe and Asia, motorcycled the length and breadth of the USA and, admittedly, eaten some of the strangest things on the planet...so I have many fun stories at lunch!
Please view Chad's ADG Member Profile page and his website freyart.us
Dianne Chadwick
STG - Graphic Designer

Dianne Chadwick grew up in rural San Diego raising sheep and chickens and running for her high school cross-country and track teams. Her guidance counselor tried dissuading her from applying to USC film school, but she got in anyway. Dianne learned graphic design on-the-job; at her uncle's silk screening business, as a design assistant for a small studio, and at a quick-turnaround business card shop. When she finally got a foothold in the Art Department thanks to Alex McDowell, she discovered she could put her experience to use. ...Read More

Since then, Dianne's had the good fortune to work on a tremendous variety of projects including Minority Report, Big Fish, Pirates of the Carribean 2&3, Thor, The Lone Ranger and Gone Girl. In her 'spare' time, she contributes work for a number of Halloween-themed projects and events, including Gothtober, ScareLA, and the October Shadows gallery show for Creature Features.
See more of Dianne's work at diannechadwick.com.
Linda Sena
AD - Art Director

Linda's not-so-traditional journey to the ADG began in Boston, working her way through Mass College of Art as a machinist and silversmith, fabricating professional flutes of silver and gold. With a BFA in illustration, she began working at Olive Jar Studios -- a traditional animation studio -- in all aspects from inking cels and rotoscoping to designing and building sets, puppets and props for stop-motion.
In Memoriam: Sadly, Linda passed away from cancer on Sunday, February 28, 2016.   ...Read More

San Francisco followed, working on James and the Giant Peach; then to L.A. working in animation until starting graduate study in production design at AFI. Linda's ambition: take her work closer to story and character, and broaden and integrate her creative abilities with an avid interest in the human condition.

She received her MFA from the American Film Institute (AFI) in 2001 and in 2006 she happily joined Local 800 with the film, Wristcutters:       A Love Story. Her latest project as designer, Alex of Venice, premiered at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival. Linda's three previous films, The Spectacular Now, Nobody Walks, and Smashed, each won a 'Special Jury Award' at the Sundance Film Festival.
Linda loves art directing as much as designing and recently worked on True Blood Season 6. Please visit her website lindasena.com.
Tully Summers
IMA - Senior Illustrator

As a child, Tully Summers drew, sculpted, and painted monsters to use in his own Super 8 stop-motion films. He realized he was interested in making worlds and characters more than the painstaking process of stop-motion animation. Moving to Los Angeles as a teen, he interned at Richard Edlund's Boss Film Corporation. Tully has been working in film for over 20 years.
Tully has built models, sculpted creatures and prosthetic make-up, painted, designed and ...Read More
illustrated for more than 30 movies. He now applies his extensive knowledge of traditional sculpture and design to the new digital design paradigm prevalent in today's art departments. You can view his work at tullysummers.com.
Kristen Davis
SDMM - Senior Set Designer

Kristen Davis began working in film and television after receiving a BA in English from UCLA. Following her interest in story telling, art and film, she worked as an Art Director and Set Decorator on non-union commercials, TV and small features.
She completed UCLA's Architecture and Interior Design Program, joining Local 847 and Local 800 in 1998.
The computer has been an integral element of the design process for Kristen. ...Read More

While sketching, hand-drafting and building physical models for sets, she became proficient with Vectorworks -- building 3D models and construction drawings that provide the information the Designers and Art Directors require to realize their sets.
Kristen's commitment to education has included teaching Vectorworks to Set Designers and Art Directors, and exploring a variety of digital programs. She enjoys plein-air watercolor painting while traveling and at home in Los Angeles -- and spending time with her daughter and husband.
As Vice Chair of the SDMM, Kristen is dedicated to serving the needs of her fellow Set Designers and Local 800 members.
Please view Kristen's ADG Member Profile page.
Geoffrey Brown
AD - Art Director

I grew up in Northern California with dreams of playing professional baseball, building architectural models, and designing movie posters. I loved watching classic films with my family and going to the local drive-in all summer long. After developing a fondness for hand-drafting in high school, I found myself spending many hours in architecture labs in college still thinking about my other aspirations.
When I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design from CSU Sacramento my minor in Film ...Read More foreshadowed my chosen career. In 2007, I moved to L.A. to pursue work in the Art Department, loving the excitement every new show brings: overseeing builds on stage, and transforming a challenging location to help support the story and characters involved. Ultimately, working in film is about relationships and I value the creative contributions we all make together to deliver a set to be proud of. People often tell me they could never see themselves working in film, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Please view Geoff's ADG Member Profile page and his website geoffreylbrown.com 
Richard Reynolds
SD - Senior Set Designer

The two things I love most about working in Film are the incredible synergy that sometimes happens in an Art Department when concepts build and evolve leading the working group to solutions that were never even imagined in the early part of the process of creating something new and unique.
That is a truly wonderful feeling to be a part of that evolving discovery process.
The second thing is the delightful range of design work that I have been privledged to work on ...Read More
from the Brooklyn Bridge to skyscrapers to airport terminals to oil supertankers, locomotives and train cars, to submarines, battleships, bathrooms and B-17s. They can all be fascinating and intriguiging as solutions for a dramatic narrative.
The scenery can help tell a story in a deep and intimate way, aiding in the suspension of disbelief, and with stuff from the real world used as an impetus to make a story believable and real.
Please view Richard's ADG Member Profile page for his website and be sure to click on the VISUAL PRESENTATION link.
James Faulkner
STG - Graphic Designer

From a very small child until the age of about nine years I drew on a daily basis - purely from my imagination. It is important as an artist, not to be locked into one's tools, though I have now worked with the computer as a design tool for over twenty-five years, I try to never lose touch of the traditional organic methods set before me. Never intimidated by the technology. As a child my father would remind me constantly how important it was to be in touch with the organic side, not to force the perfect image, trying to correct the natural flow. ...Read More
Not to loose the youthful spirit here. It has not been easy to abide by this rule, but I am now trying to bring this forth letting the creative process flow naturally, perhaps by surprise, nothing that is too planned. I gather my materials with a rough idea in mind, perhaps something that amuses me and work from this.
The Media and Entertainment fields have been a big part of my work in both print and in my Television work, I continue to pull from these ideas. It is important that my life has beauty in it, this I feel, reflects my work and my passion to create wherever it may take and surprise me. Please view James' ADG Member Profile page and his website faulknerdesign1.net.
Chris Buchinsky
IMA - Senior Illustrator

My first art and film teacher was my Uncle Charlie when I was 5 years old. His stage name is Charles Bronson, and he was a painter before he became an actor. Uncle Charlie woud draw for me and I would try and copy his drawings. I studied art at UCLA, and graduated from Art Center College of Design. I've done every kind of job as an artist you could imagine, from painting photo real billboards in oils, and drawing for every magazine and newspaper that I could. While at The Washington Post, I was the lead illustrator for Bob Woodward. ...Read More

I started assisting animators and then became a lead animator, receiving a Clio Award for Animation. I assisted commercial directors and then became a commercial director, receiving a Clio Award for Directing. I assisted art directors and then became an art director, receiving a Clio Award for Art Directing.
I enjoy storytelling, so I started storyboarding scripts for feature film directors. Over the years I have drawn over 100 feature films -- Academy Award winning films and every other kind of movie you can think of. My background is also in TV, with 5 seasons on C.S.I. Las Vegas, including many other TV shows.
Please take a look at my ADG Member Profile page, and my website captzeppelin.wix.com/chris-buchinsky-
Lauren Polizzi
AD - Art Director
SD - Senior Set Designer

I did not originally intend to work in the film business. In high school I had a solid interest in science and a great love of the outdoors, and had designs on becoming a wildlife conservationist. The abrupt change in career aspirations came when I was selected to be an extra in a TV show filming at my high school. I was taken to Warner Bros. Studios where I walked onto my first soundstage. It changed everything. ...Read More

I quickly changed gears, and headed to UCLA, where I graduated with a degree in Theatre Arts. Having made it through some thin times in the early days of trying to get into the business, I've been privledged to have Set Designed or Art Directed on many diverse and popular films, such as Jurassic Park 1&2, Forrest Gump, Independence Day, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Pirates of the Caribbean 2&3, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Saving Mr. Banks.
I also teach Advanced Set Design at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. It is very rewarding, and I am most proud to see many of my former students now working in the business as fellow members of the ADG.
In what's left of my spare time, I enjoy photography -- especially outdoor photography, which satisfies some of those early career yearnings. When I can, I also enjoy shooting the sets I've worked on, and would enjoy shooting others' should the opportunity come around. The photos displayed here are evidence of some of those.
Please click here for Lauren's ADG Member Profile page, and links to her website laurenpolizzi.com and resume.
Eric Rosenberg
STG - Graphic Designer

Eric was first drawn to graphic design while attending the famed LaGuardia H.S. of Music & Art in New York. After earning his BFA in Graphics from The School of Visual Arts, Eric was a magazine art director for five years, spending the majority of that time at Business Week before relocation to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film. He's since gone on to create graphics for over 100 productions.
Films include The Hudsucker Proxy, Forrest Gump, Fight Club, The Truman Show, Almost Famous  ...Read More and the upcoming sports drama McFarland. Series television includes Red Band Society (Fall 2013), The Blacklist, and House of Cards.
In addition to his long ADG affiliation, Eric is a member of United Scenic Artists Local 829 in his hometown New York.

For an overview of Eric's work visit his ADG Member Profile page. You can also read his archived April-May 2013 ADG PERSPECTIVE magazine cover story on designing music graphics for the movies, and get a comprehensive view at his website ericrosenbergdesign.com
John Vertrees
AD - Art Director
SD - Senior Set Designer

As a designer, I want to collaborate in telling stories through television and films that inspire others by creating visually rich experiences. This year I've focused on working as an Art Director on projects from different genres such as TNT's Mob City, directed by Frank Darabont and set in 1940s Los Angeles. I also worked as Art Director on the HIstory Channel's Hatfields & McCoys, set in Post-Civil War Appalacia, for which ...Read More
I received an Emmy® nomination. My work includes art direction on NBC's Community, where we created sets that purposely looked rundown from the 1970s. My education in technical theater and film production plus my design experience at Mattel Toys prepared me well for various Art Department responsibilities.
Please view John's ADG Member Profile page for more information.
Victor Martinez
IMA - Senior Illustrator
SD - Senior Set Designer

...Creative Director and founder of ROBOTvictor -- a Los Angeles based design lab dedicated to conceptual art and design for the entertainment industry (film, television, commercial...). Victor studied art at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and later went on to obtain a BA in Art at the UCLA School of Art and Architecture, and a Masters of Architecture at SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture). ...Read More
You can see some of Victor's work featured in such films as Minority Report, Solaris, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Avatar and recent releases Tomorrowland and Batman vs. Superman, or by visiting his website at victor-martinez.com.
Jamie Neese
STG - Graphic Designer

There are two types of people in our industry (in my age group); Star Wars people and Jaws people -- I'm the former. I'd never before seen an audience react to a movie where they were laughing and cheering, as if they were part of the event experience itself. The thought that there were jobs, where adults got paid to create and make-believe for a living beat the h*ll out of anything my family imagined for me growing up in Phoenix.
While working my way through Loyola Marymount University at a video store ...Read More
a customer who worked in the Sony Art Department gave me a tour of the lot and mentioned he was moving on and needed a replacement. "Me!" I exclaimed. After one interview, I was managing the Sony Art Department. That job led to freelance coordinating where I met some of the greatest Production Designers and Art Directors in our Craft. I applied my artistic skills until the those I had coordinated for hired me as a Graphic Designer.
As a Graphic Designer my best attribute is seeing the big picture of production and how my work fits into it. My biggest accomplishment was rendering 2D signage (storefront and large exteriors) as 3D with layered age -- with prep schedules ever shrinking, it helps to have the signage look organic to the Time & Place of the script.
I hope to continue working in television with an eye on feature films in the future -- I love this business of make-believe.
See Jamie's ADG Member Profile page for more examples of his work.
Chris Brandt
IMA - Senior Illustrator

Chris Brandt worked extensively as a storyboard artist for fourteen years, recently joining Local 800 as a Senior Illustrator on the coattails of Bill Murray's St. Vincent (due out Oct. '14). After receiving his B.F.A. from UC Santa Cruz, he worked in pre-press and self-published comic books until moving to Los Angeles to learn the process of collaborative film making.
Chris' goal has always been directing ...Read More
and he became an award winning director with his first short film, Closing Time. He followed it up with the critically acclaimed feature documentary Comic Book Independents, and is continually producing more comics and videos. His most recent documentary, Ambien & Aaron, was well received at the 2014 Florida Film Festival. See Chris' storyboards at laststoryboardartist.com and his ADG Member Profile page.
David Baca
AD - Art Director

As an Art Director, I bring a strong working knowledge of the Art Department to the table. My background skills include journeyman propmaker, set painter, special effects technician, art department coordinator and fine artist. I work well in Excel, Photoshop, Illustrator, SketchUp and pencil -- and have strong management, budgeting and communicaiton skills, enabling me to interact well with all departments.
My experience as an Art Director goes back 20 years. ...Read More
I am solution oriented and work well under pressure. I am dedicated to doing an excellent job and I collaborate well with others.
My most recent feature film project, The Signal premiered at Sundance in 2014 with compliments to the film's visual prowess. Meghan C. Rogers Production Designer. Here is the Trailer youtube.com/watchThe Signal will be in theaters in June 2014.
You can view David's ADG Member Profile page and his website davidbacaart for more information.
Tina Charad
STG - Graphic Designer

In 1995, I graduated with a BA (Public Art and Urban Design) from Chelsea College of Arts in London. My design journey began in the advertising world at Enterprise IG and the legendary Leo Burnett. Working on various commercials for Smirnoff, Nokia, Motorola, Warner Bros and EMI as a stylist/art director -- I am privileged to have won many awards. My transition to film over 12 years ago, was a very successful and seemingly a natural one.
I have been fortunate to work with many who have inspired me: ...Read More
David Wasco, Dennis Gassner, Kave Quinn, John Myhre, Gary Freeman, Richard Bridgland, Jon Billington and Jan Roelfs.
After despairing of the U.K. climate and knowing of my inner Stevie Nicks, I made the move to Los Angeles just over a year ago, and have found myself the newest and proudest transplanted Angelino in town!
My resume and more of my work can be seen on my ADG Member Profile page and my website tinacharad.com
Cesar Lemus
IMA - Senior Illustrator

Cesar is a graduate of the Art Institute of California--Orange County. He is a Senior Illustrator and has illustrated for many TV shows, most recently Banshee/Cenimax, House M.D., Pretty Little Liars, The Finder, Heroes, Sons of Anarchy and many others. Cesar has been working as a penciler/inker on an independent comic book. His previous work in video games has been for Electronic Arts, Double Helix, and most recently Irrational Games 'Bioshock Infinite'. Cesar spends his spare time collecting, sculpting, watching films and ...Read More writing screenplays for projects he wants to film, and enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.
Originally from Orange County, Cesar has been teaching at Laguna College of Art+Design in Laguna Beach. His topic ... live action Storyboards, of course. Please view Cesar's ADG Member Profile page where you'll find links to his 3 websites.
Michael Meyers
IMA - Senior Illustrator
SD - Set Designer

I have been a member of the IATSE Local 800 since 2007 holding both Illustrator and Set Designer classifications. I specialize in 3D Design Visualization and Concept Design. Prior to joining Local 800, I worked in all aspects of Visual Effects for more than 12 years. Because of that experience I hope to eventually work into a VFX Art Director position. My strength is taking loose ideas and making them 'work', through a combination of ...Read More
creative and critical thinking. My designs are well thought out, with an emphasis on feasibility. I am capable of doing a variety of tasks, from Concept to Previz, including work related to rapid prototyping, and VFX compliant asset creation.
I have highly developed problem solving abilities, a very collaborative nature, and like working with others. I am a "Team" player, I am proficient in Softimage, Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, and After Effects.
Please view Michael's ADG Member Profile page for more information and his website mm3dcg.com.
Tim Earls
AD - Art Director
SD - Senior Set Designer

Having drawn since the age of 5, Tim's interest in film design began in his mid-teens. His career path began in architecuture after graduating high school when a prominent local architect took an interest in his artwork (vehicle and character designs) giving Tim his first full-time job. After earning his BFA in Graphic Design from Georgia Southern University, Tim followed a 14-year architectural career drawing and designing ...Read More building projects. When the opportunity to move to L.A. -- and work in the entertainment industry presented iteself -- he grabbed it.
Since 1996, Tim uses his architectural experience and deep interest in aerospace design for several television series and feature films as Senior Set Designer and Art Director. He's involved with artwork for books, magazine articles and computer games. Tim's collaboration on Star Trek: The Starfleet Survival Guide can be viewed here on amazon.
     With considerable experience in hand-draughting, Tim trained in the CAD program, MicroStation, in 1989 which he continues to use today. Using Macs and PCs, he is fluent with Adobe programs, Newtek's Lightwave, and Rhino.
Tim holds an Irish passport allowing him to work in any EU country. He enjoys British cars, collecting fountain pens and fencing.
Please view Tim's ADG Member Profile page for more information.
Simeon Wilkins
IMA - Senior Illustrator

After completing an MFA in Printmaking from Penn State University and having little desire to teach but a strong interest in cinema, Simeon relocated to Los Angeles to try his hand at storyboard art. It wasn't long before he landed his first feature, Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy. From that point on, he was hooked, and pursued a career in storyboards. In an odd turn, Simeon seemed to split his work between Horror and Family films, having worked on A Cabin in the Woods, Trick 'r Treat, Poltergeist, Smurfs 1 & 2, Monster House, and Ted. ...Read More
He was also fortunate enough to have co-written an as-of-yet unproduced screenplay for Disney, Calling All Robots!
In what spare time Simeon has left, he dabbles in comic books, video games and the occasional raising of giant monsters.
Please be sure to view Simeon's ADG Member Profile page, and his very cool website robotoperatormanuals.com.
Tom Richardson
STG - Scenic Artist

I was studying for a MFA at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia when I bought season tickets to the New York Shakespeare Festival which was holding out-of-town tryouts on campus. That looked like what I really wanted to do with whatever painting skills I had, and I've been doing it ever since. I started working professionally at the San Francisco Opera, went from there to FM Productions, and now I paint for movies and TV. San Francisco is in many ways, a small town and all ADG members wind up working in all the shops in town ...Read More
from time to time.

I met and worked with many great production designers on the movies I worked on. The fun is in the process, and the latest project is always the best. My latest is the HBO series "Looking" which makes great use of San Francisco settings to tell the story.
Additional images are on my ADG Member Profile page.
Miguel Rosero
STG - Graphic Artist

Miguel Rosero has a natural talent and passion for the digital design arts. He instinctively fuses the typographic with the visual with a remarkable ability to produce striking, elegant, and modern compositions while maintaining a minimalistic aproach that stands out from the crowd.
Most of Miguel's work revolves around the world of film and television. His interest in graphic design and motion graphics has led him to a number of interesting film and television projects.  ...Read More

Additional commercial projects include being responsible for the graphic design of posters for motion pictures, computer graphics for commercials, developing attractive websites for films, and creating innovative corporate identities.
For a more detailed look at Miguel's work please visit his website at mr-designstudio.com.
Nathan Ogilvie
AD - Art Director

Since receiving an MFA in Production Design from AFI, Nathan has enjoyed working with highly creative designers and directors. His career developed from successful music video collaborations with directors such as Marc Webb, to art directing in film and television.
A sketcher by nature and a quick computer modeler, Nathan is well versed in digital and analog tools.
He establishes organized environments for the entire creative team to do their work.  ...Read More

Please view Nathan's ADG Member Profile page and go to his website nathanogilvie.com.
Blair Strong
STG - Graphic Designer

"Blair Strong: Most Likely to Invent Photoshop 7000" -- this is the superlative that my peers awarded me in our 8th grade yearbook. They clearly did not understand the difference between programming and designing, but they knew that I spent a lot of time making art on the computer.
I freelanced my Photoshop skills through high school and college (Fight on!), honing my art at the Photoshop World Conferences in Las Vegas every spring. I was studying design, learning illustrator and ...Read More
interning at Warner Bros. when a mentor diagnosed me:
"Well, you've been bit by the film bug!" I had found a home in Film and Television for my creative passion.
Today proving my eighth grade peers (almost) right, I am an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop and could forget to sleep if someone put a list of challenging Photoshop requests in front of me. ◆ BlairStrong.com
Be sure to also view my ADG Member Profile page for more of my design work.
Marc Samson
IMA - Digital Matte Artist

Marc graduated in fine arts and design in Quebec, Canada. He spent his time working as a computer artist and making his own movies on an 8mm camera. Inspired by the likes of Ellenshaw, Whitlock and Yuricich, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the motion picture industry. In the last sixteen years, Marc has been working as a matte painter and concept artist for movies, commercials and video games.
His philosophy as an artist is to always bring something fresh to a design ...Read More
no matter how many times it has been done before. He has been fortunate to work on feature films like ARGO, and Hugo, and Life of Pi.
Marc's latest projects are Into the Storm and San Andreas.
For a more in depth look at Marc's work please click his ADG Member Profile page or view samson-films.com.
Colin de Rouin
AD - Art Director
SD - Set Designer

I could be best described as a long time Art Director and Set Designer with a broad range of skills -- both digital and analogue -- to get most any job done, in a timely and friendly manner, working well with others, be it on stage or ona distant location.
I've worked in both TV and Film, large and small productions, and at the end of the day ...Read More
I've always lived with the old adage "...a set is a set, and it needs to be done on budget, and be opened on time...but most of all, it can't look like a set!"
For additional examples of Colin's work, view his ADG Member Profile page, and his websites colinderouin.com and http:cder-designer.tumblr.com.
Pamela Klamer
SD- Senior Set Designer, Specialist

My original training was set design for theatre -- I received a Bachelor of Arts from USC.
When I first got in to the set designer's local, there were only two (yes, two) of us in the union on the computer! Boy, have we come a long way!!!
Over the years, I have worked in both feature films and TV and love what they both have to offer.
On my most recent show, the whole art department was in Chicago ...Read More
and Cate and I were here in LA drawing, each in our own home studios, and emailing drawing files to the art director on location. What amazing flexibility we had to send drawings to each other, and then to Chicago each day.
Right now I am pulling the ultimate juggling act of working freelance and chasing after my two kids, ages 8 and 10.
Lori West
STG - Graphic Designer

My love of art began in Washington D.C. where I was raised by two very artistic parents, who nurtured my pursuit of art as a career. I graduated from school of fine arts with a focus on sculpture and contemporary art issues, and later a design and communications degree. I began my film career in props, quickly discovering my talent and background were most suited for the art department which is where I am today.
I believe that my years working on set has given me a knowledge of requirements ...Read More
that can only come from experience. I am a lover and connoisseur of typography with a deep appreciation for letterpress design where I learned the true meaning of leading. It inspires me when a graphic artist conceptually pushes the boundaries of their work, bridging the line between art and design.
To view additional examples of Graphic Design work, please view my ADG Member Profile page, and visit my website loriwestdesignwork.com
Randall Wilkins
SD - Senior Set Designer

Randy Wilkins graduated from The Ohio State University with a BFA in Cinema, and was a Directing Fellow at The American Film Institute. His previous architectural design experience as well as a career as a photojournalist and documentary filmmaker lead to his first set design jobs.
Wilkins is a student of historical construction techniques and collects 18th and 19th century moulding planes.
Randy teaches classes in visualization as well as SketchUp and Layout at insidetheframe.biz     ...Read More

He also writes a blog on film design history and technical innovation at thedesignersassistant.com. Please visit Randy’s ADG Member Profile page for his resume and contact information. 
Jonathan Neill
IMA - Senior Illustrator

John is one of the rare artists who can both illustrate and sculpt a maquette or prop at a professional level. He is specialized in conceptual design, illustration and key prop creation for television and feature films, as well as sculpting for the toy and collectible industry, and museum exhibits. He started his film career in 1993 at Stan Winston Studios creating special creature effects, designing, sculpting, mold making and fabricating on very large budgets. This enriching experience gave Jon the unique insight ...Read More
on how to develop a creature from the initial concept design to the final product.
Jon's work can be seen in more than 50 movies and television shows, and he currently also sculpts for Sideshow Collectibles and DC Entertainment.
For a detailed look at Jon's experience, please view his ADG Member Profile page, or visit his websites jonneill.com and neillartstudios.com
Darrell Wight
SD - Senior Lead Set Designer
AD - Art Director

Marine Biology - That is what I thought I would be doing on my life’s path. I loved the water and biology was my best subject. Seemed natural. Surprise! When I realized that chemistry and physics - my worst subjects - would be on that path, I did an about face that summer after graduation.I hadn’t a clue what I was going to do. I never had any formal art training but used to do large murals and graphics for high school functions. ...Read More
Never thought anything about it. The 11-3/4 hour about-face in mid-summer was met with an observation from the high school librarian. The library is where I did the murals and graphics. She would watch me. I spoke to her about my dilemma and her observation came in the form of 8 words. “Have you thought about going to art school?” And, as they say - “The rest is history.”
For a highly detailed look at Darrell’s creative work please click for his ADG Member Profile page, and then click on the VISUAL PRESENTATION link.
David Meyer
AD - Art Director

A New York native, David recently relocated to Los Angeles. With a degree in architecture and theater from Syracuse University, he found his way into film after pursuing an MFA in Production Design at NYU/Tisch. His first job as Art PA on Men In Black 3, accelerated his entrance and exposure to the industry. Currently, he is Art Directing this summer's CBS Sci-Fi event series "Extant". David is fortunate to collaborate with amazing and talented production designers, cinematographers, and directors. Last year he designed ...Read More
his first feature She's Lost Control. David designed the yacht, and other items requiring special coordination with stunts/VFX in Martin Scorsese’s latest feature The Wolf of Wall Street.
He production designed a music video last fall that went viral, The Cookie Dance youtube.com/watch. David is looking to work with challenging people on interesting projects and invites you to visit his website davidmeyerdesign.com for more images and his resume.

Priscilla Elliott
AD - Art Director

Art directing since 2007, usually as the sole or supervising art director, I am interested primarily in futurism, fantasy worlds, and tackling knotty problems, like reworking existing commercial streets.  I’ve helped build sci-fi cityscapes, a frozen exploding meth lab, a jungle in a warehouse and a forest in a parking lot, an origami world, a pirate ship, and an otherworldly apocalypse raining down on Boston.
Having also worked extensively in the visualization and research phase of filmmaking ...Read More
I love helping develop and discover the look, and am always reaching for abstract connections and concrete solutions. I’ve worked in Los Angeles, Boston, Savannah, and love going on location. There’s always something new to discover. My work is posted at priscillaelliott.com
Chris Cafferty
STG - Graphic Artist

I graduated from CSULB in 1998 with a degree in Painting and Drawing, becoming a graphic artist soon after.  For ten years I worked as a print production and creative artist.  I have been working as a Graphic Artist for 15 years, having worked in packaging, advertising , color retouching and prepress. For the last 8 years I have been working within the realms of visual design for the Motion Picture Industry.
I am a member of the ADG and Local 44, as well as a ...Read More
former member of the International Graphics and Communications Union. Joining the ADG has proven to be a career asset.  It has been great to be able to meet other artists working in film. Working in this industry has been a dream come true.  I enjoy every job given to me and I look forward to more projects and perhaps more opportunity in areas of set design and assistant art direction.
Please check out my work at chriscafferty.com or on my ADG Member Profile page.
Nikki Rudloff
AD - Art Director

Nikki Rudloff is literally from the middle center of the country: Missouri. She credits her early love of movies inspiring a passion for design and curiosity about the world. Nikki has worked in a range of design roles both in NY and LA: she's currently an L.A. based designer. The idea of bringing stories and the written word into a visual media is what makes film and the movie business so interesting and exciting to work in. ...Read More
Her newest obsession has been bringing art and ideas into a 3D realm: she is continually pushing the limits in her graphics and 3D modeling.
Nikki's strong work ethic and boundless enthusiasm have led to opportunities to work with wonderful people in the past and she hopes it will continue to bring exciting experiences in the future.
To contact Nikki, please view her ADG Member Profile page.
Aprile Lanza Boettcher
STG - Graphic Designer

Aprile, the eldest of 7 children, is a native Angelino. Daughter of a theatrical production designer, she was trained to paint, flock, wallpaper, use power tools, make patterns/costumes, cook, clean and babysit at an early age! Fast forward – Aprile became a Walt Disney Imagineer where she fine-tuned her skills as a scenic, figure finisher, model maker, and project manager. Aprile eventually left WDI for such films as Titanic, Hellboy, Team America and Grant McCune Design, where she worked as a visual effects artist for film. Recently, Aprile attended ...Read More
Pasadena City College completing a three-year art program receiving a certificate in Graphic Arts and Production Design with top honors. Transferring from Local 44 to Local 800, her first ADG job was at ABC working for Locke Koon as a scenic artist.  Currently, she is freelancing as a graphic designer and composite artist working on such shows as The Office and Anchorman II.
In between jobs, Aprile moonlights as an interior designer and participates in public art installations with a permanent installation at Exposition Park.  She is also a recipient of the California Preservation Design Award in recognition for her work in the field of Historic Preservation.          
For a more detailed look at Aprile’s work please click her ADG Member Profile page or her website aprilelanza.com.
Drew Cookson
AD - Art Director

Drew began his career with a passion for creating beautiful environments as a carpenter in Massachusetts. At film school, his inclination towards production design was rooted in a love of collaboration and creative expression, and he has since followed his ambition to Los Angeles where he lives and works today. His work stands as a testament to the attention to detail and talent he will bring to a project, breathing life into spaces and transforming sets into places that not just look, but feel real. ...Read More

Drew continues to build a career on the foundation of hard work, a discerning eye, and strong sense of style. He loves the challenges of his job and is always looking forward to the next one.
Please view Drew Cookson's ADG Member Profile page and visit his website drewcookson.com.
Andrés Cubillan
AD - Art Director

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, ever since he was a kid, Andrés displayed a great love of movies and design.
He would spend hours drawing and making models of pretty much anything. This developed into a deep admiration of architecture and art. He received a degree in architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). There he was exposed to graphic design, industrial and furniture design ...Read More
as well as film and animation.
After working for architecture firms in Madrid, Caracas, and Miami, as well as studying film in New York, Andrés decided to head west and follow his dream of working in movies. His first movie experience came under award winning production designer John Myhre in Dreamgirls. He followed that with work on the ABC pilot The Nine, cementing his belief that he had finally found what he wanted to do. He proceeded to get his masters degree in production design from the American Film Institute (AFI). There he received first hand experience in all aspects of movie making. After AFI, Andrés began working on big budget feature films. His proficiency in digital drafting, graphic design, and model making allowed him to garner experience in all aspects of the Art Department. After working on films such as Alice in Wonderland, Thor, and Cinema Verite, Andrés was hired to production design H+: The Digital Series for Warner Bros and producer Bryan Singer; a project that awarded him multiple nominations for his work. He has since continued work in big-budget, mid-sized, and low-budget independent films as well as new media projects, commercials and television. "I think what I love most about my job, is that you never stop learning something new. Working with a talented group of people to create a world that tells a story, is an amazing experience. I never got that working in architecture. It always felt like there was something missing. Movies are a combination of so many amazing things, especially now that technology is making anything possible. I'm always thinking that I can't wait to see what happens next. I just love my job." He is currently working as an assistant art director and art director in both features and television. Please view Andrés Cubillan's ADG Member Profile page.
Tom Walsh
AD - Production Designer

Congratulations to former ADG President and Art Directors Chair, Tom Walsh for receiving the 2013 LA STAGE Alliance Ovation Award in the Scenic Design -- Intimate Theatre category for "Annapurna" at the Odyssey Theatre Ensemble. Presented at their 24th Annual Awards presentation held at the historic San Gabriel Mission Playhouse, Tom was singled out from a field of seven nominated shows in a season that had as many as 400 possible productions in contention. ...Read More
Set in a trailer park in the Colorado Rockies, it features the acting talents of Megan Mullaly and Nick Offerman.
Well reviewed and attended during its Los Angeles run, the production will now be moving on to fill the New Groups 2013/14 spring season slot, off-Broadway in New York City.
Please click here to view Tom Walsh's ADG Member Profile page and his website thomaswalsh.net.
Pierre Bernard, Jr.
STG - Graphic Designer

Pierre Bernard, Jr. has worked as a Graphic Designer with Conan O'Brien for 20 years.
Pierre attends the ADG's weekly figure drawing workshop, his new book,
"18x24 and Other Sizes," contains a collection of his life drawings from these workshops.
On November 9, 2013, Gallery 800 hosted a book signing party for Pierre's new book.
Please click here to view the Book Signing Invitation.  
Mark Bristol
IMA - Senior Illustrator

Like so many of his generation, Star Wars inspired Mark to become a filmmaker at the age of eight. At twelve the Raiders of the Lost Ark Illustrated Screenplay was published and Mark taught himself to storyboard. Without access to a film or video camera Mark would storyboard his own movies and eventually someone was foolish enough to hire him to storyboard Dazed and Confused.
After college Mark left his hometown of Austin, Texas and headed out to L.A. in 1995. ...Read More

Once in L.A. Mark was fortunate to work and learn from some of his favorite filmmakers like Spike Jonze, Tommy Lee Jones, John Lee Hancock, Christopher McQuarrie, Christopher Nolan, and Terrence Malick. Since 2006 Mark has been moving back and forth between feature films and the video game industry in a variety of roles as a Storyboard Artist, Writer, and Director on Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Alien Rage, and the upcoming Doom 4, and Enemy Front.
For a more in-depth look at Mark's work please click his ADG Member Profile page and his website markbristol.
Mark’s next adventure is storyboarding Mission: Impossible 5.
Oliver Dear
AD - Art Director / IMA - Illustrator

Oliver Dear trained in traditional oil and acrylic painting before moving into digital painting and visual effects. Whether illustrating or making movie posters he loves telling a story using composition and light. Since 1994 Oliver has been professionally storyboarding features and television and was an early pioneer of 2D and 3D previs animatics in the film industry. He is one of the only storyboard artists producing hand drawn stereoscopic (red/blue) storyboards and cinematics for the booming 3D market. ...Read More
"It's the fastest way to see your 3D movie in 3D!" he says. As a member of the DGA, Oliver also directs 2nd unit on a lot of his storyboards.
For more information about Oliver please visit his website oliverdear.com.

Mark Pacella
Senior Illustrator - Commercials

I've been drawing since I was 2.
I would take my mother's ballpoint pen when she wasn't looking and draw all over the metal kitchen top table.
To her credit and love for all things art the pen wasn't taken away, paper was provided.
I have never stopped drawing since, 50 years later. Thank you Mom.
When I got a bit older I would try to help my father at his work, a short haul truck driver. ...Read More
It was hard work, and he seemed to be bred to the strength of it. He never really complained about the work, more the lack of it on the slow times. He was unsure of what to make of me I'm sure with my pencils and paints but he never said a work until one day we had a father and son talk about it. "Can you make money at it"? Yeah I said, I think so. "Good" he replied. He left, and in that long moment of silence following — I realized how much he loved me. Thanks Dad.

I have worked and lived my entire life, happily, stooped over, pencil in hand
Everything else has been the dream state of shadows — Mark Pacella

Julien Pougnier
SDMM - Senior Set Designer

I was born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland. After spending a year backpacking through South America,
I moved to Spain to attend the Madrid Film School (ECAM) where I studied Art Direction for film.
In 2010 I moved to Los Angeles and 12 months later I joined Local 800 as a Set Designer.
During my four years in the union I have been fortunate enough to work with and be mentored by some of the most interesting and talented people in the field. I am continually inspired ...Read More
and humbled by my peers and I am very grateful to be working with them. julienpougnier.com    Julien's ADG Member Profile page.
Sharon (Zysman) Weaver
STG - Graphic Designer

I have worked as a graphic designer for ten years.  I earned my B.A. in Art at California State University Northridge and soon after made graphic design my creative focus. Starting out as a graphic designer I honed my design skills by working for a wide range of clients and industries. I soon found that working in the film and entertainment industry was my true calling and have been pursuing this ever since.
In my role as a television and film graphic designer, I specialize in designing graphics ...Read More

for production, post-production elements, art department, props, set decoration, and wardrobe, that play within the feature. I have performed graphic design work for large companies such as SEGA, Lionsgate, Freemantle Media, Disney, NBC, and WellPoint. I am proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, as well as standard Microsoft Office applications.
My online portfolio can be viewed at designwithsharon.com        Sharon's ADG Member Profile page.
Cate Bangs
AD - Art Director / SD - Senior Set Designer

Having just celebrated my 35th anniversary in the industry, I am fortunate to have done and still do everything—large films, small films, one-hour, half-hour, multi-camera, commercials, miniseries, movies of the week, and permanent construction. My first professional life was in theater doing costume, set and lighting design, working on 125 productions. I trained at NYU, Pitzer College, Hammersmith College of Art and Building (London) and LACC. I have worked in all Art Director and Set Designer categories. I have been nominated for ...Read More
both Emmys® and ADG Awards.
In addition, I administrate and teach for the contractual Junior Set Designer Training Program for Contract Services, passing on the standards of the industry. I also contribute by serving the membership of the Guild: former President of 847, Board member of 847, 876, and 800 and currently, as Guild Treasurer. 
A new paradigm of working has recently opened up for me. On my last show they were in Chicago, and I was here in L.A. working remotely from home. Are you on location and unable to find good local help? Having a set designer from L.A. apparently not feasible because the UPM doesn’t want to pay plane, hotel, per diem? Remote work is a solution for getting your show done in a timely manner and up to required standards.
An early digital adopter, I love to learn.  I love to support and collaborate in creation. I want to contribute; serving and aligning with your visions.
I believe that construction should not become the designer by default. I believe in quickly generating appropriate, flexible solutions which are smart and buildable, embracing, not resisting the limitations.  I love to work. So in-town, out of town, long term or short term, week day or day play, I am available to play, empowering you.
Click here to see Cate's ADG Member Profile page.

Adriana Dardas
SD - Senior Set Designer

Adriana Dardas was born in Argentina where she received a Bachelor of Architecture from the National University of Rosario. While working as an architect in her native country, Adriana pursued studies in theatrical and opera scenic and costume design at the Colon Opera House in Buenos Aires. Her interest in film leads her to relocate to Los Angeles to attend the Certificate Program in Film and Television with a specialization in Production Design at the UCLA Extension Program. In 2002, she received a MFA degree in Production Design from AFI ...Read More
(American Film Institute). Soon after graduation from AFI, Adriana began her first industry job as a Set Designer on the 20th Century Fox‘s The Flight of the Phoenix. Since then, she has been working on a variety of films and television shows such as Trust Me, Big Love, Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story and OZ, The Great and Powerful.
Even though she was trained in traditional drafting, Adriana's skill set has continued growing, meeting the needs of today's technologically driven art departments. Click here to see Adriana's ADG Member Profile page.
Alberto Gonzalez-Reyna
AD - Art Director, Production Designer

Alberto is a Mexico City-born-and-raised Architect, which gave him a perfect understanding of architectural design, construction, interior design and urban landscaping, plus a polished technique for hand drafting and model making. He is proficient in SketchUp, Layout, Photoshop and Illustrator. The Mask of Zorro was Alberto’s first experience working as a Set Designer. A year later he moved to Los Angeles to attend the American Film Institute (AFI), where he obtained his Masters in Production Design.
During the late 1990s, he worked as both Producer and Production Designer ...Read More on the short film A Piece of Earth which was selected to 32 film festivals and garnered 12 awards worldwide, including best film honors at the Bilbao Short Film Festival (Spain) and the 2001 EMMY for best student film. Alberto’s Art Directing credits in Film include Rocky Balboa, Zookeeper and Oliver Stone’s Savages. His TV series Art Director credits include The Starter Wife, Family Tools and How I Met Your Mother. Click here to see Alberto's ADG Member Profile page. As Production Designer, Alberto has worked on 13 short films and 3 feature films, including Amar a Morir, which became the third highest-grossing movie in Mexico in 2008. Throughout his career he has also worked extensively as Production Designer on Commercials, Music Videos and Special Events. You can view Alberto’s website here gonzalez-reyna.com
Kenneth Larson
SDMM - Senior Set Designer

Senior Set Designer Ken Larson was trained in traditional drafting, graphics, and model making, but it was AutoCAD and Photoshop that led to Ken’s second career as Set Designer. After majoring in Environmental Design at Cal Poly Pomona, Ken graduated with his BA in Art/3D-Interior Design from CSU-Northridge. Ken prefers the accuracy and cleanness of his AutoCAD drawings as opposed to the loose feel of pencil.
He has completed hundreds of computer models during his 20-year career. ...Read More Working on Shrek was one of Ken’s favorite projects -- he built AutoCAD and foam-core models in addition to construction drawings. He was one of the first Computer Specialists working as Visual Effects Set Designers on Batman and Robin. Recent work has centered on television and low-budget features where Ken produces drawing and models quickly; he’s continually upgrading and adding to his computer skill base.
A life-time Valley resident, Ken has been a dedicated volunteer at the Natural History Museum since 1989.
As a hobby he builds web sites on a variety of subjects including Missions, travel, and cooking.
Click here to see Ken's ADG Member Profile page, websites, imdb and resume.
Thomas Betts
SD - Senior Set Designer

Originally from Colorado, Tom Betts received his architectural degree from University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Moving to Los Angeles shortly after college, Tom worked with several visual effects houses as a computer modeler. Initially at Digital Productions, then Robert Abel & Associates and later with Rhythm & Hues.
Working on Hook, Tom became a Set Designer in the film industry in 1990 and has worked on a variety of film and television projects, including big budget, mid-sized, as well as small budget independent films. ...Read More Tom has worked in a large variety of styles, loves period architecture, and has drawn up more jails, hospitals, and courtrooms than he cares to remember! Tom prefers for construction drawings to be hand drawn, as he feels it is more flexible. It’s faster and cheaper, particularly on smaller features which tend to be more location based with smaller builds.

Tom's son attends Harvard University. "My kid and I both love the dramatic narrative films of the mid to late 1970s. Many of those films had great screenplays, great acting and directing, and limited, if any, visual effects. Most of those films were made with mid-sized to modest budgets, mainly shot on location. The film business has room for all kinds of films, but making good or even great films on a small to mid-sized budget, collaborating with other creative people, and - hopefully - having some fun in the process, in my opinion, that’s filmmaking at it's best. I know I'm not alone with my feelings about this."
Click here to see Tom's resume on his ADG Member Profile page, and his imdb listing for more information.
Bryan Lane
SD - Senior Set Designer / AD - Assistant Art Director

While growing up in Pittsburgh, Bryan developed an interest in historic architecture and theatre, and he combined the two by studying set design at Carnegie Mellon University. Before he graduated with a degree in Drama (1992), he completed his first job in television: an internship at NBC Studios in Burbank.
Bryan returned to Los Angeles to pursue a career that has led him, over the last twenty-two years, to work on both single- and multi-camera television projects, ranging from period dramas to science fiction. ...Read More
His full season credits include one-hour episodic television series such as The Unit, Criminal Minds, and Ray Donovan.  Although he enjoyed drawing by hand for many years, Bryan made the transition to digital drawing and design, and now pursues 3D modeling with such programs as Rhino and Maya.
You can see more examples of Bryan's work on his ADG Member Profile page.

Marc Vena
IMA - Senior Illustrator

Marc began drawing at an early age, winning his first city-wide art contest in the first grade. Marc was continually encouraged to pursue art by his devoted mother and father, Sam and Alice Vena, who were accomplished artists and teachers themselves. He went on to obtain his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a specialization in Illustration from California State University, Long Beach in 1992. Soon after gaining his degree Marc embarked on a career as a storyboard artist and illustrator in the movie industry. Over the last nineteen years ...Read More
Marc has worked on both large and modest sized movie projects from the Rush Hour movies and Twilight to blockbuster movies such as The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe; Oz, The Great and Powerful and Disney’s Tomorrowland. Marc has worked with both first-time directors and some of the industry’s most accomplished, such as Mike Nichols, Robert Redford, Brad Bird and Sam Raimi.

You can see more examples of Marc’s work on his ADG Member Profile page and on his website marcvenafilmart.com.

Patrick Rodriguez
IMA - Senior Illustrator

Always the class artist, Patrick grew up in the Bay Area. He graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Studio Art and the impression that working in Hollywood was a pipe dream. After working as a designer and Art Director for various tech companies, Patrick changed direction and moved to Los Angeles to learn 3D and VFX at Gnomon. He started in previsualization and has done storyboards, animation, layout, animatics and more for studios including Dreamworks, Lucasfilm, South Park, Sony and Marvel. His list of credits include   ...Read More
Star Trek, Iron Man 2, Cowboys & Aliens, and Thor.  Patrick is also committed to sharing his knowledge and passion for art and film by teaching and lecturing at Art Center, The Costume Design Guild, Imagineering, and the Art Directors Guild.
You can see more examples of Patrick's work on his ADG Member Profile page and on his website legendlab.com.

Masako Masuda
AD - Art Director
SDMM - Senior Set Designer

You can see examples of Masako's work on her ADG Member Profile page.

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